Anyone Used the Britax Vigor Stroller

Updated on June 01, 2008
T.B. asks from Edmond, OK
4 answers

I am trying to pick out a stroller. I have the Britax infant seat and like the features of the Vigor. Online reviews are all over the place, so I thought i might see what you all thought.

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answers from Dothan on

I loved my quinny zapp it folds so easy. Yu can now get the maxi-cosi car seats in America. It takes up so little room. Best to you in the hunt.



answers from Oklahoma City on

my husband and I have the Britax Vigor and we really like it. It is very sturdy so it is great for long walks. We go on two walks a day, our daughter is 1 year old, and the stroller still seems brand new. So I would definitely recommend it. Also, snapping the carseat in and out is so easy. The downsides: when you are done with the infant seat and you are using the regular seat it does not fold very small. I have compact car and the entire stroller will not fit in my trunk (but i have a pretty small trunk). I have to take the seat off and put it in the backseat and then I can put the frame in the trunk. There is also no parent or child tray but I have been able to live without that. We ended up getting a really lightweight, compact stroller that we take on vacations, mall trips, and any other outings that we won't be doing a ton of walking. All in all i would definitely recommend the stroller if you are planning on lots of walks and being outside. Hope that helps.



answers from Fayetteville on

CHeck out the Maclaren's too. I LOVE mine! IF I do it again, I am not even bothering with a whole stroller, just getting one of those litte carts to clip the car seat onto. I used my big honkin' stroller 3 times. Mostly just lugged the car seat, which is why I like the little car seat holder stroller. But at 9 months I bought a Maclaren Quest and couldn't be happier with it. Good luck!



answers from Jackson on

Hi T.! I'm actually going through the same thing, trying to find a stroller! I havent chosen one as of yet but the Britax seems to be a very good choice! I've been testing them when I go to the various baby stores in and out of MS and that ones seems to be very sturdy and also comfortable for baby. It's on my list also!!!! Good Luck!

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