Are UGGS Worth the Money?

Updated on October 02, 2011
D.D. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I have the boots that cost much less money. They do the job as far as keeping my tootsies warm. They don't have much foot support but I don't do tons of walking. But I was wondering why people spend $150.00+ on UGGS when they can get similar ones for a fraction of the price? Are they that much better? They pretty much look the same. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Thanks! I will stick with my less expensive boots, but I will look for a pair on sale or even gently used. Some asked why I need them in AZ. Because it is hotter than hell in the summer and when the temp drops to 60 in the winter, I freeze my butt off. Plus, they can be worn in the rain...and it does rain. And, they are nice to wear around the house! I also own a rain coat even though I live in the desert. :-)

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answers from Tyler on

Last Christmas I ordered a pair online for a gift, waited waited waited then panic kicked in that they wouldn't arrive (yes, from China) in time so I went to a local retailer and shelled out full price for the real thing. You guessed it, shortly after Christmas the first pair arrived. SO, side by side comparison...the online version is very similar to the pair I paid full price for. Difference is noticeable in the stitching around the bottom of the boot and the width of the sole (the retail ugg's sole doesn't come out as far) That being said, the fit and feel of both boots are practically identical. Only crisis for me was that my 16 yr old insists that her 12 yr old sister cannot wear her uggs to the same place at the same time with her..haha!

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answers from Tucson on

You live in AZ. How often would you really wear them?
I have a pair of knock offs that get worn for a month in the winter. I've had them probably 4 or 5 yrs now. They are fine.

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answers from Tampa on

Can't help you...sorry. I live in Florida...people that wear UGGS here just look stupid!

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answers from Rochester on

They are Ugg-ly. Ha ha. Seriously. I think my mom bought my daughter a pair of the knock offs for Christmas, and she said they were to wear with a church outfit!!!! I haven't seen them yet, but I'm thinking...what?!?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Fashion trends are never "worth the money".

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answers from Philadelphia on

My daughters have, what we call, FUGGS (Fake Uggs). Bought them on sale at Old Navy for $20 or something like that. They lasted all through last winter and will now be used again this winter, unless the girls have outgrown them. If they've outgrown them, I'll pat myself on the back for not having bought $150 boots. My girls go to school with kids who have MULTIPLE pairs of UGGS, Butter Hoodies (another waste of $$) and get picked up by their moms in their black Mercedes sedans or their dads in their little convertible sports cars. So I've been pressured by them for a couple of years to "pleeeeeeeese" get them UGGS, etc. I understand their peer pressure, but I'm just NOT going to spend that kind of money on kids' clothes and shoes. And you know what? My girls still have lots of friends - SEE?! I *told* them it didn't matter what they wear, as long as they're friendly and fun.

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answers from Seattle on

Been wearing Uggs since 91.

I've tried the fake ones from time to time, and I can say that YUP! worth the money.

Most fake ones, just to start the list, aren't real sheerling. They're fake. So it's like a pleather jacket v leather jacket. Fake ones don't breath right, they don't mold to your feet, you can't wash them, and they don't last for 5-10 years. Even the off brand real sheerling, I've found to be of much lower quality (sheerling rubbing off, not standing up well, thinner seaming, etc.) in general.

Same token, even at full price, 150/10 = $15 dollars a year. Vs. $50 per year -which is about how long the fake ones last being worn the same way I wear real Uggs- is anything BUT a bargain. I never pay full price, though. I wait until sales and buy them at half off or more. Which drops the price down to about $7.50 per year.

I'll never go faux again. LOVE my Uggs!

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answers from Chicago on

I personally find them to be hideous. I've had the same winter boots, $40 grey felt & black seude, semi-dressy Sorels since 1997. I live in the Midwest, where boots are our primary footwear from Nov-March. They are supportive, warm, em!

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answers from Provo on

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Don't ever get them! A. They are ugly. B. they have NO support. I read something on Yahoo that there is NO support. It's like wearing ballet slippers covered in fur. Just don't do it.

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answers from Redding on

My first pair of uggs were awesome, it was before they started outsourcing the production of them in China. My 2nd pair were from China, didnt feel anything like my original pair (completely different sole). From what I've read lately you cant get the Australian made ones anymore because they don't exist.... kinda like what happened to Levi's.
Now I just get the knock offs too.
My first pair of uggs lasted 12 years, I even had them sewn a couple of times at a cobbler shop because they were THAT comfortable.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Under extreme peer preasure....I bought them for my daughter. She loves them but they are the worst made shoes. There is no support. It is purely a fashion statement although I personally think they a bulky, ugly boots:). If you are concerned about support you can slip in arch support orthodicts that you can purchase at any drug store for about $40.

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answers from Miami on

I bought my UGGS Discount....usually last year's styles you can find at discount warehouses.

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answers from Phoenix on

I also used to say Ugg is for Uggly, but they have started to grow on me like skinny jeans have (think little girl in jean mini skirt with cute tights and then Uggs on). I would NEVER pay full price for them, but I saw some at Last Chance in Phoenix (Nordstrom's only such store in the U.S. -- it is the "last chance" their clothes get to be sold. It is a step past the Nordstrom Rack and clothes are usually about 1/4 the normal Nordstrom price). Uggs are about half price at Last Chance, and one time my husband was there they had an additional 35% off all Uggs and he'd heard me talk about them so he bought my daughter and I each a pair to match (she was ecstatic that our shoes match). Hers were about $20 and mine were $45 and I wouldn't pay any more than that for a trend that is a little warm for Arizona. I kind of wonder if I was stupid to even pay that much, but we'll have fun with our matching shoes. At least he bought a size too big for her so she'll get at least 2 winters out of them. And I love that she can pull them on herself, because I miss the ease of flip flops for her in the winter.

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answers from Detroit on

I like my bogs better than mu uggs

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answers from Harrisburg on

I've never had them. They do look like they'd be nice and comfortable, but I couldn't spend $150 + on a pair of boots, knowing that I could get a pair of shoes for my fiance, daughter and myself for less than that. I've got a pair of boots, I wouldn't call them knock offs of uggs, but maybe they are and they keep my feet nice and warm and do what they are supposed to.


answers from Phoenix on

I Love UGGS!!! They are amazing and worth the $!



answers from Cincinnati on

I think the boots are hideous, but I did just buy a pair of the Ugg mocassins- they were $100. They are very warm and comfortable, but they don't really have any support. I wore them the other day and did quite a bit of walking and when I finally sat down that night, my feet felt like I had been walking barefoot all day. I do like them, but I probably wouldn't buy another pair.



answers from San Francisco on

Not in my opinion. We've always bought the knock offs, and they were just fine.



answers from Seattle on

I got one pair at value village for $10 and one brand new on ebay for $40, try getting them through other means! They are completely worth it in my opinion, hold up better, better support, and better material inside, softer, won't make your feet hot, just enough to keep them warm. I love mine!


answers from Dallas on

Mine came from sears and I love them :)

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