Are Jogging Stroller Safe for Infants?

Updated on June 11, 2007
S.S. asks from Portland, OR
4 answers

I recently heard that a Portland pediatrician said that infants < 6 months shouldn't ride in jogging strollers. I have a car-seat adapter for my Bob stroller, so I assumed it was safe. Has anyone else heard this? Does anyone else run with an infant in a jogging stroller with a car-seat adapter?

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answers from Portland on

hi there, my son was in a jogger from 2 mos and loved it! just make sure that you have a jogger that reclines enough for your little one if they cannot sit up yet, and stick a head / neck support in there with them. if you have a carseat adapter you should have no problems! i just stuck to paved trails with my son in the jogger and stayed off dirt / gravel trails that would jostle him around. you have a really nice top o the line stroller that provides a pretty smooth ride, so i wouldn't worry about it. i'm sure that if your little one is uncomfortable he will gladly let you know quickly! good luck!

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answers from Portland on

My daughter was told that the reason the jogging stroller was unsafe prior to 6 mos is because they don't have enough support for the baby's back. If that is the case then one with a car seat adapter would be OK.



answers from Bellingham on

I think it is fine as long as you are on a smooth surface like a road. Taking them off road can be too bumpy if they don't have good strong neck muscles.



answers from Seattle on

I have the Bob with the infant car seat converter as well. In my opinion, for an infant who doesn't have good head control, i would not jog even with the infant car seat converter. I see how much it bumps around just walking. Their heads just bump around way to easily. I take it very easy on big cracks in the side walk etc. and I only walk thus far with my son (he's only 9 weeks old), no jogging.

Our doctor said no baby jogger until 6 months as well. He also said for the front baby carrier to wait and face him forward in it when he has more head control, this way his head has support of our boyd when facing inward for now.

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