Arthritis and Pain

Updated on April 16, 2009
F.T. asks from Fort Worth, TX
4 answers

My mother suffers severely from arthritis pain and being almost immobile. She is still able to walk, but has more and more problems. Is there *anyone* who might know of a good doctor for this. She also has been very depressed lately (most likely not helped by the extended winter we've been having here in Fort Worth).
thanks -- F..

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So What Happened?

So, far....

I can't even begin to tell ya'll how much this means to me.

My dad is trying to get her to (errr, ahmmm) "go off her meds"

she IS an cantakorous old woman and (i'm pretty sure) a femist
(even if she would rather die than admit it) and of cours
she has given me so much encouragement in my life (both as
a dad and as an artist)....

i will be (shall-is) to set up appointments for her. Thank the
gods (or as i would sey: May we all find our wey) for your
help. And *will* follow up with rsvp's on this site. Again,

on we go.

One of my most dearest friends (errr, ahm) almost died because
her daughter was too busy in Boston - (she and her brother
couldn't believe that "sech a scurvey group of skaliwags as
me and her mates could ee''re b - she did die but, thank
the goddesses an sech painlessly)....

again, many thanks. will rsvp soonest.

franklin ace (decimal point stunt trainer)....

rememb: even a SMALL fall can take you out of th picture in just under
32 feet per second per second.


newest project:

quantum thinking (the interior view)

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answers from Dallas on

You didn't mention whether it is rheumatoid arthitis or not however, Dr. Bernard Rubin or Rahul Patel @ UNT Health Science Center in FW are both wonderful rheumatologists. They are located @ 855 N. Montgomery St. There are alot of options for treatment available for your mother. I work for both of these Drs and they are awesome.



answers from Dallas on

You should try Dr. Vu in the HEB area.



answers from Dallas on

My husband is 24 and has RA he goes to Dr. Dhin. He is located in downtown fort worth.###-###-####
Their office is really good with helping us find programs for his extremly expensive medications. I hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

I hope that your mother feels better.IYou are a very good person to help your parents out. I am an independent consultant with Arbonne and we have some products for Arthritis pain. We have our joint formula that is 90 tablets and we also have our herbal muscle massage gel. The joint formula is $29 and the musal massage gel is only $15.50.
If you would like to order these products for your mother you can check out my web sight at
Arbonne offers a 45 day money back guarantee for any reason. GOod luck with everything with your parents. You will be blessed for helping them.

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