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Updated on October 05, 2009
A.F. asks from Bellmore, NY
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My husband and I recently relocated from a house to an apartment. We have a beautiful high-energy dog. We also have a beautiful baby. My husband works nights and sleeps most of the day. I don't mind walking my dog with my baby in the carriage while it is above 45 degrees and not raining. The only "yard" we have now is a tiny deck shared by my downstairs neighbor. Am I being unreasonable when I asked my husband to watch the baby when the winter comes and the dog needs to be walked? I don't want to bring a baby out in freezing cold weather. Yet I can't neglect my dog either. Any advice would be appreciated.
P.S. We lived in an apartment a long time ago with the dog (before the baby). The only way I kept my sanity was to bring my dog to dog parks for exercise. Now it is so hard to do that with a baby.

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So What Happened?

Nothing happened yet. My husband will say don't worry about the dog so much. Everyone has good advice, especially the advice about the "Bundle Me" cover for the baby. I saw a magazine ad for that. I guess like I did before, I will just deal with it until we have a yard. I was the one who wanted a dog!

P.S. My baby is six months old. Grandma Mary wanted to know!

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Yes you can take the baby with you fresh air and all that.
But you can also leave the baby with him as well - it is his child and not just your responsbility.

Also, I think your sanity rules out over everything. He may not understand how important it is to you to taking the dog out fresh air and all that. He does not have to understand.
If this is important to you tell him what you are going to do and do it. He is is going to say your needs or your way is trivial etc., How are you going to handle it? Silent resentment.

You have only been married for two years and you're afraid to stand up on this issue I can image how many other issues you are pushing under the rug of future resentment.



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Hi A.,
I was curious to read your responses since we just moved to an apt from a house with a yard but it looks like there's not much yet! :). I will have to say that my response was that it would be fine to take the baby with you. Unless he's in those first 3 months baby's can adapt and the fresh air is good for them - even if it is a little cold. The Alaskans would have been extinct a long time ago if we weren't able to be in the cold - bundled appropriately of course (in fact, in a front pack or similar carrying devise I don't see why even the smaller infants couldn't be kept warm enough outside). That being said I think it is also very resonable to ask your husband to watch the baby so you can take a walk...if not just for your own alone time! :) My 'baby' is a little older...22 months but I did not hesitate to take her out often the past 2 winters (she was born end of Nov.). Good luck! We have another one on the way so this winter I think I will miss my yard more than ever!



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Hi A., The baby and the dog belong to both of you, I do not think you are unreasonable. I understand he wants to sleep in the day. If baby is safe in the crib just let hubby kow you are taking dog out for a walk. You do not mention baby's age. As time goes on you may have to make some changes. My best, Grandma Mary



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Hi A.,
I've been walking my dog with my son virtually since he was born, which was in the winter. There are things like the "bundle me" to keep babies & toddlers warm in their strollers & the stroller rain shields are certainly good enough for walking the dog. Another thing I do when I take the baby on a dogwalk, in the rain, is put my son in the ErgoBaby and put my husband's down coat on over it, so he's zipped in the coat & use an umbrella. Trust me, living in an apartment, you're going to have awful cabin fever during the winter and be outside in weather you never thought you would. Now that you're back in NYC, you'll see the stroller traffic in all sorts of weather.
Good Luck and have fun with the baby & doggie!

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