AR Reading Program -- 2Nd Grade Boy

Updated on March 07, 2011
D.P. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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Our school does the AR Reading Program.
My son has enjoyed some of the Baseball Card Adventure Series book and the Weird School books as well.
What (specifically) does YOUR 2nd grade boy read for AR?
Looking for ideas.

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answers from Sacramento on

Magic Tree House books are big. The school is encouraging those right now.

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answers from Chicago on

my son loved the hank the cowdog series books. read them faster than I could buy them lol.

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answers from Honolulu on

Well I have a daughter, she's 8 in 3rd Grade, and has AR as well.

For boys, I would recommend:
1) Magic Tree House
2) Geronimo Stilton
3) Berenstain Bears
4) Diary of a Wimpy Kid
5) Ook and Gluk

If you go to the Scholastic Website, they have books you can peruse and see the book level for it.
Also in school, they usually have Scholastic book ordering forms given out. Does yours? Their catalog, will note the "reading level" for the book.

Also, through your son's school, they should have an online at home access for AR. If you go there, via your school's website and links, the 'AR Book Finder", link, (which the school kids/you can access at home online), has a search feature, to peruse the books by subject etc.
Every child/school that does AR... can at home, search for books for AR....and by Reading Level.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have a second grader as well. He enjoys the Magic Treehouse books as well. Right now he's reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and actually takes the time out to read it without a reminder from us.

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