Apple Allergy?

Updated on January 10, 2008
D.T. asks from McKinney, TX
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My youngest daughter had terrible exczema as an infant and now it is mostly cleared except a few flare ups now and then. We had been limiting apple juice for a long time (for calorie reasons)and then while being home over the school break I have been lax about it. We had noticed her exczema flaring up but didn't think it was related to te apple juice until the other night. She spilled a cup of juice on her leg and within 30 seconds her leg was completely broken out. We have completely eliminated apple juice because of it, but I was wondering if anyone had experience with this. Is it the acid? Are there other foods/fruits we should avoid? Thanks for reading and any help!

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answers from Houston on

I took care of a girl one time that had horrible apple allergies. You can be allergic to almost anything. My husband's allergic to coffee. So I would just keep her away from everything apple or take her for an allergy test.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter would get small bumps around her mouth after eating applesauce when she was younger. It hasn't happened in a while but I thought it was an allergy too. Call the pediatrician.



answers from San Antonio on

My son is 12 months old and has terrible exzema, too. He is allergic to bananas. Anytime he eats them he gets a horrible rash on his belly, back, etc. He just recently took a food allergy test. They draw blood and then test it. It took about two weeks to get the results, and it showed he has a slight beef allergy. I asked about the bananas and they said they didn't test him for that. So, if you request a food allergy test, make sure you ask for them to include apples. Otherwise they do the common ones like beef, chicken, eggs, dairy, etc.

I hope you get it resolved. I was told to look forward to a long battle because he will probably be allergic to other things. He is also allergic to Penicillin.

Good luck,



answers from San Antonio on

IDK about the acid in the apple juice but I would take her to the doctor now... That is not normal. IMO
Good Luck



answers from Amarillo on

I would take her in to the pedi and request an allergy test. My daughter was sick the first week I had her home. She kept getting respitory infections and fevers. When she turned one and had her check up she was sick, the doc wanted to send me home with another RX for antibiotics and i refused. I told her that my baby has been on some sort of antibiotic every couple months, along with some other strong decongestants. (TT changes docs so often) I asked her to go back through my daughters chart, from her puking as a baby, drainage from her eyes, weird rashes, and respitory illnesses. She did an allergy test: My daughter is allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, and a preservative in some processed food. We took these out of her diet and she hasnt been sick since. she will be two in apr.

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