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Updated on February 19, 2019
B.F. asks from Newark, DE
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I used to wear skirts and dresses off and on, but only if my outting was for just a few hours. Over recent years I have come to the conclusion that the typical knee-length ones are stupid and uncomfortable. Hiking up a hemline (from the olden days) just to show leg is what's ridiculous.Plus, there is the constant worry about them showing if you sit wrong. They can ride up, too. I realize they were a big safety hazard at one time, but probably aren't so much now.

For a little girl the emphasis may not be to show leg, but I think they are stupid for them because much of the time they move around with their skirt coming up and underpants obviously showing. People may think it looks cute, but why? I

It's still showing. And if the leg bands on them are loose, well, you don't see little boys' private parts that way. Why is it ok for people to see little girls's underpants and not boys'? And if girls didn't "have to" wear dresses that wouldn't be a concern. They wouldn't have to be told to sit like a lady so much..
All this leads me to wonder -- what makes women like to wear them? They can look nice, professional, feel dressed up and all that stuff other ways. It doesn't take showing your legs to do that. I would be more likely to wear dresses again if they were long--ankle length. So, especially when one is prone to cold legs, what is the point? Why do women not mind them?
In addition to my viewpoints on this, it has had me wondering how WOMEN were the ones to wear the dresses--at least in most cultures. But who can ever answer that?!

I'm just wanting to see if anyone can give me some good reasons to wear them.

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So What Happened?

After reading some of your responses, including some questions I think I'd better get on here and clarify. When I spoke of skirts riding up I was thinking mainly about the slips worn under them. The slip rides up and it feels like the skirt is riding up with it. I also forgot to mention the dangers of strong breezes and gusty winds while wearing one. There were some good aspects mentioned about the feeling of freedom and not having such restrictive clothing on. How do you like these dresses in a wind storm?

The girls' underpants- has no one ever seen a little girl playing in a playground while wearing a dress? Sooner or later I bet she is going to get careless or be unaware that her panties are showing. Some little girls don't know how to sit in a chair properly and start doing all kinds of crazy things with their legs while not being aware that their skirt is up to their waist.

Hasn't anyone ever considered that while sitting even ladylike in a chair there is potential for an occasional view of what's underneath? Skirts and dresses feel a bit insecure in that the shorter ones come closer to parts meant to be hidden. It's just the openness there. Don't you ever notice some on t.v. interviews a woman is sitting on a sofa and her hemline is basically clear up to her butt as she sits on it? You don't see a man looking so exposed!

Yes, I am well aware of the things women wear under dresses these days, such as leggings. In many ways they remind me of the leotards of yesteryear. They cover the legs, but still make you feel exposed--probably because they were thinner--and thin enough to show underpants through them so they FELT like underwear.

Sorry if I sound judgemental. It's just my problem with dresses coming out. I've been appreciating the responses though, as they get me thinking about any merits of dresses.

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answers from Appleton on

Really .. ???
It's a personal thing. I love to dress up - dresses and high heels. I even wear panty hose. It's personal you don't have to wear a dress or heels, ever.

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answers from San Francisco on

I never see little girls with their underpants showing, not in public anyway. Where exactly are you seeing this? Most girls who like skirts or dresses wear them with leggings or tights, because of course they play on the monkey bars, and no child, male or female, wants their classmates to see their underwear.
As for yourself I don't really get what you mean about skirts riding up. If your clothing fits properly then it stays in place. If I wear a short skirt it's usually with tights, with boots in the winter. It's easy to wear and flattering. And long skirts are super comfortable, especially in summer, cooler and less binding and restrictive than jeans or slacks.
If you like long dresses there are plenty of options, especially in the summer, maxi dresses have been popular for several years now. Where have you been?

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answers from New York on

I know how negative you were about people referring to your prior questions when answering your previous question, so let me be clear: this answer is NOT "because of" your previous question. But.....

Dresses can be great for a full stomach!! Try wearing a loose flowing dress to eat Thanksgiving dinner...very comfortable!

(And, it can be a fun and pretty and easy "look". The dress can be the whole outfit, just add shoes.)

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answers from Portland on

Calf length and Full length skirts/dresses are somewhat popular again. So you could wear a skirt/dress if you wanted to. There are styles that fits your requirement. You choose what you want to wear. What other people wear is not your their choice, so it doesn't matter why they chose what they wear. Your questions feel a bit judgy.

My granddaughters wear shorts or leggings with dresses. Ages3, 5 and 7. Nearly all girls in school do the same. Shorts and leggings is the style now. Perhaps you're remembering an earlier time.

Men wore what are now called dresses in biblical times. I suggest men began wearing pants so it would be easier to ride horses and take care of business. Can you see a cowboy mending a fence in a dress blowing in the wind. Some women wore pants when they had to do farm work. More women began wearing pants when they started doing men's work while men were fighting a war. Women are now accepted in the military for combat because women in general want to be considered equal to men. Change is inevitable.

You can learn the history of clothing on the Internet or from a book.

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answers from Columbus on

I was a pants girl for years. Then I wore a few dresses and skirts to a visitation and funeral and fell in love with them. I did a 180 degree turn.

Why? Because they are comfortable. Its like wearing shorts. I always opt for knee length because that is what looks best on me. I just look frumpy in ankle-length. I don't care about what others think. Its about what I feel.

I don't have to adjust it. And I have never seen a little girl's underwear exposed.

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answers from Portland on

So I love a dress. I absolutely love a COMFORTABLE dress. I don't like a skirt. Skirts are not comfortable on me. A comfy dress, doesn't bind, just hangs and I don't have to think about coordinating anything. In my 20s I had a whole bunch of really pretty dresses, and they were easy to find, wear and they were fairly modest (didn't show a lot of leg), and feminine. Then they stopped making them.

I wore those Meg Ryan cute dresses with the tights - so again, no underpants showing. Cardigans. Cute. I wouldn't say sexy. Just cozy and comfy. Loved those. Again, nothing binding. Easy.

I have always worked places where I could get away with wearing those kinds of easy, breezy kinds of outfits to work and that was acceptable (business casual).

Then they stopped making those. I find sheath dresses pretty, but I can't wear one comfortably for more than a few hours. I like an Aline dress. So I do those - with a cardigan.

But I'm a pants and top girl now.

We did little girl dresses with leggings here - no seeing underpants. Easy, cute, fun, wore fun practical cute shoes with them - ran and kept up with brothers. Nothing sexual or silly about them - no cold legs.

I don't know who put women in dresses. I like them - if they are comfy. I don't like anything that isn't, and I won't wear anything that isn't. I dress for me, and my kids pick their own clothes and pretty much always did. I didn't make my kids dress to please me - it was what is easy to put on, works (nothing hard to unsnap, hard to get over head, etc.) and nothing fussy.

If I can't cross my legs - it's not going on my body.

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answers from Washington DC on

while i love long swishy skirts at this stage of my life, when i was young i LOVED a heidi klum skirt- short and tight!

you're right- you don't have to show leg to look or feel good. but there's also no problem with it.

i'm with you on the sexualization of little girls, with ruffly underpants peeking out. but society is working on that. i also don't think that little girls 'have to' wear dresses any more. i know many families where even tiny girls get a say in the matter.

i guess i'm not quite clear about your question? why did women culturally start to wear dresses? or why do we enjoy them now? yeah, we can and do look professional, competent, attractive and practical in clothing other than dresses. and we do. i'm not quite sure why we should wrack our brains to find reasons NOT to wear 'em if we like 'em.


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answers from Boston on

This might be the weirdest question I've ever seen on here, so congrats on that, I guess? Why do you care about why other people choose to wear dresses or skirts, or not? If you don't like them, great! Don't wear them. Period, end of story.

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answers from Seattle on

what a weird question!
I remember wearing dresses as a kid because I liked to twirl, as a late teen because I liked to show off my legs, and as an early 20's because I felt sexy.
Then I became a mom and I was crawling around on the floor, picking up kids over and over and over again, and it just became easier to do that in pants (sweat pants!).
My daughter is 8 and likes to wear dresses. She also likes to run, jump, climb, and play. So she wears biker shorts under her dresses. Problem solved.

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