Apple Sauce in BRAT Diet for a Toddler with GI Problem??

Updated on June 09, 2010
J.W. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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This board is amazing - thanks to all mommies giving me good suggestions yesterday! Now I learned that BRAT diet stand for Banana Rice Applesauce Toast. I knew about Banana Rice Toast. But isn't apple sauce too sweet to give 28 month toddler with GI tract problem? Can I still give regular apple sauce or does it have to be "unsweetened" kind only? Out of all the BRAT that I tried this morning, apple sauce seems his favorate. I am just afraid that the high sugar will irritate his stomach and make him vomit/diarrhea all over again... Do you think it is o.k. as long as I dilute apple sauce with a lot of water and give him? Thanks so much from a first time mom nervous about everything.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would definately stick with the regular if he loves it since he'll eat it. Have you tried the unsweetened? Definately an aquired taste! It is also good if you put a little apple sauce or sliced bananas on toast. and they are getting 2 of the foods. Remember too to use only white bread and white rice. Not as healthy, but way easier to digest so that's all the DR's recommened for the BRAT diet.
Good luck!

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answers from Detroit on

apples have pectin in them. it is not added - it is naturally occuring in apples.. pectin is used to make jelly and jam.. it is a natural thickener. also will thicken his poo...

dont get hung up on the brat diet... just offer mild bland food.. crackers are just as good as toast.. oatmeal is fine too as are mashe potatoes. chicken broth is another good choice.. just think ofthe items that you would want to eat if you were sick... as long as he gets liquids .. water , juice soda gaterade pediatleyte it doesnt matter if he eats for a week..



answers from Sacramento on

It should be "unsweetened" (which he will still like, because it's still plenty sweet, it just has no added sugar). I wouldn't worry too much about giving him what you have now (diluting it with water sounds like a decent option) but stop by the grocery store and get a jar of unsweetened apple sauce as soon as you get a chance.




answers from Los Angeles on

i always buy unsweetend anything I can.
You can also make your own applesauce. apple peels havea lots of fiber, so dont go w/ the whole apple. Just peel and chop up an apple and then cook it in a sauce pan w/ a bit of water. then puree it in ablender.


answers from Columbia on

Unsweetened is definitely the way to go. A pinch of cinnamon will help if he doesn't like it, and it won't upset his tummy.



answers from Los Angeles on

I was actually on the BRAT diet when I had bleeding ulcers. The best applesauce I had was what I made.

Take 4 apples (I like Gala), peel and cubed, and put them in a saucepan with enough water to cover the fruit. Bring to a boil and then simmer until the water is all gone, stirring often. It takes about 20 minutes to make but you have quite a bit and you can spice it up if you want.



answers from Los Angeles on

unsweetened applesauce is perfect for your child with GI trouble. On a matter of principle, I avoid unsweetened at all times. It's sweet enough! No need to dilute. good luck.



answers from New York on

the GI will resolve itself soon. try to stick to brat diet as much as you can. i know you get worried about missing nutritions but right now you're just concentrating on getting Gi done with.
applesauce is great. get the no added sugar kind. it is still sweet so he will still like it.
i used to boil white or brown rice, and give banana toast and applesauce for breakfast. water is very important. no juices or anything of the sort.



answers from San Diego on

unsweetened still has the natural sugar in it and babies/toddlers love it. go with that because it is what you're supposed to use for the BRAT diet.



answers from Los Angeles on

No, you can use the sweetened kind. I am the same person who told you about the BRAT diet and my daughter was 22 months old when hospitalized with her stomach problems - immature stomach. They even told me about using yogurt before antibiotics to coat the stomach so the medicine does not irritate it. The sugar adds a little coating that sometimes helps. The doctor even had me put a little bit of jam on the toast (not butter) to help her eat it; and sugar on the rice. She did beautifully. Worked on all my kids (4 of them) who are now mostly grown (12, 16, 19, & 22).



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J. - what is your son's GI problem if you don't mind me asking? I have lots of customers who have had great results from giving their children the Juice Plus soft chews ( A couple of them had serious constipation issues that caused other problems and they had their children on medications. After a month getting the concentrated fruits and vegetable nutrition from Juice Plus their children were regular and no longer needed the meds. I bet you'd see positive results too. Let me know if you'd like more information. I hope he feels better soon!



answers from Los Angeles on

unsweetened applesauce is fine.

just remember to feed the other 3 items too.

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