Arts & Crafts Question-Tote Bag + Paint Stampers - What Kind of Paint Will Work?

Updated on October 06, 2011
♥.O. asks from Parcel Return Service, DC
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We have a bunch of those foam paint stampers that people sometimes use for their walls (sorry, I don't know the actual name). My 4 yr. daughter loves to dip them in paint and then stamp them onto paper or sometimes she'll take a paint brush and paint them then stamp the paper with them. I would like to do a project with her in which she gets to design a tote bag that will become her library bag using the stampers. I'm not sure what type of paint to use. She currently uses poster paint but that is for her paper painting projects. I was thinking fabric paint but the ones I've seen come in those squeeze bottles with a fine point tip so I don't think that will work? I'm wondering if I cut open the bottle and squeeze it out and then let her paint it on the stamper and stamp with it, it might work? But I'm not sure how easy fabric paint is to "paint" with? Does anyone know? I've thought maybe the next best thing would be acyrlic (sp?) but I don't think that's water proof. Although, my oldest daughter said that she got acryclic (sp?) paint on her jeans and they won't wash out so she considers it water proof, LOL. Can anyone offer any suggestions, please?

Thank you.

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answers from Dallas on

I would only use fabric paint. Any other paint will fade, and will not be pliable. You can squeeze the paint directly on the stamp, and smooth it over with a posicle stick. (The way you decribed would work, as well.) Make sure you put cardboard or wax paper in the bag, so the paint doesn't seep through.

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Don't use acrylic. It needs to be fabric paint. Just squeeze it out onto a paper plate. You could have her "dip" the stamp into it but frankly that doesn't work so well; it works much better to use a cheap kids' paintbrush to brush paint onto the stamp rather than dipping. I've done lots of tote bags with fabric paints and found this the best way to get a decent stamp image. Since she's only four, you might just let her dip and not care so much about getting a clear image from the stamp, but you will need to spread out the fairly thick fabric paint on the plate with a brush or it will be a huge goopy mess on the tote bag. Also, remember that fabric paints take about 24 hours to set up well and about 48 to be really dry. The will feel dry pretty quickly but don't use them or the paint's surface will break and they'll smudge and stain other things. Painted tote bags make great gifts for the grandparents, aunts and uncles etc., by the way!

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I would use acrylic paint- the craft kind that is about $1 per bottle- not the really expensive kind for painting a picture. It dries much faster than fabric paint and cleans up fairly easy. (though it will stain any clothes it gets on)
Fabric paint takes about 24 hrs to dry, so once you are done painting you will have to put it up high somewhere so it won't get on anything(acrylic takes less than an hour depending on how thick you put it on). Fabric paint is more flexible, but with stamping a bag the acrylic should not be a problem at all. Make sure you put foil or wax paper inside the bag under where you will be painting or the paint might seep through and cause the bag to stick together when it is dry.
Have fun! I do this with my kids all the time except we do t-shirts. It is always a lot of fun for all of us!

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answers from Honolulu on

Acrylic will wash off in your machine unless you buy the additive for it. I own the addive called textile medium by delta dreamcoat. It makes it into washable fabric paint and is really easy to use!

Many acrylic paint makers make it and sell it at local craft stores too.

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answers from Honolulu on

You NEED to use, Fabric Paint.
ONLY fabric paint.
You can find it at craft stores.
These will not come off.
Sure, it may come in squeeze bottles. You just squeeze an amount onto a paper plate, and then use the stamper on it. Just like you would with any other paint.
You do not cut the bottle open.
You just squeeze out the amount you need... in order to dab the stamper in it.
The fine tip on the squeeze bottle is if you want to do fine detailed things.

Fabric paint, is easy to use. Just like any other paint.

Acrylic paint, will come off eventually.
Although it is water proof.
But it is not fabric paint.

Just use, fabric paint.
That is what it is for.
It is EASY. And specifically for fabric, painting.

I used fabric paint extensively and it is very easy.
You can use it with foam stampers, or with a brush or hand prints.
It is an easy medium.
Just like any other paint.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

The paint will wash off if the bag is not washed and dried first without fabric softener or dryer sheets. The paint will not stick. There are fabric paints over near the clothing crafts at Hobby Lobby. They are near the tee shirts and bags that are sold there. A 100% cotton bag will shrink up and have to be iron each and every time it needs to be washed. I would make a bag by using a long rectangle and just turning the ends down then folding it in half to sew the sides up, turn it inside out and you have a cute custom made bag that can be any fabric you choose.

I would choose a poly/cotton blend so after being washed it won't have to be ironed.

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