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Updated on February 04, 2012
T.K. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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There is a Living Social deal for FillaseatDallas. The deal says you pay a membership fee for a year and then can go on the website and get free tickets to local sporting events, performances, meals, etc. They say when venues have empty seats they give them to this service to fill the seats, so they can make extra revenue off the food and drink sales, want to show a full house on performamces when they are just getting off the ground etc. There are testimonials of people that got tickets to the pro hockey games, etc. Of course, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. SO, I'm wondering if you have ever tried anythinglike this? How did it work out?

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So What Happened?
It's regualarly $80 for a couple, but the living social deal is $40.

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No I am not a member. I've never heard of such a thing and the cynical side of me feels this is fishy.

They have to make money somewhere. What is the yearly fee? Are you guaranteed any spots at big events that you actually might be interested in? How many spots are you guaranteed? What is the justification of the membership fee if you are not guaranteed a certain number of seats?

Sounds like a great sales pitch but you may pay a yearly fee and never be called... are you willing to take that risk? They are counting on people to not be available to go to the events when called, etc... therefore they pocket all the membership fees.

I would not sign up for something like this. It just sounds too gimmicky. I'd use the money they want for the yearly fee to plan what events I wanted to go see and do and know I have a guaranteed seat.

Let us know if you go for it!

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I bought it a couple of weeks ago through Groupon and so far have been less than impressed. There hasnt been much of a selection and what was offered I wouldn't want to see - Improv and Monster truck. But it has only been a couple of weeks. I figure if I only go to two shows in the year it's paid for itself.

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I just bought that deal, because my friend just had a month or so ago. In that time, for the $80 she paid (buy the deal for $40 then upgrade for $40 more on the website so you get 4 tickets instead of 3) they have now gone to 2 Tecas Tornado hockey games, a magic show, Motor Cross, and last night to theonster Truck show. Now that I have seen the site and looked at the past offers, most are for the hockey games, shows at Trees, Te Improv (Arlington and Addison locations) and the Dallas Children's Theater. Some shows "sell out" quickly, so we missed our chance at the Monster Truck show,show, but I think we'll get our money's worth!

There is also a "two strikes" policy- if you reeve tickets twice and don't show you lose your spot- they have to keep their venues (and other members) happy. Andy friend said the seat have been better than expected- 3rd row at one of the hockey games

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I love FillASeat. In order to make it a great deal financially you have to be willing to attend events that might be somethingbyou might not otherwise seek out: comedians, magic shows, orchestra events, etc. This is exactly why I like it, though--it offers me opportunities that I likely would have missed.

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There is an Event Alert group in Dallas that does the same thing but it's free to join. They have discounted tickets primarily for performances like theater, choir, and orchestra, but not sporting events, meals, etc. Tickets are usually around $10-15 each and you may get a great seat or a not-so-great seat.... whatever is available. I have had some fabulous seats at the Dallas Symphony and some miserable seats at the Eisemann Center. Anyway, Event Alert fills empty seats so performances look sold out. It's entirely possible that FillASeat is legit, but I am curious to see if anyone has experience with them. I have thought about signing up in the past, but then thought there is probably a catch (e.g. low chance of getting seats to something you really want).

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