Army Party Game Ideas

Updated on June 18, 2009
J.I. asks from De Witt, IA
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Hello Ladies, I am looking for some game ideas for my sons birthday party. He is turning 5 and wants an army party, camouflage. The only theme game thought was pin the tail on the donkey, but switch it to pin the gun on the tank. I am having trouble with other games ideas for ages 5-9.

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So What Happened?

I know it has been nearly a month, but I just wanted to say thank you to so many of you mom's. I got lots of great ideas and responses. In the end, we changed the party a little. It was the week that it was real feel of over 100 degrees every day. We set up slip n slides, a blow up pool a water table and a wacky sprinkler. The kids had a blast. We still had the army theme for cups and napkins. For the cup cakes, I camoflauged the icing and put an army man on each. The kids loved it. We also had a water balloon toss. Instead of having them throw at each other, I had painted lines on the grass for them to aim for, BUT they really liked aiming for me instead. It was hot, I didn't mind and it was all in fun. We had NO problems and TONS of fun. THanks again to all of you mom's for your great ideas.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Water balloon grenades... Make a "fort" out of a cardboard box that the kids could paint green and cover with leaves and/or branches...Hide and go seek with a "take the found people as POW's" twist to it...a scavenger hunt with army-type clues and prizes...relay races set up like a boot camp (climbing, crawling, rolling under a table, hiding)...a game like "telephone" where the kids relay "secret strategic messages"...that's all I can think of, hope this helps! K.

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answers from Minneapolis on

What about a follow the leader type of game but they have to be in a line and do things like march, salute, etc.?

Also, you could have an obstacle course they need to go through like in basic training.

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answers from Madison on

How about capture the flag? The kids could break into two "armies" and try to capture each teams flag in your backyard.

Water balloon fights might be fun for that age group as well.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi J.!
Others have already said the ideas I had, but I just wanted to say "good for you" for letting your son honor, and be proud of, his dad who is in the National Guard. Please pay no attention to those who cruely and ignorantly judge! Happy birthday to your little guy, and thanks to your husband for helping to preserve the freedom that isn't cheap.

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answers from St. Cloud on

Shame on Moriah! What a horrible thing to say!

J., I hope you ignore that response. There is no shame in your little boy wanting to have an Army themed party. Some people are so cruel. The other ladies gave good responses. I hope you have a fun time!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi J.
How about doing some type of obstacle course and calling it basic training? You could also get those little plastic parachuters from the party store and have the kids drop them off of something into a jar or whatever and whoever gets the most in wins.
Sounds like a fun party! Hope you have a good time.



answers from Madison on

My husband thinks this sounds like an awesome party idea!

I like the capture the flag idea!

You could also have a basic training course; a push-up station, jumping jacks, low crawl under a bar or ?, a squirt gun station, a salute station, run through tires or rope grid, water ballon grenades, rope swing over kiddie pool/puddle, canteen drinking station, map land navaigation (find a place in your yard/house using direction and paces),... we could come up with tons more ideas if needed.

For food you could make the MREs (Meal Redy to Eat) the serve to military people out in the field - use brown paper bags and easy finger foods.

Your husband should wear his uniform and be the drill sergeant!

Have fun!



answers from Lincoln on

You could do an obsticale course. Put out some rings that they could jump in, a slide to go down, some sticks that have to jump over, chairs to crawl under, etc., and a jump rope for the finish line. You could time each child and then give a small prize to the top winner or two. They can cheer for each child and have fun with it.



answers from Des Moines on

I just found out that I offered some of the same ideas as other moms. I guess they are good ones :)!!!

Hello J.! I am actually a birthday party entertainer, so I have some good ideas. One is a game called "What time is it Mr.Fox?". You could change it to "What time is it Mr.Sargent?". The Sargent stands several feet away from the other kids, with his back to them. They call out, "What time is it Mr.Sargent?". He turns around and says a time, like 3 o'clock. Whatever number he says is the number of steps the kids take forward (1-12 o'clock). When the kids get close to the Sargent, he says "It's dinner time!" and chases them back to home base and tries to tag them. If they get tagged, they become a Sargent.
I was thinking you could also set up an obstacle course around your house and have them go through it like in basic training. You could give prizes for the fastest, most creative maneuvers, etc. I have also found that kids LOVE to make forts with blankets, etc. You could have them do that and have cake in the fort! I hope these ideas help!!



answers from Omaha on

What about a "boot camp" or "basic training" element? You could have them do an obstacle course in your backyard. Face paint would also be fun.



answers from Waterloo on

if you can do it outside you could do a waterballoon launch. Set up a target and give them a line they have to stand behind and "launch" them at the target.
Hide and seek would be a great army game. Get some face paint and let them paint their faces.

have fun



answers from Des Moines on

Okay, I just read the other responses and see that I am doing some repeating. Sorry. I would second the capture-the-flag idea, too. It is such a hit with my children and ALL of their friends. They play it all of the time and everyone (ages 17 down to 6) loves it.

Are you confined to the indoors? Because hide-and-seek seems like a natural. Indoors, Marco-Polo could be the same kind of thing. We've done one where the kids make a circle around a blind-folded player, then one of them says his name and he has to guess who it was. Maybe target shooting with those little guns that shoot the orange suction cup "darts" or nerf-dart guns. I think there are even guns that shoot ping-pong balls, but they probably cost more. (I think you can get the little suction cup dart guns at Dollar Tree). You could make an indoor obstacle course out of chairs, furniture cushions, stools, anything safe that would create "obstacles" they would have to go around, through, over, etc...



answers from Wausau on

On the invite you could ask the kids to come wearing their best camo/army outfit and when all the kids have arrived, line them up and "inspect their uniforms".

Did someone already suggest using water guns besides the water balloon grenades? I think wal-mart sells the water balloons that look just like grenades too.

You could also cut some colored duct tape up into strips and have the kids "earn their stripes". (prize for best uniform etc)

What about land mines? You could hide a bunch of those frozen beef pot pies around the yard (thawed of course) right before the party, and throughout the course of their playing out there, some of them would inevitably step on the "land mines". Going to have to hose the kids off after the party :)



answers from Minneapolis on

My soon to be 6yo son wants the same theme for his party. I haven't finished planning it but here are some of the ideas. Kids are "signed into" boot camp when they arrive. They receive dog tags and a camo helmet or bandanna. For activities we will probably have an obstacle course and some sort of target practice with either a slingshot "cannon" for water balloons or a marshmallow shooter (available from Oriental Trading party supplies. I usually include a scavenger hunt of some sort where they ultimately find some treat/gift bags at the end. This year's theme might lend itself to a land mine hunt.

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