Anyone Want to Get Together at the Movies?

Updated on April 27, 2008
A.B. asks from Black Diamond, WA
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Hey Mamas, I just recieved a flyer about free kids movies during the spring / summer. My kids are kind of too young to appreciate movies for their entertainment value, but I was hoping that maybe I could use this as an opportunity to meet some other moms. The theaters that are offering the free movies are the new Gateway 12 / IMAX theater at Signal Butte & US60, and Palm Valley 14 in Goodyear. I would be attending the IMAX theater, and I thought that maybe we could meet up before or after the movies for ice cream or something nearby and then go to the movie. If this is something that you might be interested in, let me know and I can give you a list of the movies that are playing and times.

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So What Happened?

The websites that you can go to are and to check out what movies are playing and when. Just click on the free spring movies link. I will be going to the showing at 12:30pm on Saturdays and meeting up for ice cream at the Golden Spoon in the same parking lot just before the movies at noon if anyone wants to meet there. My twins are only 19 months old, so I'm not sure that they will sit through a whole movie. That's why I want to meet up before the movies, that way if we have to leave in the middle, I won't feel like we're missing out on anything.

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hi, A.! we are moving to gilbert in a few weeks from colorado, and i would love to connect with other moms in the takes so long to get connected if you don't start right in! i have two boys ages 5 and 3 and one little girl who is almost 10 months. would you mind giving me your number and then i can give you a call when we get settled to see if you are still doing the movie thing? thanks!!


p.s. i am a stay at home mom for now, but i will be going back to work as an ED nurse shortly after we move.



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My kids and I used to do this in San Diego during the summer and we had a blast. I'm interested, is there a website I can check out the movies at?



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this sounds like fun. i have a 2yr old and a 3 month old. i am working until may 23rd (i'm a teacher). would love to go!



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Hello! Well I am interested in meeting fello mommy's regaurdless if there is a free movie included or not! I also live in Mesa. You could probably tell from my profile, but I have 2 children... a 2 year old (Dillon), and an 8 month old... (William). Do you have a myspace page?



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I thought about taking my kids to the free movies too. They are a lot older than yours, 10 and 7, but we can still meet up. I don't know many people out here. I've been in AZ for a year. I live in Queen Creek.

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