Are There Any Teethers That Go over Car Sear Straps to Stop the Chewing?

Updated on January 15, 2008
N.M. asks from Glen Ellyn, IL
8 answers

My baby girl loves to chew on her car seat straps (she's teething). The car straps are not too loose they are on correctly (and verified by my local fire station). Her high chair has these plastic teethers (strap covers) but her car seat doesn't and she loves to gnaw at them. Are there any teethers that go around a car seat strap? I've seen some on other car seats (they came with them) but they didn't come on the brand I bought. Please send sites so I can buy online. Thanks a bunch!

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Don't think people read my question. But I will continue my search...

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answers from Indianapolis on

If the child is in the carseat correctly and the straps are snug like they are supposed to, there is NO WAY she can get the straps into her mouth!! Try pinching the straps - if there's enough slack that they can fold back onto themselves then they are WAY too loose.

They do sell terry cloth covers for carseat straps but they are to prevent the strap from rubbing against the neck -- because in a properly installed/used carseat the straps are snug against the child's chest/neck and can dig into the neck a little if the shirt doesn't have a collar.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Her straps really shouldn't be loose enough for her to get at them with her mouth...are you sure she's in tight enough?
I think the "teethers" you're talking about are not teethers, but strap pads maybe???



answers from Chicago on

Please make sure that her straps are on correctly (shouldn't be able to get more than a finger under the straps) and that the chest clip piece is level with her arm pits. If this is the case, then she cannot chew on the straps. This is extremely important because the car seat is designed to protect her but only if it is installed and used per the instruction manual. If the straps are too loose, she could incur excessive movement during a crash and she could possibly be ejected from her seat. So, please make sure she is strapped in properly, and your problem will be solved.



answers from Indianapolis on

Feel free to buy a teether or two and tie them to the carseat with a plastic coil or a N. shoestring that you can untie and wash when necessary.



answers from Fort Wayne on

There are toys called LinkADoos (sp), at least I think that's what they are called, that are wonderful for teethng. They are round rings that you can hook together. You can also hook toys onto them. The rings have raised designs on them, so they're great for teething. My dd loves to chew on them. You could hook one around her strap and attach whatever you want to it. A damp washcloth also works really well for teething. You can even put it in the freezer for a bit.



answers from Terre Haute on

I have two children that are still in a 5 point harness car seat. Neither of them are able to have a strap in their mouth. The straps should be a snug fit on the child. Please go to the police station or fire station and have them inspect your childs seat. I know I have had it done before and they don't charge anything! Use the regular teethers for your child. Or if you lil' girl is like mine and still using the binky, give her that. My lil' girl uses her binky as a teether.

But I urge you to get your child seat inspected or just try to tighten the straps on her seat. My 14 month old and my 5 year old are in car seats and we check them every day depending on what jacket they are wearing it makes a difference in how the straps should be. (my 5 yr old is a very tiny lil' girl)

Let us know how things turn out. Thanks



answers from Chicago on

I have read the other requests and I agree with getting your seat checked out. I sell Discovery Toys and we have links you can attach to the straps or stroller etc and you can attach one of our teethers that are safe and children love or you can attach your own teething ring. Check out my site or call me for more info if you are interested. Thanks, J.



answers from Chicago on

I was wondering how she chews on the straps? Are they too loose? I was looking at my 3 kids today and wondering how they would even chew on them. Just wondering

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