Are There Any Legitimate "Work from Home" Jobs

Updated on June 13, 2007
K.C. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I am looking to do something from home and after speaking with the Better Business Bureau it seems there are very few or no legitimate "work from home" jobs. I need something to do to make extra money as we are struggling right now with the purchase of a new home. Please, if anyone knows of something I could do and that works I would be so greatful.

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K., I know it's been awhile since you posted this, but did you ever find what you were looking for? I've always been so skeptical of work from home opportunities, so I had never tried any of them. My sisters and mom have tried them all but to no avail. I tried Arbonne products just because of all of my skin allergies, and they worked so well that I became a consultant. In just two months I moved up to district manager. My sister came in under me last month and is in qualification to become district manager after this month. Our team is full of very successful women who are almost all stay at home moms. If you ever are interested in finding out more about the business, I would be more than happy to talk to you about it. I will not pressure you into selling or anything like that. I completely understand that everyone is different and wants different things. If you decide it's not for you, then you can just let me know. You can contact me anytime at [email protected] or ###-###-#### if you are interested in setting up a time to meet for just about 20 minutes to go over the business details. I could even let you take some of our products home to try first too. You would never want to be in business for a company you don't believe in, so if you're the least bit interested, you can take them home risk free. Good luck, and I hope you find the right career for you!


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The "work from home" field is SOOO misleading. It is also so enticing to most moms. I am a single mom of two and I work from home. I work with a company that is a member of the BBB and all the informational materials are certified by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). So no misleading information is given out. If you would like to learn more send me a message and we can arrange to talk. As a single mom, my passion and my life are my children. Part of that passion is helping other moms find security and balance in their lives.
T. Mattingly



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I was reading an article this morning on customer service reps that work from home and found this listing of companies that hire US citizens to do the jobs. I don't know if you're still looking but I think this sounds promising.

Alpine Access
West at Home



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Kristen, ditto what everyone else said. You have to find something that works for you. There are lots of opportunities out care, makeup, kitchen products, food products, scrapbooking, wine tasting, and the list goes on! These are not so much 'jobs' as they are business opportunities. You can make a little money doing things like mystery shopping or customer service. Try to find out about answering phones for major companies like T Mobile from home. I don't do this personally, but it is an option. Also, try for mystery shopping. Again, I don't do this personally, but I have a friend that did and recommended this site. People always think you have to be a sales person to make it in a company like Arbonne or Mary don't! But, you do have to be a "people person"! Find something you can be passionate about, then look into the endless possibilities with a home-based business. You also get tax breaks for it!! Email me if you want to chat, I know several people in many different network marketing companies and I would be happy to answer any questions and get you going in the right direction! Good luck!

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Work from home 'jobs' are few and far between. Most work from home jobs are customer service related. In my experience the income you can earn is also quite limited. I chose to start my own business and I am so glad that I did! I set my own goals and work to acheive those goals. I work with a great group of ladies doing the same thing. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom and my business is helping me do just that. I would be happy to share all of the information with you. Visit my website and be sure to request more information.




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Hi K.--

There are SO many opportunities out there for a SAHM! I can't believe the BBB didn't give you more hope. Some of the best examples are Mary Kay Cosmetics and Team National. I have friends in each of these organizations that are doing VERY WELL!!! Both of these companies have created millionaires working part-time. And both are part of the BBB!!! And neither requires sales skills.

If you are interested in hearing about either of these, please call me or email me directly and I will give you the information I have from my friends.

A. S.
[email protected]



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I had a work from home job for 2 years before and a year (off and on) after my son was born. For various reasons, God led me to work outside the home, with my husband and his company - but that's another story :)

Far as work from home goes....
1. Never, NEVER PAY for a job. Yes, you can pay for start up kits to start a business, such as your mary kay business, or your avon business, etc. But if you come across an ad that says, send us $$ and we'll tell you how to find legitimate work from home, yada yada. Nope.

2. Networking...get to know other wahm's...get your resume out there and get to talking to people. Sell yourself if you see the opportunity...

What did I do from home? I was an editor. I mystery shopping editor to be exact. Heard of mystery shopping? Its a great field to start in working from home - doing a few shops - you can look into becoming a scheduler as well, if this interests you.
I don't think one can make a living (or a very good living) working from home. That's just me - unless you previously worked outside the home and your company is able to let you set up a home office and work remotely. That's what my husband does one day a week.
But making a little extra money - yes, do some mystery shopping. OR even some merchandising if you don't mind the slightly physical work - but that's not really working at home, as you go out to different businesses.
Check these sites:

Those I remember - I researched this for over 2 years, before I lucked into my job. I was in a chat room talking about mystery shopping (on the volition site actually), and mentioned I was interested in becoming an editor someday. I was going to college at the time, taking some part time classes, and doing mystery shopping and merchandising on the side. The owner of a mystery shopping scheduling company told me they were looking for editors, and the rest is history -
For that I got paid about 2.00 per report I edited....I made about 200-400 or so a month. Not much, but it was a little extra money.

Good luck in your search, and I hope I helped a little. There are other websites out there, I just have forgotten them all, I'm sorry :( It's been about 3 years since I've thought about work at home jobs.

R. K.

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