Are There Any "Work from Home" Jobs Out There Provide Great Compensation?

Updated on December 29, 2016
L.M. asks from San Antonio, TX
11 answers

It seems that my schedule prevents me from working 8 to 5 every day but need a complement my husband income big time. Can you suggest great opportunities in this area?

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answers from Denver on

I know a number of people who buy things at thrift shops and garage sales and clean them up and re-sell them on ebay or craigs list.
It's a little bit of hunting around, but many people find that fun. You can make as much as you're willing to put time in to finding things. It's quite easy to sell on ebay and Craigslist is great for larger items that are hard to ship.

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answers from Springfield on

Why does your schedule prevent you from working 8 to 5 every day? Is it child related? If the only options are the 8 to 5 type, don't let that stop you from looking and applying. There are ways to work around the child care challenges.

I work 9:30 to 6:30 most days. It's not ideal, but I am here in the morning to get the kids ready for school, make their lunches and get them on the bus. The kids to go to an afterschool program, and my husband picks them up. So it is doable.

I teach at a university, so I don't have all the same days off that our kids do, but I do have the summers off and a break at Christmas. Have you considered looking for a job at a local school? There are lots of jobs, and many would allow you to have most of the same days off that your kids have as well as summers off.

If you really want to stay home, you could consider opening your own daycare.

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answers from Dallas on

Really!?? No, there is NO job that will allow you to work from home while your children are home unless you are a daycare.

To work from home, you must prove yourself to an employer who will sometimes allow ofgivkng from home IF children are in daycare.

I run my company from home and there's no way I could do it with children around and be effective.

There's no such thing as getting paid to work from home and watch your children, keep dreaming!

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answers from San Francisco on

If you can't work 8 to 5 why not work nights and weekends?

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answers from Washington DC on

but i won't share them.

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answers from Houston on

What is your skill set? Can't help with just this information.

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answers from Portland on

Most of the women I know who work from home are grant writers.

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answers from New York on

Uber or Lyft
Not exactly work from home but side work that have worked for more than a few people I know.
Check to see if it is a possibility in your area.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

No. Most employers require you to work for them a lot of years then they might let you work some from home but it's not likely they'd let any new employee do anything without being in an office under supervision.

So no, there aren't any real work from home jobs unless you have a specific degree where you can do contracts for hire then perhaps you can make some extra money that way.

Without a degree in a specialized area or a teaching degree you really aren't going to find anything legitimate. If you have a degree where you can teach you might try the K-12 website and look at employment opportunities there. If you can legally teach then you might find a work at home option but all their office jobs or enrollment specialist work in a company office as far as I know.

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answers from Boston on

I think you should alter your question's title to say "San Antonio area" and click the button that says your question is specific to your area. Your question is going nationwide to many zillions of people who know nothing about your area.

And no, there are no great work-from-home jobs unless you have specific skills that you would know about if you had them - medical transcription or coding, graphic artist, editing/proofreading....and those all presume that you have a strong client base to begin with. Even so, it's unlikely that you could do them without having child care during the day, unless all your other clients are in a different part of the world or don't need to talk to you during regular business hours. I work from home, my husband does too, and several friends/neighbors do, but no one does it without a strong experience base and serious child care.

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answers from Sacramento on

Depends entirely on your professional skills, experience and education. I made a very good income as a freelance PR writer for 15 years, but I also had a lot of relevant skills, experience and education. It's like any other job ... you need to be highly marketable to earn great compensation. Your best bet for a great income working at home is by starting your own business (consulting tends to pay well) or starting with an employer and then transitioning to working from home (and that can take years, if you even get the option).

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