Asian Marketplace?

Updated on September 13, 2008
E.M. asks from Denton, TX
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I know there are a ton in DFW. We live in Denton & usually end up going to Grand Prairie to go to the asian marketplace there. Are there any good, clean places closer to Denton?

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So What Happened?

We ended up checking out Super H Mart. It is fabulous. Thank you all for the recommendations.

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We go to Super H-Mart right by George Bush and Old Denton Rd. There's also another one Carrollton Plaza Supermarket by Josey Ln.

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Hello E.,

there is one on jose lane and frankfurt (South East corner)
and the same people have another (Vietnam Plaza Supermarket) one on Josey and Beltline (south east corner) I love going there. I heard about super H but I haven't been there yet.
Good luck!

update 9/13 9:30pm -- I went there today and they're closing the beltline/josey location. the josey lane/frankfurt location will be 3miles closer to you anyways. (smile)~C.~



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There used to be one on Sunset in Denton. The Cupboard usually has a lot of Asian items as well.



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My neighbor is a former executive chef and seafood distributor. He has highly recommended the Super H-mart off 190/Old Denton. I haven't had a chance to get there, but hope to soon.

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