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Updated on July 05, 2009
A.T. asks from Minneapolis, MN
8 answers

Does anyone have exprience with APEX replacement windows. We had a sales person approach use and want to discuss making us a "show home" for their windows. We NEED new windows some day, and this could perhaps be a good deal. We would have to have a sign in our yard, be listed in their brochure, and the windows are at a reduced cost to us. Does anyone have their windows????

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answers from Minneapolis on

My husband is actually an installer for APEX. He says they use a great quality window. They really seem to care about their customers as well.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi A.,
We got he same "deal." We did put a sign in the yard, however we never did any of the other stuff the said we would need to do. No referrals. No letter. They are nice windows. We checked them out on the Better Business Bureau. They have a really good rating. The noise from outside has reduced significantly. I know it is a lot of money, but I am glad we made the decision and did it. Good Luck!!



answers from Des Moines on

I'd get other estimate from another source to see if it's a really good deal. We did have someone come from another company with a similar deal and it was twice the amount of three other estimates. Buyer beware and be cautious!


answers from Minneapolis on

we have had tyhe same sales tactic used on us. and i am positive it was apex. "sign today, let us user you ion our brochure/website....".

They are great windows, but ridiculously overpriced. there are others out there you will like just as much...and not lose your shirt! We got bids from about 12 people last yeaqr and ended up going with a contracter named Dave who own Dakota Exteriors. Good old fashioned hard worker, nice guy and great quality of work! I am oput of town right now and dont have his number...but shoot me a message if you want me to find it when i get home.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would worry more about who is installing them. What company are you going through? If it's Budget Exteriors I'd run for my life!



answers from Minneapolis on

My husband has been in the window industry for years. This "be in our brochure" thing is just a marketing ploy. The average cost of a replacement window including installation is about $500-600. Make sure you check out other companies to get estimates first. Don't rush out to get windows now if you don't need them now. Make sure you do some research first. Good luck!!



answers from St. Cloud on

Definitely sounds like a gimic to me!

If you are seriously considering new windows make sure to get estimates from at least 3 companies so you can compare prices. And they are all going to say Oh but our window has this and the other ones don't.....LALALALALA. So you need to watch out for smooth talkers. And NEVER make a decision on the spot. Always give yourself AT LEAST 24 hours to decide. We went to the furniture store for a boxspring ($100) and the guy could have easily talked us into spending $800 on a whole new bed! But we have our 24 hour rule and went home and got our sense back and returned to buy just the boxspring! LOL.

Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

good morning,

i live an work on a pretty big property here in st paul-lots of windows...weve tried all of these different ppl...the best weve had out here is called...


this co.is clean,efficient,courteous,very efficient,and the price is excellent.the owner is certified with the state,has his lead abadment lic.which means if you have lead paint-hes able to safely remove it-i just cant say enuff good about this co.weve got these windows that wouldnt line up an lock or properly close-every co.said we had to put in all new windows-including patio doors-now times that with 105 units..so i did some research-found this co.he came out-looked-said yep we can fix them-and they did....we use no one else now...good luck....

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