Anyone Try Kumon? Looking for Cost and an Honest Review

Updated on September 12, 2008
P.D. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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I'm considering enrolling my son (7) in Kumon for math - school just started and he's already worried about not feeling 100% comfortable with math - I was never particularly good at math myself (not that I let him know that) but I was wondering if any of you moms have tried Kumon for math - and what your thoughts are - honest reviews appreciated. I'm thinking that late Fall would be a good time to start - after I see what progress he's made... thanks in advance,

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First of all...full disclosure. I have worked at the Bartlett Kumon Math & Reading Center for 4 years. I recently enrolled my two oldest daughters (9 & 7) in the math program because I believe in the concept so much. As a high school math teacher, I have seen kids still counting on their fingers in high school! Students need to know the basics well to be successful in math and the Kumon program is excellent for that. As another mom said, it does take full support at home; however, if it's consistently taking longer than 20 minutes per subject a day, the worksheets may need to be adjusted so that the child is not overwhelmed. The work load my 7 year old has takes her about 10-15 minutes a day if she's not distracted. She also struggles a little with math. The quality may vary from center to center slightly due to the instructor; however, I know the corporate Kumon watches each center closely. I happen to know personally that the Bartlett instructor is an excellent one and really cares for each student! (I also enjoy working with each of the students, so there's a double advantage if you are in our area.) The cost recently went up and is now about $110/mo. per subject (Math and/or Reading) - this may vary slightly from center to center - not sure. There is also 2-3 upfront fees you pay the first month in addition to the tuition (registration, materials, etc.), but otherwise it's just the monthly tuition of around $110. Good luck!



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We tried Kumon but only for a short while. We wanted to use it as enrichment during the summer. It requires total commitment from all of you at home for it to be successful. That means in addition to the 40min-ish session he has once per week at the center, he also has to do 20 minutes of work at home every day. So you have to really be on top of setting up that routine.

In the beginning my son loved it, we set up his work station and he chose some great pencils. I thought I had really set out something great. But choosing the right time of day was tough and eventually we always came to battles over his actually sitting his bum down and working for 20 minutes. At 6 I just decided to stop fighting the battles.

But the work is easy and repetitive in the beginning so they gain confidence and they progress slowly but there is progress which makes it rewarding.

I totally believe in the model and if you have an extra $100 per month to help your son's confidence most likely it can't hurt. Unless he hates homework in which case you'll be spending money for one more thing to fight about.

Good luck!



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I don't know where you live.. but I am an elementary teacher staying at home.. and if you live near by I would be more than happy to private tutor him for less than what Kumon charges.




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my sister did kumon for math and reading. and it really did help her a lot. it is a lot of repeation of the basic skills so you can move on to the harder stuff.
i hope that helps



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P., I did Kumon with my 8 yo in NJ from Apr to June the following year. He hated every minute. Math just isn't his thing, nor was Kumon. I loved the program and concept. The registration fee was either $50 or $100 and then it was $100 every month.

Consistency is key. Best to do the worksheets the same time every day before regular homework. You go to the center 2x/week for however long your son needs to do his worksheet and/or take a test (possibly 5 min to 1 hr), then you get worksheets for the days you are not there. Basically, he is competeing against himself (speed/accuracy). My son never got this. His times never improved and the instruction he got wasn't enough to motivate him once he walked out the door.

If your son is motivated which it sounds like his is; try it for the 3 months that's the minimum.

Good Luck,


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