Anyone with a Laryngomalacia Baby Not Sleeping?

Updated on February 15, 2008
E.H. asks from Spanish Fork, UT
4 answers

My son is 10 weeks old. He was diagnosed with Laryngomalacia (floppy airway). Lately he has been having difficulty sleeping. During the day he will only sleep for 30 min's at a time for each nap. He is constantly tired. I feel like I am rocking him back to sleep all day in between his feedings. Anyone going through the same thing with a Laryngomalacia baby? Any advice on how to help him sleep better and longer than 30 min's at a time?

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answers from Denver on

Im not sure if putting a pillow under his head is wise because baby's arent experts on anything but I would be worriedthat the baby would need to swallow some saliva or the bend from the pillow would mess with his breathing. You could raise his mattress if he is in a crib and even if he is in a bassinet you can still put a pillow or couple of blankets behind the padding. i do agree with the wedge around him.
I didn't do the research as the other mom did but i do know that there are some tricks to helping baby's sleep. Your son knows your voice and your scent. He's known ever since your first time you held him. My son use to be in the hospital and the nurse advised me to sleep with the blanket I wanted to put my son in and that way he feels that I'm there. My daughter she is now to big for her bassinet now but I think it made her feel snug. It was a smaller space then a crib. I just got up and looked right over the edge and she could see me.
It ranges from the familiar noises that could help your son sleep. The CD's that have the heart beat on it or the nature CD's with the noises with the ocean. Constant sound of the waves on the beach. IF constant noise helps him sleep. Wrap him snug and get a wedge. I use a big medium thick blanket for my size of bed (full) and i wrap it up and loop it around my daughter. IT and the snug wrap I put her in makes her feel that im holding her.
Also call your doctor, join a support group, and would a humidifier work? We have a humidifier that was made by Vick you kow like Vick Save and it works so well. Even helps me out. I wish you luck.



answers from Missoula on

from my understanding of this condition the cartilage will stiffen at about four months until then i had a few ideas for you. my son had really bad reflux when he was little so we had to think of ways to let him sleep in a more up right position. like the others on this board i thought of a wedge pillow for under his mattress but then you have to contend with the baby sliding down to the bottom. my other ideas were maybe you could wear your little guy in a sling during the day so he can be with you, you can position him in a way that he can breath,he can rest you can get stuff done. also there is a website, they sell a hammock type bed for babies you can adjust it in a way so that he is more upright to sleep and he may not slide down as much. the rocking motion would be soothing for him too i would think, or maybe try having him sleep in an infant swing until he is a little bit older, we did this too with our guy with reflux it helped a lot but i always wanted one of those amby baby things. hope this helps i am sure you are super tired, hang in there!!



answers from Missoula on

I don't have any real advice but was curious as to if you knew about caring bridge. It is a free site for people who have an illness or a child with one so the family and friends can keep in touch with less phone calls back and forth. Less repeating yourself and less stress from repeating yourself a lot. They can leave you messages too and it makes you feel very supported. If you don't already know and want to know more feel free to contact me.



answers from Boise on

I had to go look up his condition cause I have never heard of it, and I didn't want to give any "stupid" advice. But first let me say that at 10 weeks his sleeping pattern isn't unusual, I've had 7 kids some where like your son and others slept to the point that I though something was wrong so each child really is different. From what I understand he shouldn't be laying flat on his back to sleep, so I am going to act as if it were mine and they have a bad cold and struggling to breath, here are some things I have done to help,

By a wedge for his crib, if you use one.
I like to use the couch when they are that little and I place pillows under thier head, I use the couch cause then i can keep an eye on them, it props them up and gives them the feeling of being surounded, kinda like your arms, make sure you are still swaddling at this age.
Another trick I use is to by a clock that ticks, like the old fashion ones, and place near the baby. A radio that isn't tuned in and makes white noise also works.

I don't know if I helped and if I can think of anything else I will pass them on. Good luck, they are only young once and it doesn't last forever.

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