Anyone Used the Gerber Cups with the LONG Handles?

Updated on April 17, 2007
N.D. asks from Glenview, IL
5 answers

Has anyone used the Gerber sippy cups that comes with the long handles? They are supposed to help transition a baby from bottle to cup. We are going to wean our little peanut off the bottle next month and I saw these sippy cups with the long handles. Did u replace all her bottles with this sippy cup?
She already drinks water from a regular sippy cup. I'm not sure to start putting milk in that one, or replace the sippy cup with these long-handled ones...

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answers from Chicago on

We use the Gerber sippy cups w/out handles and our son likes them. I also love the Take & Toss cups that the First Years makes. Target sells them. They're about $2 for six and you can get them with a handle that snaps on and makes it easier to hold onto. Or, they make "training" cups with divots on the sides for a better grip. They work well, they come in different sizes (4 to 10 oz.), there are only two pieces (plus the handle) to worry about, and if they get lost, who cares.

I agree, though, that if your daughter already uses sippy cups for water, then try those for milk as well. And if she doesn't go for it at first, don't give up. Just keep offering it at mealtimes (or when you give her milk). If she wants it badly enough, I think she'll get used to it.

I've tried those Nuby cups and the spout is REALLY soft - even softer than a bottle nipple, which turned our son off. But if they're cheap it's worth a try.

Ultimately, buy a cup, see if she likes it, if not, try another. Good luck! I was SO glad to be done with bottles.

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answers from Tampa on

I use the long handle gerber cup and love them, my son loves them as well. I think it is a great idea to use a different cup for milk then you do for water. I tried a couple times to put milk in my sons juice cup, he took one look at it and throw it across the room and would not drink it. I now have milk sippy cup and still have a hard time getting him to drink milk out of it. I think he just loves drinking milk out of his bottle. My son is 14 months old so we are working up to full time with no bottle but I would love to hear how it works out for your little one.

Good luck...

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answers from Chicago on

We LOVED the nuby cups b/c they have a soft spout to drink from like a bottle....they are only like 1.50 at walmart etc.. so you cant go wrong with trying them....I have bought them for all of my friends that have babies at 6 months of age to indroduce them to cups.



answers from Chicago on

I never did bottles, so I may be way off on this, but if she already drinks water from a regular sippy, why not just keep using that one? I'd also think about introducing a regular cup by this point. Not for her free use, but with help on a regular basis...



answers from Chicago on

My son loves these as well. It is a lot earier for him to tip it up himself.

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