Anyone Using Jogging Stroller?

Updated on July 23, 2008
J.L. asks from Lubbock, TX
9 answers

I was wondering if any of you moms have used a jogging stroller? I am thinking of getting one but wondered if it's easy to use,etc. Can you really get a good jog in & maneuver the stroller at the same time?

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answers from Dallas on

I used a jogging stroller to get back in shape after my second child. It has now been 14 years. It was wonderful, very easy to jog with and enjoyable for the baby. Now it has been a while so I am only assuming they have made the strollers even better by now. Good luck and happy jogging.

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answers from Lubbock on

I love my jogging stroller. I just started using it with my almost 4 month old little boy. We go out side to check on things a few times a day. It makes it much easier to do with the jogging stroller. I don't really jog with it, but we live in the country so a regular stroller would be TOO rough. It's a Jeep jogging stroller with shocks and all. I got it at Babies R Us for about $159.



answers from Dallas on

I got my jogger after my first daughter as born and I love it. It's a Reebok stroller. Mine does collapse. By collapse I mean it will fold in half and lay down in the back of my car. Joggers do not fold flat like a traditional stroller b/c of the one tire in the front. I have loved having mine. It's much easier to run/walk with and both of my girls have enjoyed having it. I got mine at Babies-R-Us.



answers from Dallas on

I loved my Dreamer Design Ditto double jogger. I used it a ton when my kiddos were younger, both for running as well as for regular outings. It's lightweight and easy to run with, especially on fairly straight, flat running trails, and the bucket seats work well as your kids grow. My kids are now 3 and 4 and won't sit in a stroller anymore, so I'm back to running with the dog only, but I used this double jogger regularly when they were younger (it also comes in a single). It is expensive, but I recommend you do spend money on a quailty jogger if you really want a good run, as the higher quality ones will make a difference. Happy running!



answers from Tyler on

I bought a jogging type stroller just to have a stroller that goes over rough surfaces. However, it does NOT collapse down (I bought it off of Ebay and did not realize this when I bought it). So, be super careful with what you buy. Be sure to understand all of the operations.




answers from Dallas on

I've had a BoB for about two years and love it! I got it right after my son was born; we had to purchase a metal bar so i could use it while he was still in his carseat (most of the joggers, you can't use until they are 6 months)
Mine collapses and you can purchase a cover for traveling.
It is super easy to manuver; you can lock the front tire (i usually don't because you can't stear it well), the back wheels have shocks, the tires are rubber so you can pump them up when the air goes low (only had to do this once).

We have this one- Bob Revolution. It was pretty expensive, but so well worth the price! You can buy them at USA baby; there is one in Frisco.

Good luck



answers from Dallas on

I have the BoB Revolution stroller too. I absolutely love it since the front tire rotates. When I test drove my sister-in-law's jogger, the front tire didn't rotate and it made it really difficult to steer. You had to lift up the stroller in a wheelie to turn properly. It also folds down for easier storage. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.. Yes! You can get in a good run, and maneuver the stroller without having to slow down. Two important factors impact that tremendously - the stroller and you. It's not easy to do at first, but the more you try turning while running, the easier it gets. I did tons of research on jogging strollers before I got mine, and you should probably consider what you're going to use it for before you buy one. Are you a runner, or a walker? Will this be the only stroller you use? Will you only use it for running/walking or do you want to take it on hikes too? Is turning on a dime more important than a smoother ride for your child and less steering input from you?

Here's what I know:
- bigger wheels are much better if you're a runner, and the bigger, the better;
- easy opening, especially one-handed opening is definitely preferable;
- the seat for your child is like a sling, but some slings provide considerably more comfort and support than others;
- all the little attachments - cup holders, storage bags, etc. - are nice, but not really necessary;
- I'd avoid the swiveling front wheel if you are using this as a running stroller (as a runner, it's more important to have something you know will keep going in a straight line!), but I'd consider getting one with a lockable front swivel wheel if you're only going to get one stroller and use if for exercise and regular transportation.

Baby Jogger (Performance model) is absolutely the best if you're a long distance runner, especially if you get the one with 16-inch wheels. BOB is the easiest to open - you can do it with one hand while you're holding your baby (even their duallie is this easy!). Dream Jogger is also very nice. Unfortunately, both of these strollers are very expensive new, but lots of people sell them used. We were unable to find one of these used, but we did find an InStep "used" but not put together and still in the original box. It's not as fantastic as the Baby Jogger or the BOB, but it's great for running, walking and hiking on relatively smooth paths. We added a carseat foam head support to provide a little extra padding for our baby. The InStep gets pretty good reviews; it's probably the best bang for the buck - about $130 or so new.

If you live near Azle or are willing to drive there, a friend and I are thinking of starting a walking group. Let me know if you're interested. -- C. --



answers from Amarillo on

My sister in law has one and loves it. Just don't plan to travel with it because they don't fold, or hers doesn't anyway.

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