Arts & Crafts Projects for a 17 Mth Old?

Updated on April 23, 2007
C.F. asks from Concord, NC
5 answers

Are there any arts and crafts projects you can do with a 17 mth old boy?

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answers from Norfolk on

Hi C.
With that age group there is so much hands on yet. You could do a white sweat shirt with his foot and hand prints all over it and have it read "Grandpa's shouldn't wear white" or dads or grandmas or mommy' get where I'm going. You could make placemats with their art work and then laminate them. Just a thought. Have a blessed day.
T. K



answers from Norfolk on

I just recently put poster boards on my wall and drew a frame around it, gave her some washable markers and let her go nuts. I had fun helping her too and it occupies her for almost an hour at a time. The only thing is that you have to make sure to teach him not to draw on anything but the paper even if the markers are washable. but, it's a good lesson to learn without ruining your house.

the reason I put them on the wall was because she wasn't responding as much to it on the floor. As soon as I hung it up at her height, she was all over it!



answers from Spartanburg on

YES! Go to . They will send you free catalogs full of craft ideas! We use them all of the time. They are not expensive and the shipping is usually free.

Hope this helps!

W., Flat Rock NC



answers from Charlotte on

My BB twins loved to lace things, ie pasta, large buttons... Or instead of finger painting, foot painting. They are less likely to stick a foot in their mouth, or if they do it's easier to catch than a finger. LOL! Some craft stores sell rolls of paper and I would lay it out and let my boys walk in the paint (paperplates worked well) and then all over the paper. We lived in Florida then and would do this outside on the driveway, just hose off paint when done. Hope this helps, Have fun!!



answers from Asheville on

Edible finger paints! I make mine out of vanilla pudding and food coloring ( I use icing coloring that I found in the craft dept of walmart)...I like to get the giant 42 cent poster board (also at walmart) and set him up outside. My 13 month old son creates master pieces! (And its ok that he sticks it in his mouth) Be prepared for a mess...but I find if you wash clothes as soon as he is done...they wash clean (no stains) and a little soap will wash up you don't have to go out the next day with a smurf looking child.
We have loads of fun getting messy and it makes for great pictures...(just a side prepared for funny colored poo the next day if he eats alot! LOL)

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