Apraxia of Speech Mom Needs to Know About Second Language Classes

Updated on September 29, 2011
L.W. asks from Rittman, OH
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my son will be required to learn a second language I need to know if this is possible and if I am not setting him up for failure.i need to write his iep this week and the teacher wont call me back .HELP

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answers from Portland on

You need to deal with a specialist. Call your contact for the IEP. The teacher doesn't know if your son would be able to learn a second language. Only a specialist.

I don't understand why you would need to write his IEP. Both my granddaughter and my grandson have IEP's and they are assigned someone from the county Intermediate Education Office who gathers info and writes the IEP. Then my daughter and anyone who wants further input attends a meeting during which the IEP is discussed and modifications made if deemed necessary.

If you're not working with a specialist in the school district you need to be. Call the school district office and ask for their number.

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answers from Chicago on

I would contact the special ed coordinator to set up a meeting time to review his IEP. If it is up for review, I'm suprised that it isn't set-up yet, unless you are going out of town or something where you wouldn't be available at the time that it would be due. You are supposed to be notified 10 days prior to a meeting, I believe. You didn't mention what grade he is in, so i'm not sure about that and what your state requirements are. However, I have been in meetings where the PE requirement was excused with documentation to the reason supplied in the IEP. Also, would it be possible for him to do the written work and not have to do any spoken language? Again, not sure of his grade and the severity of his apraxia...

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answers from Honolulu on

What type of Apraxia does your son have?
How old is he?
Apraxia, is a motor planning disorder... which can affect various things... from eating to speech to motor movements and articulation and skills.

Now, it seems that his school, 'requires' a 2nd language. But the question would be, WILL your son, have a Communication Aide, in class with him???
He would need one.
Hence your IEP.

Here are good links per your post to help you:


IF the Teacher will not call you back, you note this down. YOU should be keeping notes... per DOCUMENTING things, and what you have done and asked and whether you have gotten a response and what that response was. This is important... per your child/his case and the IEP and in regard to the IEP team.

SINCE the Teacher, will not call you back... then, ALSO e-mail her. AND again, reiterate your questions and that you have called her but she has not called back.
You need to do this.
And document everything on your end and what they tell you.

My friend, who's child has an Aide at school, does this. It is crucial. As the parent. And for my friend's own documentation per her child and what services her son is getting or not... and per the IEP and team.

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answers from Cleveland on

Wow ~ heavy question. 1st of all, I'm not sure why you're writing his IEP, as a special ed teacher working with many districts in my current position, I've never had a parent/guardian write an IEP. The special ed. teacher (interventionist) would be the one writing it. Please check with the head of the special ed. dept. in your district. If the school requires learnig a 2nd language, but your son is unable to, it should be written into his IEP. If he must take the class & there is no way out of it, please put in the IEP any & all accomidations he will need. The IEP is a legal document & must be followed. Good luck!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I guess it depends on the severity of the Apraxia. My son is non-verbal so he would never be able to learn another language and the school knows this. He can't even do History, science or stuff like that.
I would think it would be better for your son to skip learning another language. Discuss it at the IEP meeting if you don't hear back from the teacher. Talk with the teacher who spends the most time with your son. For my son, its the special ed teacher. He has a typical homeroom teacher but is only there for announcements.

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answers from Charlotte on

Natasha and SH are giving you good advice.

If there is a language offered in your school that follows a child's pace instead of a set curriculum's pace, that would be a better fit for him than regular foreign language classes. It would be better if he could get an exemption, to be honest.

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

My niece has speech apraxia and learning Spanish in high school was extremely hard for her. I would talk to his teacher.

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