Approaching 30....need Good Skincare Advice!!

Updated on September 07, 2010
R.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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I am almost 30, and I think my skin is starting to show it a little! Crows feet and other wrinkles and sort of splotchier. I don't think I look bad...I'm just wanting to start a good skincare routine. I don't wear makeup (just a little mascara and eye shadow, but no foundation or powder), so I am mainly looking for a good moisurizer something.

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So What Happened?

Wow, thanks everyone! And for the record, I don't drink alcohol (being Mormon), and I already eat a mostly organic vegetarian diet. I decided to try Mary Kay's Miracle skincare regimen. I'm excited, thank you!!

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answers from Boise on

I research vitamins, and I read that Magnesium chloride applied topically stops wrinkles- look it up online.

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answers from Dallas on

I had the same question you did about a month or so ago and I just turned 32. I have been using the Timewise (miracle set) from Mary Kay and I love, love, love it. I was extremely hesitant in trying it b/c everyone who suggested it sold it...then my grandmother referred me and so I've tried it and I've been so pleased. I bought the miracle set and the serum +C and I love how it tells you the order and everything so there's no guessing. Also, it's a bonus that the prices are great. I use to use Murad which is pretty pricey so it was a pleasant surprise to try something lighter on the pocket book and be so pleased.
Also, I bought the clarisonic cleaning tool (if you've never heard of it google it)'s amazing!!! I don't wear make-up and it gives my face a clean healthy shine. When I do wear foundation for date nights or what have you my skin now looks flawless...which I've never experienced before. Between my mary kay facial cleansing products and my clarisonic I'm on cloud 9 with the way my skin looks! I don't have wrinkles but my skin was looking sort of dull from all the hormones after having three kids in 4yrs!!! I feel like a brand new woman now.

Good luck to you!!!

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answers from Phoenix on clean, it tightens the pores. I use Cetaphil Anti-bacterial bar soap to clean with the clarsonic and then I use Cerave lotion at night. During the day I use Neutrogena SPF90 with Helioplex.
These items were recommended by both my dermatologist and esthetician.
My skin is tighter, clearer and any skin type can benefit from this system,

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answers from Dallas on

I've used Mary Kay's Anti-Aging Timewise moisturizer daily. I've used it for years and swear that's the reason I look 30 instead of 40.

I recently started to use Origin's microdermibrasion a few times a week and can tell a noticeable difference.

But really, it's as simple as using daily moisturizer and SPF.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

You will probably get a million answers, but I have loved Clinique products. I go way back with Clinique, to the time when my mother (who, if she were still living, would now be 105) turned 80. She looked at herself in the mirror, drove to the mall, went to the Clinique counter, and asked, "Do you have anything that would make an 80-year-old woman look 60?" And she was so pleased with the products that she wouldn't rest until her daughters had tried them, too.

There are a wide range of "glamour" products, but I'm thinking about the very good skin care routine. Once you and the expert determine what you need, you'll be shown a very good, very fast routine using just three or so items. I've never found anything better.

Clinique isn't inexpensive but, since it's only necessary to use a little each day, the products last a good long while. I also buy their makeup foundation. Their other cosmetics I like, but I use them only when I get them free with a "Bonus Days" package. The cost factor works out well in the long run because I'm getting good quality free items (while purchasing something I need to stock up on) twice a year or so, I'm not purchasing things I won't use, they all last so long.

Even so, with the economic crunch the way it is I'm looking for home-made alternatives for skin care, just to see what they are and if they work. My skin is very dry so I'm trying a little extra-light olive oil at night instead of the moisturizer. It seems to be effective, although I don't know if it would be good for any but very dry skin.

Here's another thing I've found out: one of the best things to do to take care of your skin is to drink lots of water every day. Hydration plays a surprisingly big factor in how your face looks.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I have been using Mary Kay for about 10 years now. I'm a bit over 30 and still look like I'm in my mid-20s. It's also been great for dealing with other skin issues I have. The best thing is you get to work with a consultant who knows you and can help you find the products suited to your needs. It's a bit pricier than the grocery store, but less than if you went to the mall counter, and the quality is very good. The company also gives a lot back to communities, etc, and is very dedicated to being green (recycling, no animal testing, and such).

I can refer you to my consultant, if you'd like to send me a message. Or you can go to and put in your zip, and it will send you to a great consultant.

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answers from Phoenix on

I use Dermalogica Skin Care line and love it, I get it from my hairdresser but you can buy online ( I would reccomend getting a travel kit so you can try everything (usually $30-$50 depending on kit). Here is a link to the travel kits

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answers from Dover on

I saw all the posts regarding Mary Kay and I know some who swear by it; however, when I used to use it (two different times in my life), I always ended up with painful skin outbreaks which occurred less often without using it.

I now use Sei Bella and won't go back to regular store brands and certainly not Mary Kay. Their products are better quality with safer ingredients.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I'm in my 40's. I use only water on my face---sometimes I'll use some dove soap. I get told a lot that I have really nice skin. So I guess I'd recommend dove soap. If you want moisterizer, go with the cheapest you can find. They did a story on our local news and the biggest difference on the moisturizers was the packaging.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

You should try the Artistry skincare line. It is amazing, one of the top five in the nation. yet it is half the price of what you would find for Clinque or Lancome.

check out

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answers from Salt Lake City on

You're going to want a good moisturizer that has some sort of sun screen in it at least spf 15 or higher. The sun is the most damaging thing for your skin. Also you'll want one that is Non-comedogenic- which means it has 0 products in it that will clog pores and cause problems. Have you considered doing a tinted moisturizer to help with some of the coverage of the splotchyness? That is going to be your "one stop shop" for coverage+age fighting and reversing+ moisture+sun protection. I use the mary kay time wise line- ***And I'm not a consultant for mary kay. I'm a licensed cosmetologist so I handle skin care questions all the time with my clients*** You also should be washing your face or at least rinsing it with fresh water each night and then using a toner in the morning. This will tighten your pores and reduce wrinkles :) email me if you've got more questions- I'm in magna so I'm not too far away.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have used Mary Kay for 12-13 years (I'll be 34 next month) and am very happy with the results. My "regimen" is cleanser, freshener (or toner), day or night solution (the day solution has SPF 25), moisturizer. I sometimes use eye cream...starting to with much more frequency now!! ;)

Honestly, I think the biggest thing is to do SOMETHING, and do it consistently. I don't think it's all about the brand, although I do love MK. If you don't wear any foundation, you really need something to protect your skin from "the elements" - moisturizer with a good SPF on your face and neck. Nighttime - make sure to have a good cleanser (even if you don't wear make-up, it is AMAZING how much dirt can be on our faces!), and you might want to have a nighttime moisturizer (no SPF and often thicker) for then.

I have a number of friends who use the Oil of Olay line and are very happy with it. I've also heard great things about Arbonne and Clinique. My great-aunt just passed away at the age of 91 and truly had almost NO wrinkles...she always had a "regimen", and that was enough to convince me!!



answers from Modesto on

You probably haven't heard of Pink Papaya. It is a small company started by 2 sisters out of Los Gatos, CA, and products are made in the US with no animal testing, animal products or parabens. Safe for kids too! They only sell through consultants. Here is my website: I am looking for people for my team too. You earn 35% of your sales. Let me know if you would like to sample.



answers from Denver on

olive oil. it actually penetrates the skin, and start drinking more water and get rid of any caffeinated drinks, limit your alcohol and get as much sleep as you can! Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I see that you have received many responses and have decided upon Mary Kay. Before you do this, please go to and check out the Skin Deep website. There you will see that Mary Kay has a hazard score rating between 3-9. This is based on the toxic chemicals that their products contain. Please do some research- most cosmetics (drug store to high end department store brands like Estee Lauder and Clinique) contain very harmful chemicals that will eventually lead to health problems, such as cancer and possibly birth defects. These chemicals are banned in most other civilized countries. Most of these same companies make a line of safer products that they sell in Europe, but will not sell them here. Good resource books: No More Dirty Looks, Beauty to Die For, Not Just a Pretty Face. Also check out EWG, Environmental Working Group.
I am 57 and look many years younger- people can't figure out how I can have 6 grandchildren! I use Enfuselle by Shaklee- yes, the old green, natural company from the 1950's. Their products are awesome and made in the USA and guaranteed to be PURE and SAFE!! Too many women are unknowingly lathering their bodies with toxic chemicals every day, and we wonder why so many people are getting cancer??? Please let me know if you want more information. Please protect yourself from toxins! M.



answers from Saginaw on

It's funny that you mention being Mormon. I've noticed that in general, the older Mormon women look much younger than a lot of women not in the church (you'd think they might look older with so many children, lol) simply because they don't drink or smoke. It's amazing how much those lifestyle choices age you! I'm 28 and I'm staring to notice the lines around my eyes too. I've been using some of the products from Sia Botanics and I really like them.


answers from Dallas on

I've use the Clinique products since I was about 11. I am 48 and I pass for early 30's. I have always been very diligent from day 1 with my skin care routine. Good skin care was something I was taught to get in the habit of early and then you don't wake up one day and need a miricle cure.

Through the years, I have used different products in the Clinique line. For the last few years, I've used the Repairwear Series, all of them, and I love it.

My 15 yr old uses Clinique as well, loves it and has flawless skin.

We both use the makeup products as well.

Clinique is at most department stores, the reps will let you try things. If you are not satisfied, it is guaranteed.

Neiman's and Nordstrom carry the top of the line Clinique and I like that too.



answers from Chicago on

Hi there,
Brenda R. is absolutely correct! I am 41 and I look 10-12 yrs younger because of my skin. Water and Dove my friend!


answers from Williamsport on

Sleep. Eat Papaya, fish oil capsules, cherries, sardines, salmon, vitamin E, water. Google healthy skin foods. Any gentle moisturizer will be fine, it's all about inner nourishing to beat the aging. My skin looks better at 40 than it did at 30 when I wasn't careful with myself. No excessive sun or alcohol or toxins and preservatives in your food!
Sugar is a huge wrinkle causer and will age you tons. Definitely watch the sugar.
Most important: Exercise and circulation-the ultimate skin freshener!
Just do a tiny but of foundation on your moisturizer for a bit more "china glow".



answers from Indianapolis on

I'm a little latein the game- sorry- I'll use my five children as my excuse. I use Shaklees enfuselle line. It carries 12 patents and is completely natural... the patents show the research is there- the natural shows that the junk is not:) I started using it at 27 years- honestly, only because I sell the suppleemnts and decided I better atleast try the skin care line because people were going to ask. I am now almost 36 years and never stopped. I did not know how much reddness I had until it was gone in a couple weeks... go figure. Shaklee is also a Green company and has been since 1916- so even the bottles are recyclable (even the fabric sheets int he cleaning products are biodegratable). I hope that the Mary Kay is great for you- if it is not... you can find this line at or give me a call at 800-937-4615- yes, that goes directly to us...



answers from Denver on

Always wear spf, try not to be in the sun too much. I am 41 and I take fish oil, I don't worship the sun like I used to. Murad makes a good age spot lifter gel I apply twice a week, it really helps even out your skin tone.

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