Anyone Trying to Explain What Happened to Hanna Montana...Miley Cyrus....whoa!

Updated on August 28, 2013
S.R. asks from Scottsdale, AZ
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Wow, Miley Cirus has really gone the way of many child stars...I'm almost nauseated by the images that are all over the internet. So far my DD hasn't seen them, (I don't think she'd recognize her). She still has all the Hannah Montana clothes, etc. Anyone trying to explain that to your kid?

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So What Happened?

By the way, my dd is only 10...Hannah Montana was popular just a few years ago.

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answers from Portland on

I wondered the same thing when I stumbled upon *that* this morning. (The VMA performance which made me want to bleach my eyes. It was disgusting. Robin Thicke doesn't even know where that foam finger has been, and what is with her tongue sticking out? Is that a medical problem?)

I am glad my son is not a teen right now, but heaven knows how depraved it's going to get before he becomes one.

Fall of Rome, anyone?

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answers from Honolulu on

Its all pretty pathetic.
She is publicly humiliating herself. But she thinks she's being so individual and original and artistic and unique. Right.
SO many have done what she is doing.
It shows the demise... of herself.
Child stars.
Look at Amanda Bynes too.
Anyway, they are just rebelling against themselves or don't even know who they are.

Just glad my daughter has never been into those characters. Even if her classmates were and are.
And my son is too young to even know who they are.

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answers from Chicago on

Drugs are bad...mmmmkay?

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Simple. Hannah Montana was a character Miley Cyrus played on tv. The show is no longer running and she no longer plays that character.

Robin Thicke participated in a choreographed performance. He didn't sneak off to a no-tell motel with her.

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answers from Columbia on

Well, this is what happens when kids do not have structure, limits, or a parental figure to teach them how to behave.

Really not surprising, considering..... I mean who DIDN'T see this coming? It's been building for a couple of years.

My daughter is 13 and loved Hannah Montana. As with everything in the "real world" this has opened another series of doors for good conversation about the whys of her behavior and how to NOT go down that road.

I feel sorry for her and her family. She will have a long road ahead of her before she can ever find peace and happiness.

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm thankful that my oldest is over her, and that my little ones have no clue who she even is! I asked my oldest if she heard anything at school about the performance and her response was, "Why? Nobody even cares about her anymore." She had no clue what I was asking about or why! I guess 7th graders are over Hannah Montana/Miley!! Thank goodness!!!!

Added: What really gets me is that her mom was standing there applauding her as though she did a great job. Any mom proud of their daughter acting like a stripper on the VMA's has problems! I would not be proud of my daughter for showing the world that she has no self respect left!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Is your daughter interested in Miley Cyrus, or just Hannah Montana? If just HM, let her keep the unblemished image of HM in her mind. If she's into Miley, then it is time for you to explain about what you think about a woman's body and what you view to be the proper use of that body, as well as the image you want your daughter to present to the world.

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answers from Washington DC on

She stopped working with a choreographer from Disney and started winging it and life.

Such a disaster. It may not have been quite as bad if she had at least had pants or shorts on. How could that run in rehearsal and know one think that there was a problem? Whenever a performer announces that they want to wear just a bathing suit, the producers should ban them from the stage.

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answers from San Francisco on

I didn't know anything about this until I checked fb today and it was all over my thread. I still have no idea what happened. We have had the tv off for a week. I guess I will now go on a google hunt....simply because I can't NOT look at this train wreck. Sad..but true.

My kids were not Hannah Montana fans. I haven't heard any questions yet but two just got home from middle school and one from elementary. I will bring it up once I get some info.

From the posts below it sounds like Miley has sunk pretty low. I think the sexual progressive movement and disdain for modesty,virtue and integrity has produced this.

We have discussions all the time with our children about appropriate language,music and clothing. We discuss and teach our morals and values and then let our kids make their own choices. Just last night we were so proud that our son decided on his own that some of the music he had downloaded was not the most appropriate and he decided to stop listening to it...and erased it.

It takes parents with a strong moral compass and A TON OF TIME to raise children to become honest,virtuous adults who do not trade their soul for sex,money,drugs,alcohol and the accolades of the world. Shame on Miley's mom for encouraging this behavior. That is disgusting!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Well if your daughter was into Hannah Montana then that makes her my daughters' ages, around 14 to 18.
I would think at this age your daughter is old enough to understand what fame and excess will do to a person, especially a very young person with a messed up family.
How is that hard to explain to a teenager?

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answers from St. Louis on

I think she is going the way of Brittany.

I am getting tired of telling my 12 year old another one bites the dust. Shame really.

I want to add my daughter didn't see it either but that doesn't stop me from opening the dialog. She, fortunately or unfortunately, already understands the economic of fandom and her money via my bank account, does not enable this stuff. You want my money, be a role model.
Bieber (sp?) was a hard one to explain only because we were all snickering about him peeing in a trash can.

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answers from Roanoke on

Not much to explain really. She pretty much put it all out there and it was awkward for everybody on stage and off.

I just wish she'd stop humiliating the poor teddy bears.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Desperate times call for desperate measures?

Does anyone care? Lol

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answers from Dallas on

Yep, fall of Rome.

She's worth a lot of money and people depend on her making money. She must have horrible advisors. She must see no other value to herself.

Kind of reminded me of Madonna, early years.

I hope the tide of this kind of stuff is turning but I would not bet on it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

On the Today show they referred to it as the "Disney overcorrection". Talk about trying too hard to break out of the Hanna character...mission accomplished!

I totally saw this coming years before the show even entered its final season. I'm hoping if people stop paying attention to her she will just fade away.

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answers from Washington DC on

You know that we can't control other people, right?

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answers from Chicago on

OK, I think of this from the perspective of my 20 yr old self...and then current self.

a) I found the video from We Can't Stop absolutely hilarious. Random, funny stuff. And all stuff that has happened in my younger years at parties (hell, sometimes still happens when drunk enough). It's funny. It's not artistic or interpretive. She's having a good time being silly.

b) At the age of 20, I had been sexually active for 5 years. Yes, 5 years. And so are a lot of people. Why is she not allowed to express that?

c) Her target audience is no longer little kids in the Hanna Montana stage. That fictional character went away awhile ago.

And what's with all the "think of the children" drama? Suddenly our kids are too immature for this content? We've had Madonna rolling around on stage, girls kissing other women AND men during performances, snakes, strip routines, etc... All that was fine. But this...because she's grinding on Robin Thicke (and stuffed animals)...this is over the line?

Really? I think we all need to sit down.

So for my DD, Sally...I'm not explaining anything, actually. She knows Hanna Montana. And that's it. No need to make an association beyond that.

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answers from Houston on

You just explain some people chose to present themselves a different more raunchy and riDONKulous way.

Use it as a good example of how NOT to act.

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answers from New York on

A good time to teach DD that no one is perfect.

And, some people are kind of gross, on top of being imperfect.

ETA: I think Fuzzy makes a good point. Basically, for all we know, Miley herself has "been this way" all along. We all viewed her through the lens of a character she was playing (HM). But that (HM) was "acting"!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I swear, after Britney, LiLo, miley and Amanda Bynes (nick Jr) Disney channel has wised up and is featuring older, more mature stars. Has anyone else noticed this? The main gals in Hey Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, and Austin/Ally seem to already be in their early 20's. I mean, I can't picture "Teddy" going off the deep end in a few years, can you? She'll probably be 30 by the time the show ends.

Well we'll always have Lizzie Maguire, right guys?

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answers from Washington DC on

My younger kid (7) isn't on social media and watches little tv so I was spared that. However, the students I teach have tried several times to engage me in conversation about it. One of the few times that it has paid off to not be savvy about pop culture. I said truthfully that I hadn't seen it and added I was too old to care.

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answers from Boca Raton on

she grew up. and why is there a need to explain anything to your kid? are you related to miley?
no one owes you or your child anything. you raise your child. you influence your child. not a tv personality. or a singer or blah.

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