Are CostCo Diapers Good?

Updated on March 21, 2010
M.O. asks from Barrington, IL
15 answers

Has anyone tried the CostCo brand of diapers? Are they good? How do they compare to the premium brands like Pampers?

Many thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

Yes! We have used them with my 2 year old since he was around 2 months. Before then, I was a huge pampers snob, my older two ONLY wore pampers (swaddlers and cruisers). I would not use anything else. Then #3 came along and we needed to cut back some. We then tried Costco's and haven't used anything since. We are very happy with them, they are comparable in shape to the huggies (which took me some getting used to because I was such a pamper snob) but now love them. We save quite a bit of money usint them along with kirkland wipes. The price difference between them and huggies, I have found IS pretty good (don't remember how good though).
Good luck :)

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answers from San Francisco on

Kirkland diapers are the best. My daughter got rashes from pampers and huggies and has been completely fine on kirkland! Love them!



answers from San Francisco on

It's been about 18 months since we used diapers, but I really liked Kirkland diapers from Costco. I did like Pampers too, but switched to the Kirkland because they were cheaper and worked just as well.



answers from Chicago on

I've used them and think they're comparble to huggies. If I remember correctly, though, the price difference wasn't all that great. The nice thing is they sell a box of like 248 diapers. I haven't found boxes that big.



answers from Chicago on

I have no problems with CostCo diapers. I use Sam's club regularly during the day, and they work get and are much cheaper than Pampers or Huggies. My boy wets a lot at night so we have to use Huggies just at night.



answers from San Francisco on

I'm sure its different for everyone.. but I use Costco diapers also quite regularly. (Huggies & Costco) and I find that the Costco ones don't hold as much urine as the Huggies. However, they're still great and definitely cheaper. I just have to be better about remembering to change him! (oops!)



answers from Chicago on

They are awesome. A Mom in my playgroup (with baby #1) told me about them and I've used them for 4 years now (for a girl and a boy).

Costco's Kirkland Brand diapers are made by Huggies. Better yet, they are the Huggies "Supreme" diaper -- not the Huggies base diaper. So the elastic on the side is outstanding. These are the highest quality diaper, but without the price of the "Huggies" of "Pampers" brand name.

One note...Costco also sells Huggies brand diapers for about the same price as the Kirkland diapers. However, the Huggies brand box contatins the "base" diaper -- not the Supreme.



answers from Indianapolis on

We just bought a box last weekend. We have been getting our diapers at Costco for the past few years to save money, but if you look at the unit price/diaper, they're no cheaper than the Huggies. Our kids preferred the Disney characters, so that's why we went with Huggies. A coupon for $5 off the Kirkland (Costco) brand was the main reason for going with those this time around.

I never like Pampers Cruisers - I honestly preferred the Baby Dry, but you can't get them in bulk at Costco or Sam's Club. So, we've been loyal to Huggies for a while.

I honestly believe the Costco brand are Huggies without the licensed Disney characters.

1 week in, and so far so good!



answers from Minneapolis on

They are great and all we use with my 2.5 year old DS.



answers from Chicago on

Yes. I've sampled them all and chose Costco for the long haul. While Pampers are fine, they seemed to be sized smaller than other brands. I spend about $50.00 for a large box (8 packages inside) and they're now adding diapers to the monthly coupons, so you can save even more.

Wipes, on the other hand, is such a personal decision and that's where each company really differs. While my sister used Costco wipes, I found them thin and rough. I preferred Target and CVS Softcloths.



answers from Seattle on

We switched from pampers to Kirkland brand and never looked back! They are cheaper and work great!!



answers from Boston on

The Kirkland are wonderful... I used them pretty much all the time with my oldest and my youngest uses them now. No rashes or leaking that I can recall. I never even missed Pampers! And they cost a lot less... I'd go for it!



answers from Chicago on

Yes! We use them exclusively and have had no problems. My daughter is 11 1/2 months old and we've used them since she was born. This is my 2nd child and we used Pampers exclusively with the first. When #2 was on the way, I researched the Costco brand and learned that they are manufactured by Huggies and private labeled by Costco. We decided to give them a try since they are so much more economical and have never been disappointed.

Hope this helps!



answers from Detroit on

We use the costco diapers with our son. He really has a wet diaper when he wakes up and these are the only diapers that he has not leaked out of at night. We tried the huggies from costco and he leaked out of those. We also tried the overnight pampers but he got a rash from those. So why ruin a good thing we just stick to the costco diapers!



answers from Madison on

They are great. As others have said they are the same as Huggies you get a premium diaper without the price.

I was never a Pampers lover...couldn't take the smell and feel of I can't compare to Pampers other than to say that they feel better and smell a LOT better!!!

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