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Updated on December 02, 2010
K.E. asks from Monmouth Beach, NJ
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Hello Moms, My daughter is 13 months and had never had a sip of any type of fruit juice until this morning. We gave her a small juice box of Apple Carrot juice from Apple & Eve's Fruitables. She absolutely LOVED it and devoured it in seconds!! She normally only drinks milk and water but we've been having some trouble with her picky eating lately so I am trying a few new things to get more nutrients into her and just basically offer her something she would enjoy. I love seeing her happy about a new snack and she has loved drinking out of a straw for a few months now. I think she feels like a big girl! So my question is this: is this particular juice brand pretty healthy and was it a bad choice to give it to her? I am really not a huge fan of fruit juices for kids as they can promote tooth decay if given too often and some have high amounts of sugar. I really hadn't planned on even tempting my daughter with it. However, Fruitables claim to have 1/3 less sugar and also pack some veggies into their juice so kids get a serving of both fruits and veggies at the same time. Now that I know she loves it, I would like to offer it to her from time to time but don't want to get her started on a road where she craves sugar or starts asking for it when she can talk! Any thoughts from the experienced mommies out there?

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answers from Dallas on

While they do have less sugar, there is still a whole lot. I was going to get some for my son, but I felt their was still too much sugar. I was told (and have ready this just about everywhere else) to only water down juice. I give him 25% juice, to 75% water. It is much better for him and he drinks it fine. I plan to water down his juice, for as long as I can. While they might have fruits and veggies, the juicing process cuts out the fiber, which is where the bulk of nutrition is. There truly is little nutritional value, in juice.

How many fruits have you tired? have you tried baking apples, pears, or other fruits with a tiny bit of brown sugar and cinnamon? My son LOVES his fruit cooked like this. I can control the amount of sugar and he is getting whole fruit. I also bake his veggies with a little cheese, salt, and pepper and he loves them that way. Make a fruit salad. Cut up fruit into little pieces add a tiny bit of fruit juice for flavor. I suggest going to and for recipes, that make eating things appealing to babies and children.

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answers from Honolulu on

.... yah... that is young... to be relying on juice.
But I understand your conundrum.
But "picky" eating... is fickle... nothing habitual...and it always changes. So... for me... I would not get your Baby... hooked on juice..... as yet....just because she is a little picky right now... or having a picky phase right now. AND... picky eating.. will ALWAYS come and go... that is the life of a child. Childhood.

My kids, never had juices... until after 2 years old and closer to 3 years old. And only very scant still. We have always though... watered down juices 50-50, with water. Even if at restaurants we request that. It is never a problem.

all the best,

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Yes, it is a pretty good juice. Watch out for those that claim to the "less sugar". They are usually just watered down versions. You're fine with any juice as long as it is 100% juice with no fructose or anything added. Then water it down yourself - you can do half and half mix or even at this young age, do 1/3 juice to 2/3 water. My kids are 6 and 8 and they still only drink juice with lunch. They have milk with breakfast and dinner and the rest of the time, they drink water.

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answers from Atlanta on

It's not a bad brand at all, but make sure when looking at juices that you look at how many grams of sugar per serving they include. I've always watered down juice for my boys -that way it lasts longer and they aren't slugging juice all day every day! Keep giving her milk and water as well and only offer her juice now and then. We're big fans of Capri Sun Roaring Waters -basically water with a splash of fruit juice that has far less sugar than straight juice boxes. Capri Sun contains no artifical colors, flavors or preservatives, which really surprised me!



answers from New York on

You really need to read the labels. Fruit juice overall is a bad idea for the reasons you mentioned, as well as, excess calories and minimal nutritional value. At her age its recommended that you water down her juice. IMO you should not offer it to her again, or at least not on a regular basis. Save it for a special treat.



answers from Washington DC on

It is a good brand. I would still water it down due to her age. Also that brand has many fruits and veggies mixed in vs jus apple juice or just grape juice. I would probably offer them to her seperately first to make sure there is no reactions.


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