Are Vera Bradley Bags Durable?

Updated on July 24, 2012
M.M. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
10 answers

Hi Moms, I saw a really nice pattern that I like and never owned one before, because it's fabric made I was wondering if it is durable and can hold a lot of stuff without it breaking right away, those who owns one pls share your thoughts, thanks moms! Iam just looking to buy a regular purse not a diaper bag. Thanks!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have 2 VB purses and they have WAY outlasted other bags. And you can wash them! NO problems with durability--mine are large and I load them up!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I was surprised at how durable my bag has been. I have a laptop type bag with handles and I use it to carry my computer with cables and such. It ends up being pretty heavy and it's held up great.

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answers from Chicago on

The handles are the first to show wear but within a reasonable time frame. They are washable but remember to take our any of the cardboard bottoms so that they don't get misshapen. I did a number on mine but was able to get a cardboard replacement from the boutique where I buy my bags.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I have a good friend who really likes VB bags. I bought a wristlet for my 11 yr old daughter to carry her retainer (and other "personal" items as that issue arises), and my friend didn't say anything negative about getting it for her. If they didn't hold up well and needed to be babied, I would think my friend would have said "hmmmm not sure I would get that for a 6th grader.." but she didn't.

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answers from Detroit on

I inherited a bunch of VB purses from my mother and they have all held up really well.

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answers from Austin on

I've not used any VB bags, but I've sewn several bags out of cloth..... the one I am currently using has lasted a year with no real problems, but the handles (also made of cloth and such) are wearing out. I tend to stuff mine pretty well, so this pattern is durable.....



answers from Pittsburgh on

I have several of them and they've held up great! I'm really hard on my things, too. Depending on the style, they double great for a day pack, baby bag, etc. I have friends who sell the Thirty-One bags and these are far more durable for the money.

Go for it!



answers from Philadelphia on

I own so many VB bags that my cousin thought I was selling them when she saw how many I have! I love them (I'm all about Vera and Coach). They are pretty and feminine and the insides are pretty and have so many pockets (I NEED pockets). I switch my bags around a lot so I never carry the same bag more than 2 or 3 weeks (just because I like a change). They DO hold up, but I think that any bag is only as nice looking as you treat it. I have seen some ladies carrying VB bags that were stuffed to the brim and dirty and worn (so that is probably how they treat their stuff). They say you can wash them, but I never have. You could always spray scotch guard on your bag if you think you may get it dirty. Do you have a bag in mind or is it just the pattern that has you interested in buying one? The bag I am currently using is a tote called 'Laura'. I have actually had it a while and finally got around to using it and I really like it a lot! Holds a bunch and it's just the right size. I have some totes that are just a wee too big but this is perfect. Personally, I prefer the tote style bags because I need extra room for kid stuff. Here is the link if you want to check it out:
If I knew what pattern and style of bag you wanted, I could be of more help. But, yes, get one!



answers from New York on

I am addicted to VB bags. Love, love, love them! Yes they are durable.
My granddaughter loves to "shop" in my closet where my VB bags are kept.



answers from Houston on

My daughter is a Vera Bradley freak! She has so much and it has lasted a long time, especially when she was in college. When she graduated, she was going to Germany for a couple of weeks. She bought a Vera Bradley purse and it was perfect!

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