Appropriate Toys for 14 Month Old Girl

Updated on October 25, 2009
M.D. asks from Royal Oak, MI
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Hi moms! My daughter is almost 14 months old and I think she's bored when she's at home. At daycare, she's got lots of other kids to play with and of course my husband and I play with her at home, but there are times when I need her to occupy herself. I was looking around and I realized most of her toys are things we've had since she was 6 months old! She got a play phone and a little activity center for her birthday, but neither seem to be all that interesting to her. My mom thinks she needs something to be more creative with, like blocks. Any ideas? Homemade stuff would work too.

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answers from Detroit on

blocks, big sized legos, dolls, anything she can stack with or strip down. :-)



answers from Detroit on

One is a really hard age to find good toys! It seems that just about everything is to "young" or to "old"! I was just talking to my neighbor about this yesterday. My kids loved blocks at that age. We had wood blocks and the big chunky mega blocks. From experience I'd say go with the mega blocks, they don't hurt near as bad when they are thrown. LOL Big chunky crayons and finger paints are fun too. You could even do play dough, either store purchased or make your own. My kids also love Fisher Price Little people stuff. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

Mega Blocks are wonderful. They are like lego's but bigger so there isn't a chocking hazard. There are kinds of varieties. There's a big bag of I think 100 or so, and they sell princess sets, different characters.

I also like peek-a-blocks. Those are plastick building blocks with fun stuff inside. A bit pricier.

One of my fave toys is by sassy. It's the Bee-Bop-Band. $20 at Target. My kids are now 4 and 6 and still play with them...unless they spot Barbie first =).

They also liked the magna doodle or doodle pro. No mess and hours of drawing fun. In fact...they have two large and two travel size. (one of my faves also)

Baby doll and stroller. I actually purchased a whole baby furnture set for my girls. Play pen, stroller, high chair. Someone even got them a little swing. Really cute and years of play.

Board books. Little People items. Oh and a tea/coffee set. My girls love(d) stuff like that. I got a whole set of appliances and plates for around $10-$15 at Walmart. Great purchase. Little cleaning stuff too...broom etc.

My girls also loved to play with my tupperware and metal mixing bowls. They would bang on 'em, wear them as a hat, pretend to cook. You'd be surised what they can do with a cardboard box too.

Have Fun!



answers from Atlanta on

Our daughter is 15 months old. In an effort to buy the least amount of china made plastic toys we have had to find alternatives. Our daughter loves blocks, wooden, and we do have some large lego blocks. She also loves board books. Stuffed animals, she doesn't have too many baby dolls (Yet!) but the one she has she loves to hug. Puzzles with large pieces, Melissa & Doug make a ton of puzzles. They also make play food pieces that are wooden. And most recently she discovered the measuring cups and spoons. I bought a new set of both, now the old set is hers. Any SAFE kitchen utensil is a hit here. Spatula, wooden spoon, plastic mixing bowl, etc.. They are cheap if you already have them. If not head to the goodwill, buy some for a quarter, disinfect and there you go, her very own kitchen. We have two cupboards in the kitchen that are not baby locked. And she knows that those are the one's she can get into/open and play. I store all plastic bowls, colander, wooden salad bowls, all of her "baby dishes," ect. in there. She will crawl in and keep herself occupied while I cook. Yes, it makes a mess and we do find dishes all over the house but it keeps her happy. We are trying to get her to set the table :)



answers from Grand Rapids on

Creative stuff is always good! Here are some things that my kids liked starting about that age
-play kitchen with food, pots/pans, etc
-dolls with blanket and bottle
-blocks, we got wood and some duplo type
-puzzles - Melissa & Doug make some great ones for little kids. Nice BIG pieces with big knobs for little fingers
-finger paint
-books - large lift the flap ones esp. (like those by Jean Katz) or repetition ones like Brown Bear that they can 'read' to themselves
-Discovery Toys has a marble castle that is lots of fun too- it might be more 18m+ but my son really enjoys this one
-Fisher-Price house and barn

Hope this helps - it's what came to me off the top of my head.




answers from Detroit on

Little People (Fischer Price)
Stacking Cups
wooden puzzles



answers from Detroit on

I think you need to go to toys rus and buy her things she can do. Like legos, puzzles with shapes to put back and forth she can learn about animals and other things with that. Buy her a leap frog that does tons of diffrerent things. theres refrigerator magnets that deal with frogs and abc she can create words with it or just do letters, theres tons of different toys for her. Theres food out there that velcrow she could play kitchen or house with them with a little cart. I just feel for you maybe check on craigs list or something because all that can get pricey. Plus christmas is comming too. You could make at home letter flash cards and maybe play matchy matchy or something with her read to her play dress up.

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