Anyone Used the "Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper?"

Updated on May 02, 2010
J.S. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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My 5 mo old is very active and gets needs constant stimulation. I play with her every chance I get but once in awhile when I need to get something done, I put her in her playmat, swing, or bumbo chair but she only lasts about 10 mins max in any of these. She has been putting weight on her legs since 3 mo's old. I was thinking about investing in the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper- has anyone used it and can comment?? It looks like it takes up alot of room and we have limited space so I wanted to make sure it's worth it. I think it folds down and can be stored anyway. Thanks!

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Try a doorway jumper. It hangs in any doorway, and is fairly easy to put up and take down. My daughter would spend so much time in hers! I put it in my kitchen doorway, and she would jump in it while I made breakfast and dinner.

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Hi! I have an active baby as well. You can put the baby in the activity jumper as soon as she can sit up. My daughter loved it until she figured out how to walk with support. The doorway sling might be good for you if you have limited space, but I think that also requires the baby to be able to sit up alone. Their feet should never be flat on the ground in any of these things. They should bounce on the balls of their feet. Baby carriers also work for things like sweeping, laundry, dishes, but not for cooking b/c the baby is to close to the stove. My daughter is happy sitting in the carrier as long as the scenery is changing! Sometimes I attach a toy to the straps of the carrier.

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We were given this from a friend who's baby outgrew it and my daughter loves it. We switch up the toys just for a little variety. She is 8 months old now and loves that she knows how to make the music play. We don't leave her in there for too long- and she is very good about letting us know when she has had enough. She just started crawling and pulling up to standing on everything and I don't think it helped or hindered her development in that way. It was just a great new addition to "the circuit" as we love to call the myriad of places we have for her to safely play and grow.




answers from Chicago on

I haven't used that specific one, but my daughter liked to spend time in the exersaucer. Nothing wrong with putting the baby down so you can get things done! I would only suggest maybe picking something up off craigslist for half the price. Kids are in these types of things for such a short time--don't pay full price =) I also tryed wearing my daughter in wraps and slings, but honestly she hated it.



answers from Rochester on

Just get her a jumper that fits in the doorway, and practice going between her and your activity to give her new toys. too much stimulation is not a good thing. You might try taping what you talk to her about - and replay it if you need to go somewhere around the corner (if she's an out-of-sight-I'm-gonna-wail-like-I-was-born-to-the-rolling-stones kinda girl). She'll love your voice and try to figure out where it is coming from. : ) Like all toys/activities/ etc you can't 'leave' her unattended, but you can get stuff done. She'll have good weight on her legs, too. Just make sure you don't put her in it all the time, or she won't truly 'find' her legs and muscles will not be used to their fullest extent.

On the other hand, you might find her walking LONG b efore you're ready altogether. : D

Good luck,
(fan of less-is-more when baby is concerned!)



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We had a Jumperoo (it has it's own frame and is big) for my son and he loved it. He was in it all the time between 5 months and when he started crawling (I don't recall exactly but he was starting to walk at 10 months). We took him to Babies R Us and tried several and bought the one he liked. My daughter on the other hand is very laid back and not so active. She disn't like the Jumparoo that much. If you have an active kid who loves it, it's great and worth the space and money.



answers from New York on

Yes, and we just donated it! You could have had ours for free... Our daughter didn't really like it, but she walked and crawled very early and just wanted to be out and about. I thought the toys could have been better, but none of the other jumpers I saw were much better. Be careful with the jumpers in the doorways, since your kid's legs need to be much stronger if you're going to use that over a stationary jumper. It could be very damaging for your baby's legs. All in all, our case could just be b/c our kid wanted to be freed, but we though it was just okay. I did like that you could hang your own toys on it though.



answers from New York on

Hi J.-

My daughter has this jumper and she loves it. We started usung it around 3 months. She is now 8 months old and still enjoys it very much. She is also tall-95% for height-so we probably only have another month or two.

As far as space-it takes up the same amount as her Fisher Price Rainforest mat. It does come apart easily-the top unhoooks from the base. We can slide it under a bed and it fits in the trunk of our car.

I hope this helps!

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