Are Slow-cooker Bags Safe?

Updated on March 06, 2011
E.B. asks from Evanston, IL
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I recently bought a package of Reynolds slow-cooker liners and told my husband they were the best invention since the Swiffer... and then started to rethink this proclamation considering all the chemicals from the plastic that are probably being leached into each meal I serve. Does anyone know of any research that speaks to the safety of this product? I'd love to continue to use it, but my gut says it's not a good idea. Any thoughts?

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So What Happened?

I was afraid you'd all say this! I've never had problems with holes and I honestly love how easy it is to clean up, but I just can't keep buying them with all of this in mind. The health of my family is just worth more than one more dish to wash :)

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I should start this out with saying I'm usually the first person to tell people to stop obsessing about chemicals and to relax. (I'm a chemist...)

I won't use these things. It is a really long time to be heating plastic. I just don't like it.

If you are doing it for the clean up, we spray our stoneware crockpot with olive oil cooking spray. You can rinse the crock clean, even after having tomato based sauce in there for 8 or 9 hours. No scrubbing involved.

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If the bags had holes in them that probably means they melted which means leaking chemicals in the food IMO. I am not a chemist but I would not use them...



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If you are looking for an easy clean up, buy some denture cleaning tablets. Fill the dirty crock pot with water and drop one in. In no time at all the cooked on, burnt on mess just peels off.



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I felt the same way you do about how awesome they are! BUT, I bought some and used them for a birthday party I held. In one crockpot I had a nacho dip and in the other I had meatballs. Well, when I pulled the bags out after about 7 hours or so of being on, both bags had a hole in them. It was a lot less cleanup than if they hadn't been in there, but in my opinion, not worth spending the money on if they arent' going to hold their weight! I will probably use up the rest of the box, but won't be purchasing them again. I ended up having to soak those crock pots anyway!



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I like the idea to clean crock-pot with the denture tablets. I still not convinced it would be safe or not. Now after reading the stories, I think I will keep on saving money by not using them. I also read that is not safe to use plastic containers in the microwave. Safe way to go only use glass. Everyone has their own to make their own mind up. I usually spray the crock-pot if I remember. Thanks for the tips. they all have help me make my mind up.


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I tried these as well. Once and only once. The food tasted funny to me and I still needed to watch the crockpot anyway. Cooking plastic for that long just doesn't seem good for you.

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