Anyone Used Lanolin to Treat Eczema?

Updated on July 29, 2011
N.F. asks from Reno, NV
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I recently just posted about my babies severe eczema.. I got so many great responses, thank you! Actually both of my children have eczema. I do believe there is likely an allergy so I will am currently trying to figure out the "source" (and for my BF baby I'm cutting out lots of foods like dairy, egg). However in terms of treating - has anyone found that lanolin helps? I have a big tube I bought for breastfeeding and I figure since it's safe and soothing for dry, cracked nipples maybe it would be a good topical for eczema. but if it doesn't work I will skip it. Thanks!

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Hi N.,
I don't know if Lanolin helps with ezcema, but I know something that does. Coconut oil. I recently had ezcema on my hands and tried everything. I started to do some research and found coconut oil. It cured it within a day. It was amazing!!!! Natural, cheap and so so effective. They sell it in jars at Whole Foods type markets. It has the consistency of butter and a little goes a long way. Hope this helps.

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Try Miracell. It is incredible for skin problems. Check out their website at .
It is great for burns, no blisters and no can buy it at Miracle Ear in St. George. 616 S. River rd...suite 210...behind Harmons.



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don't know if that will help but cortizone cream used sparingly helps. my son had/has eczema and a food allergy and my pedi wrote us a script for cortizone that i just put on lightly after baths. i also only use aveno gentle scent free/dye free bath and lotion products and don't use bubble bath, and use color free/dye free detergent and he hasn't broken out in eczema since july. good luck!



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Eczema burns. Be careful what you put on the affected area and the kid screams get the stuff off. I have only found my prescribed cream Triamcinolone Acetonide to work. The jar looks like the same cream my grandmother used, who had a SEVERE case of it all over body and scalp.

As well, if you are looking to pull certain foods out of the diet in an attempt to pinpoint an allergic reaction, I would use caution of the coconut oil. I am allergic to many of the tropical fruits and that includes coconut oil. I usually react to the red welts on my hands and mouth where I have touched the fruit, but the other day I was eating banana chips and they were cooked in coconut oil and I had a migraine within an hour.



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My son just had an allergy food test and we found out he is allergic to alot of things. All children with allergies are different. You should really take your child to get tested have your doctor refer you to an allergist. My son is allergic to dustmites(which affects his ashtma and I think contributed to his infantile eczema), banana, chocolate, grape, squash, MUSTARD (which is found is ALOT of food as a spice), watermelon, COCONUT, peanut and lamb. He has been eating all these food for over 5 years and we never knew. I felt so bad for not getting him tested sooner. He has never had a serious reaction to these food just minor. Things like itchy skin, itchy mouth, gastro upset, diarrhea, possibly asthma and eczema. We use a cortizone cream for a few days durring a bad outbreak and use aquaphor daily especially after a bath to lock in the moisture and every time after he washes his hands. Put a small amount of cortizone on the affected area ( do not use on face or near eyes ) then put a thick layer of aquaphor over it to seal in the medicine. Do this twice a day for a few days to get the eczema under control then just use the aquaphor. You really don't want to use the cortizone cream all that much they are a steroid and will cause thinning of the skin and actully stop working if you use it too much. Good Luck!!



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just to let you know my 6 month old had very sensitive skin and both him and my 4 yr old have asthma! i switched to these great natural products and have seen tremendous results you have got to read this it will change your life it did ours!

If you want to learn more go to this website to change your families life!



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Please read the link on my web site and read our testimonials. We have used lanolin for eczema for over 20 years personally, but others in New Zealand and Europe for many more years that this.
Here is the link: Also, read our testimonials. We are happy to send you samples as well.

Article from LiveStrong: Lanolin oil can be used to treat skin issues such as eczema. Parents through the University of California, Berkeley support group advise lanolin oil for children as young as 6 months old as a way to calm and soothe the skin. Breastfeeding women also find lanolin oil helpful in reducing the pain and irritation around the nipple. The National Institutes of Health reports that lanolin is neither toxic nor hazardous to your health.

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