Anyone Worn the Nu Bra While Nursing

Updated on July 25, 2009
L.K. asks from Austin, TX
4 answers

I have a wedding coming up and found the best dress. Only problem is it is backless. I am a d cup and nursing and wondering if the nu bra will work for me. Seems like it is iffy for larger breasted women and I haven't found any info on what to do if you are nursing....
If anyone has tried it, please let me know! thanks

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice. I will check out Lane Bryant and Victoria secret. My research has turned up that maybe a low back corset would be a good choice. I actually tried on the nu bra and added Lily padz (silicone non-absorbent nursing pads)underneath it to prevent leakage and keep the adhesive off the nipple. While it did not fit at all, it did work to basically smoosh them together so that they won't just be hanging loose. The dress isn't form fitted, so that is all I really need a bra to do. The thought that they could just suddenly stop sticking is disturbing though, so my search for an appropriate bra continues. I'll be a lot more relaxed if it is easy to access the breast when my boy decides he is hungry. The wedding is in August, so I'll post what I end up doing and how it goes after the fact. Thanks!

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answers from Houston on

You got some great suggestions ... one caveat, if you are at a wedding and in close proximity to people, you will be able to see the clear strap in the back. One warning, stay away from the stick on strapless bra types--- distastrous! mine literally sprung off during an event ....then I lost a nursing pad ....I spent the rest of the evening with my arms crossed. Good luck!



answers from Killeen on

I haven't tried it during nursing but I am a D or DD cup and have tried the nu bra. I didn't feel like it did any good and I was uncomfortable the whole time. I won't do that again. I am glad to see the other suggestions about strapless/backless bras.



answers from San Antonio on

I haven't tried it, but I buy all my bras from Lane Bryant (DDD here) and they make a strapless bra that even supports me! It's called the Bra6 and has a clear strap in the back so you can wear backless dresses. I really love mine and would highly recommend it! Don't let the fact that it's a plus sized store scare you away. They have beautiful bras in all shapes and sizes. Good luck!



answers from Austin on

You can buy a more supportive backless bra... Victorias Secret has some. Good luck!

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