Are G Diapers Any Good?

Updated on March 31, 2008
D.C. asks from Philadelphia, PA
17 answers

I am expecting number 3 in June and am thinking about using G diapers this time around. Has anyone used them? Do you like them?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I've heard great things about (south hills area) and we'll be going there soon for a free informational class.

Some of their all-in-ones may work for you.



answers from Philadelphia on

I used cloth diapers, but for traveling I bought a pack of g diapers and I was amazed by how great they were. Compared to regular disposables they aren't so impressive, apparently, but I was really happy with them.

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answers from Scranton on

If you're looking for something environmentally friendly, 7th Generation diapers work GREAT for us. In two years I have never, ever had a leak or a blowout (except when the diaper wasn't on right). They are more expensive, butI order them on Amazon in bulk, and do auto-ordering...they arrive the first week of every month and the shipping is free because of the standing order. I think I pay $35 a month for a case of 4 packages. Obviously, the bigger the size, the fewer diapers in the packs.



answers from Philadelphia on

I haven't used them, but I haven't heard alot of good things about them either. Have you tried Happy Heinys or Fuzzi Bunz? I've been using them since my son was born and I LOVE them.

I also have to add....please DO NOT go by the article in the recent issue of Parents. That was so poorly researched its a joke. If you look at the article online, you can see that it has gotten hundreds of responses from REAL people that actually USE cloth, telling him just this.

If you can get a copy of the current issue of Mothering magazine, it has an informative article of ALL the different kinds and types of cloth diapers and how to properly use them.



answers from Pittsburgh on

When I see G Diapers I think of Greenwashing.

They approach the reusable factor but still have certain chemicals in the construction that would cause huge red flags for me. Gels -- do the research, don't trust me. It may be a huge eye opener. I second the Fuzzi Bunz or Happy Hieny's. If I had to choose I would choose HH only because I know for a fact that Linda does not do any outsourcing and all her products are designed and constructed in the USA in her shop in California.

If you wanted to split the idea up I would suggest using a prefold in place of the G insert. They are cheap, easy to launder and replace and take a huge impact off the environment as well as the chemicals in the disposables and G's are eliminated.

I too am a busy mom, with a job, a home business of my own, 3 children, and I am a widow. If I had to choose between disposables, G's or cloth -- the first two would still loose. They are really not hard imo.

Do the research and make a choice. At least you will be informed and that which ever you choose it will be the fit for you and your family.



answers from Harrisburg on

I use g-diapers and like them a lot. If you are used to disposables they take a bit of getting used to but once you have your routine down they are really easy to use. I also use cloth diapers with the g-diaper wrap. I put a prefoled cloth diaper in the insert and it works great too. It also keeps down the cost since g-diaper inserts are more expensive than regular diapers. Just as an FYI, even though the seventh generation diapers are chlorine free they are still made of mostly plastic and like all other disposable diapers they take 500 years to biodegrade. Good luck.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We have used the g diapers for traveling... I use cloth at home, and my husband and the daycare use disposables. I like the g-diapers just fine, though they are a bit expensive. I wish they made the liners contoured so they weren't quite so bulky around the legs, but I have the same complaint with my cloth diapers. (I use Happy Heinys, Fuzi Bunz, and my personal favorite, BumGenius).

The G diapers are awfully expensive as a main diapering option (and I'm not sure how they would do with the early breastfeeding poo) but if you do go that route, the East End Co-op does 20% case discounts for members.



answers from Johnstown on

Hi, I used Wal-Mart brand diapers on both of my kids, and they worked great. Is a matter of fact, they are the only ones my son wouldnt pee out of when he was a new born. give them a try. good luck. K.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi Debbie,

we use them for our daughter. We actually put cloth diapers in the inserts (less expensive), too, and that works just as well. You can buy them locally, which saves on shipping costs, too.



answers from Allentown on

Personally I like cloth diapering best.
Bum genius 3.0 totally rock!!!



answers from York on

I recently started using them with my second son, and I like them. I tried cloth diapers, but I couldn't get myself to use them all the time. I think these are a good option. They do bunch up a lot with my son, which can cause leaking, but I still like using them. I am going to try inserting cloth diapers as some responses have suggested.



answers from Allentown on

Hi, Debbie! Congrats on your arrival-to-be!

I have tried all sorts of different kinds of diapers including having a diaper service & using G diapers. I think G dipes are a great compromise if you are totally "anti-cloth" for some reason but still want to be more environmentally responsible. However, to be honest, I have not found anything to be more fun, easy to use & better for my kids than cloth. I do typically an extra 1-2 loads of wash a week, which, as I'm sure you know, is not a big deal when you're constantly doing laundry anyway. It's cheap, my 8 month old has had ONE diaper rash & it went away within a few hours and when you're done w/ the diapers you can sell them or give them to family or friends to re-use.

The G diapers leaked at least as much as disposables & they get expensive.

May I suggest that you look into hosting a diaper party to get aquainted with cloth? A company called Everything Birth sponsors them. You can look up info at or . Also, in Philly, usually once a month, there is a cloth diaper lesson/workshop held @ Maternal Wellness Center ( (Just a word of caution, as much as I hate to badmouth, if it is run by Momma Commune Boutique, I'd advise against a purchase from them. I ordered $100 worth of stuff & it never showed up & she would NOT return my calls or emails OR re-send the merchandise & certainly never refunded my money or anything).

Cloth really is SOOOOOOOO easy! I wish I had known how easy it was w/ my first! (At least we found a service w/ her eventually & used that from age 18 mos till she potty trained at about 2.5).

Hope that helps some! Good luck & please feel free to message back if you have any questions that I can answer for you about specifics or anything!!!



answers from Scranton on

There is an article in this months Parents Magazine about the pros and cons of the 3 varieties of diapers (disposable, cloth and the g diapers). After reading it I was far from impressed with the G diaper. I have used cloth and honestly I love them, but my kiddos bums do not, they get rashes just from the diaper.. they don't even have to pee in them. We use Huggies, it's all I found that doesn't leak on either of my 2 little ones, they are expensive, but not as expensive as the g diapers (cost is a big thing for us).



answers from Allentown on

Hi, Debbie.

I replied to this exact question a few weeks ago here! We have used them, and here are the pros and cons for you.

They fit well. The new design is superior to the old design and slightly roomier for a longer-lasting fit. (There are many improvements on the new design actually, but the fit is also just better.)

They're re-usable and a friendly cross between cloth and disposable diapering.

They're super cute and colorful.

We've never had a leaking issue.

Environmentally friendly!

Fairly absorbent and relatively stay-dry-feeling


COST. These are extremely expensive, if you plan to use the gDiaper insert inside the gDiaper cover. (We use an folded up Gerber's prefold -- good for one pee.)

First fit issue: Inside the cloth cover, you snap in a waterproof liner. The snaps are, therefore, exposed to baby's skin, and on my baby at least, they have a tendency to leave red marks on her where the snaps have been pressing into her skin. They aren't hard, and they don't hurt her. But if I had the back of a snap pushing into my skin from my underwear all the time, I don't think I'd like it very much.

Second fit issue: The gDiaper inserts bunch up significantly between baby's legs, which I think is probably a bit uncomfortable for baby. Beyond that, I could see it leading to potential leak issues, especially for a front heavy wetter.

Messiness of clean-up: These are hard to flush when they're full of breastfed baby poo. Finding a place to handle the insert for flushing can be vexing.

Wear on the covers: My 12 mo daughter has been wearing a medium cover for 6 months, now. And the medium size still fits. The problem is I had to buy more medium covers (I was only using one -- and only on occasion) because it stretched itself out, regardless of following wash/dry instructions -- and it's now too big. (The other mediums I recently purchased still fit well, but I wonder how long that will last, based on the performance of the previous one.)

I hope that helps!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi Debbie -

We tried them, and they didn't really work for us. I ran into a number of leaks, plus we only have one bathroom which is upstairs, and the baby was often downstairs.

They do flush as advertised, though!

If you are interested, I would be delighted to give you the wraps (4), plastic lines and unopened inserts I have. They are newborn size and were only used for a few weeks.

Send me an email if you're interested:

Best regards,



answers from Philadelphia on


I have tried them. I love the concept but as a busy mom I find it very inconvenient. You have to handle the dirty liner by tearing at the seams then flush down the toliet. So you need to change the baby, find a place to put down the dirty liner while putting on a clean one, and find a place safe place to put down the baby for a few minutes while you deal with the mess in the bathroom. I gave up and went back to huggies.

If you decide to try them, I would wait until the baby is a little older.

Good luck.



answers from State College on

I've heard great things about them from a couple of close friends. They tend to fit well, without leaking. We don't use them only because my stay at home husband was so annoyed by the all in one Kushies the first time around...that he didn't even want to try them. Good Luck!

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