Are There Any Books About Avoiding Allergies While Pregnant?

Updated on January 08, 2008
A.M. asks from Okeana, OH
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This is a wierd question but I wanted to find out if there are any books on the market or preferabley websites that talk about what foods to avoid while pregnant so that you don't have a child with food allergies. My son has a milk allergy and we are prego with number 3. Along with that I was wondering if anyone has experienced very very light bleeding while pregnant. I have talked to my dr already and he said it is normal to have light bleeding but I am just wondering if anyone who has had it did it stop. I thought it had stopped but it started back up again today. I have never experienced this with my other two.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your in put. I greatly apprecate it. I have a check up appointment on Monday so I am hoping to get some answers for the bleeding. It does seem the more active I am the more I notice it. I have been less active the last couple of days and it seems to have stopped but I am still concerned that it has occured while the other two pregancies I never had this problem. Oh and I also had two people tell me that they think I am carring twins, we will see.
As for the allergies, I have heard to avoid things for the first 6 weeks after the baby is born but I was wondering if I should before hand. We did everything by the book with my son and still has an allergy to milk,.
Thank you for all your advice.

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answers from Cincinnati on

during pregnancy it is actually best not to avoid foods only because of food allergies, it is after you have given birth and are breast feeding that you want to avoid foods that are common for food allergies, and not to give any food besides breast milk or formula (*not even rice cereal*) until 6months of age so that the digestive track is fully mature and with that you run the least risk of your child developing food allergies.(*lol I have severe food allergies so I was worried about my baby*)



answers from Dayton on

About the bleeding...I'm not sure if you are taking prenatal vitamins or not, but if you are, you might want to check to see if a possible side effect is bruising and/or bleeding. A friend of mine was bleeding quite a bit and she read the drug info for her prenatal prescription and it said it may cause easy bruising. She checked with her doctor to see if the prenatals may be what was the cause of her bleeding and they told her to stop taking them for a while to see if it stopped. It worked - the bleeding totally stopped. She is taking children's vitamins now and doing great. Just thought I would pass this on just in case it works for you. I didn't bleed with either of my pregnancies but I have several friends who did (I think its actually kind of common) and everything turned out fine for all of them (and one of them bled during her whole pregnancy but had absolutely no problems).

As far as the food allergy, I haven't seen any books. I would love to find one though b/c my son has a dairy allergy and I can't help but feel there is something I should have done to prevent it. Hopefully someone has seen one.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!



answers from Dayton on

I'm not aware of any books on which foods to avoid while pregnant to avoid food allergies in children. I have just been told to stay away from the high allergy foods, such as peanut butter, while pregnant. I'm sure a quick search online will provide you with more info than you would probably like.

Your second question was about bleeding during pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my twins (they are currently 17 months) I bled through the entire first trimester. Multiple ultrasounds showed no problems with the fetuses. I did notice that the more active I was the greater the bleeding. Drinking lots of liquids (preferrably water) also appeared to decrease the bleeding. These were all recommendations from my doctor. My bleeding was heavy at times, causing me concern that I was miscarrying but I now have two happy, healthy baby boys. Best of luck to you.



answers from Cleveland on

I know you got a lot of responses but wanted to add in my 2 cents. I have a son with peanut and egg allergies and it is a topic of conversation I have had with many:) It hasn't been proven one way or another if you could have "stoped" the food allergy. Studies have never shown that the mother effect the child to obtain this food allergy. I did recently just read that you should hold off feeding the baby anything other than safe formula or breastmilk until 6 months of age, and then taking it slow from there with introductions of solids.
I wish you the best of luck and hope that your future child is allergy free! There is a great yahoo group of parents of children with food allergies, you may want to check out a support group also??



answers from Cleveland on

HI A.,
I also have a child with a milk allergy as well as a peanut allergy and I am also pregnant with my second child. I spoke to my OB about similar concerns a while ago and he said there was no reason to omitt any foods while you are pregnant. When you are pregnant, the fetus does not get the foods you are eating in the same form. A child develops an allergy based on whether or not he/she has the right genetic makeup and enzymes to break down the proteins that cause allergies. I also spoke to my daughter's allergist and he said that it was more important what I ate when I was breasfeeding. My daughter may not have the peanut allergy if I had known not to eat peanut butter when I was nursing after finding out that she was allergic to milk. I now have more info for my second, unfortunately at the cost fo my first. My suggestion is that if you are planning on nursing, omitt dairy, nuts, eggs, shellfish, and soy to help avoid any food allergies. That is my plan even though it is going to be a hard one. On a good note, the allergist also told me that food allergies are the least common inherited allergy, so there is hope for our babies in utero! Hope this helps...I am finding out more and more new facts every day about allergies myself!!
H. S.
ps-This is a good source for info on food allergies:
The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network
11781 Lee Jackson HWY., Suite 160
Fairfax, VA 22033-3309



answers from Columbus on

I had the light bleeding with my son...and it did stop :-)
I was told to get off of my feet as much as I could, and that would help. He was a healthy baby! Don't worry just "try" to rest every moment you get....HA! I know it's hard to do when you have two others.

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