Are There Any REAL Work from Home/telecommuting Jobs???

Updated on May 13, 2011
L.R. asks from Niceville, FL
12 answers

I am looking to make some extra income for my family. I want to work from home as to not put our daughter in Daycare. I also do NOT want to do sales of any kind. I have over 12 years Office Manager Experience & would like to do something in that sort of field online. Do any of you mommy's do this kind of work? I just can't seem to find anything legit.....

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answers from Dallas on

There are some legit companies that offer work from home jobs. I have a copy of Working Mothers - I don't remember the edition - but there was a list of the best 100 companies for working moms. The companies offered work from home opportunities and such. So you may want to go to Working Mothers magazine's website and get a list of the companies that offer this opportunity and see if you can get hired on.

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes, but you have to look for them.

I have a PT online job I found on and are also legit resources, but you have to evaluate the jobs from any source. I have had the best luck with HireMyMom and if employers post there (be it a long-term or one-time project) they do so KNOWING you will be working from home and have kids. You should not pay FOR the job but you might pay for access to the posting. The HMM membership is a business expense for me and has more than paid off. It paid off after the first freelance gig.

The other thing is most don't pay tons (the benefit is that you get flexibility and work at home) and you usually pay your own taxes (about 48% of your take home). You can pay taxes quarterly online so you aren't slammed at the end of the year.

Good luck.

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answers from Norfolk on

Yes, but if you are still going to have to have someone babysit your child while you work. I work from home as a Business Analyst and although it's home based now, it began as an office job (I was a Cobol programmer for 15 year with a BS in Information Systems Management) and I had a long track record of proving I could work without a boss watching me over my shoulder all day. You have to keep your deadlines and attend the conference call meetings and sometimes it means working late after everyone is asleep in order to get that all important report in on time. I'm on the East coast, my boss is on the West coast and we manage people on at least 3 continents (there are over 400 people in our department).
You do NOT want to be meeting on a conference call with a screaming toddler wailing in the background. Either have a sitter come in while you work (your office should be isolated enough where you can shut the door) or some other baby sitting arrangement can be worked out.
Working from home is still work - you just don't have a commute to deal with.

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answers from Dallas on

I always recommend, when mommies ask this question, looking into medical billing/medical transcription/Health care coding. BUT I recommend they go to a hospital system vs. the offers out there to build your own business.
Contact some local health systems and find out if they have an HIS (health information systems) department. When I worked in the hospital they were always short on coders/transcriptionists and as so many are transerring to the EMR (electronic medical records) there is such a need . . . . AND many work from home. The added bonus of working for a health system is corporate benefits are often offered as well as overtime. the downfall is sometimes you do have to go in for mandatory training on site.
Good luck!

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answers from Orlando on

There are legit home jobs out there, I have one. :) I would love to give you some information and so that you can decide if it is something that would work for you.

With the way the economy is lately, there are more and more work from home jobs popping up. If a business can outsource to private homes they don't have to pay phone bills, rent, electric, etc. But with more legit jobs out there it just means that 100 more scams for each job are popping up. Be careful and do research until you are positive you are getting into something that is worth it for you and your family!


answers from Richmond on

I've worked 2 jobs from home, one of which I'm currently working. The first was for a small ma-and-pa trucking company. I ran dispatch, booked loads, communicated with the drivers... pretty much did everything but sign the paychecks. Now, I run tech support for an online business. It's a 3 man job... the owner, the web developer, and me. There are jobs out there that are legit! You just have to dig dig dig to find them. Good luck!



answers from Gainesville on

I have worked from home part time but unfortunately was laid off from both jobs =(. It is a lot harder to do than you think. The first job I had at home I was doing bookkeeping online and it was over the summer and I had to hire a babysitter to watch my kids. i couldn't get enough continuous time on the computer, and i tried doing it fter they went to bed but who has the energy after a long day wrangling kids and I could not afford to make mistakes and i did have to have some interaction with "the home office". As for office manager experience I do have to say how do you feel that you would do that from home????



answers from Omaha on

Also research being a virtual assistant


answers from Dallas on

Most of it is not legit.

With your experience, you would be a good candidate for a regional sales rep who does not have an admin. I got started this way helping my hubby because he had no customer service support. His customers started calling me vs the company HQ because they knew I knew where he was and how to get hold of him fast. I managed all his travel plans, etc.

We now have our own company in the same field, just working for ourselves from home vs working for someone else.

I also have an at home mom who is a whiz at Quickbooks "tutor" me. We usually do this over the phone or via email. I pay her $85/hour and if we are not on the phone, email or in person, we just prorate the amount.

Most companies will not want you to have the noise of children or pets in the background because it is vital to maintain the professionalism of the job.

Working at home is a job and work. It takes a lot of discipline.

Good luck to you.



answers from Chicago on

There are work-from-home jobs but remember, you'll be WORKING from home. Many of those jobs require your undivided attention, just as you would give in an office. I've had some freelance jobs at home and they are hard with a kid in the home because they need attention, someone to play with them, someone to make them lunch and you need to get work done.

It's a tough situation. Try a temp agency or a recruiter.



answers from Dallas on

B pretty much nailed it. I've worked from home for 4 years, but I was in the office for 6 years before that. My kids go to school during the day, and on school breaks they go to camp or daycare. It is not fair to my employer or my kids to try to be both Mom & Employee at the same time; neither one ends up getting the attention they deserve.

You might be able to freelance, but most corporate jobs that allow WAH require you to have childcare.


answers from Boston on

I own 4 franchises on the internet. I manage this from home but I do go out a couple nights a week. It's honestly my me time. I love it.
Being home all day I need to get out and talk to adults and we have such a good time. I look forward to it. It's by far the best thing I have ever done. Target, Walmart, Victoria Secret, etc. all pay me to shop. Can't beat it.
There are legitament companies out there. You just need to do your research. My advice is don't register for anything the first time you see it. Do your homework. I personally stay away from MLM companies. You can make good money but not many do. These companies will try to get you to register before you leave. Don't let them pressure you. Go home and do your research.

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