Anyone Tried the Atkins Diet?

Updated on January 11, 2013
A.F. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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I'm not over weight, just 140 and am 5'2". I just want to lose a little and tone it all up. :) I'd like to get back down to 125, which is where I was before I had my kids. I know exercise is key and I do walk and have started exercising after the kids are in bed. I'm just having a little trouble losing these last couple pounds and it's driving me nuts.. :P

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answers from Boston on

I love the Atkins diet. It's important to read the book completely to understand the principles involved. I did phase 1 for one week, and then stay on phase 2 until the holidays, when I relax a bit. This diet is successful for those of us who are carbo-holics. If I start with carbs in the day, I just end up eating them all day. So I save any carb cheating for the end of the day! And I recommend not eating any of the Atkins products, because they are all processed food. Just stick to the basics.

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answers from Washington DC on

In my opinion, Atkins is terrible!!! My husband was on it and told me he could eat bacon, steak, and butter - however, bananas were a strict no-no! Huh? He did lose weight (I don't really understand how) but then gained it all back within a year. The program he had more success with was Weight Watchers. He's a guy, so he wasn't interested in going to meetings and all that. You can do it on line for something like $18/month. He lost 20 pounds and has kept if off for 2 years so far. This holiday season he gained a few pounds and felt like his pants were getting a little tight. So he signed up for weight watchers again just so he could track what he was eating and get back into the healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend that you look into this program! Good luck in whatever you choose :)

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answers from Dallas on

Well the dude who created the diet, had cardiac arrest...because of the diet.
Just eat BETTER. Have more veggies on your plate then meat. Eat the correct portions of meat. Eat lean meats. Eat fruit. Get plenty of fiber and drink plenty of water. Don't drink soda and sugary drinks. Avoid processed foods. Eat healthy snacks. Cheese, nut butters and fruit, veggies, greek yogurt, etc.

Protein, fruits, veggies, good fats. Keep it to that. don't eat out of a box, bag, can, or drive thru often.

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answers from Columbia on

I was on the Atkin's diet with my ex-husband, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I LOVED IT. I have never felt better. My hair has never been as full or shiny. However, it's EXTREMELY hard to maintain as a lifestlye change, so most people will eventually "fail".

If you are wanting to lose just a little bit of weight, I would not recommend the Atkin's diet. You will likely gain it RIGHT BACK and then some once you stop throwing you body into ketosis.

The South Beach Diet is Atkin's *based*, which means low-er carb. I would try that if you feel you need a "boost".

Good Luck.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Do the Paleo Diet instead of Atkins. Your body needs carbs. Just make sure you get them from produce instead of bread and pasta. Focus on lean meats and healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, salmon, nuts). And cut out added sugar completely (even be a bit mindful of super sweet fruits - eat them in moderation). Try to eat foods that are whole (if you can't pronounce any of the ingredients or if the ingredient list reads like a paragraph, don't eat it). And, again, I cannot stress this enough: cut out sugar, or at least, cut it waaaaay down. Those last few pounds will come off if you set your mind to it. Good luck, like you, I've also got those last few pounds to lose!

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answers from Cumberland on

Eat more fat and fewer carbs-no refined sugar, pasta, white bread or white potatoes. My mom does Atkins-it completely works-good luck!



answers from New York on

So funny I just read about the paleo diet and plan on beginning that as I've been doing Atkins for a week and am craving fruit! Atkins does work since the way your body processes carbs causes all kinds of problems and so many people have problems with gluten and grain based carbs. The paleo diet uses only fruit based carbs which is a more balanced diet and easier to stick with for the long run.


answers from St. Louis on

I would highly recommend Paleo instead of Atkins. They are very similar, but the notable differences are really health-related. But in becoming healthier and eating less wheat, you will slim down. Check it out!

I changed to paleo eating when I was tired of feeling miserable from my fibromyalgia. I am not cured, but I cannot tell you what a difference I feel from eating this way. It is so worth it. I get no better from telling you this other than helping you feel better! =)

The idea is that our bodies are made to live on certain things, just like our ancestors ate. Leafy greens, meat, fish - things you can hunt. And it is true.



answers from Kansas City on

My hubby and I have done the Atkins diet seriously 3 different times. You do loose weight, but it is just impossible to continue to eat that way for the rest of your life. You just get sooooooo tired of not being able to eat "normal" food. In my opinion it is much better to choose a diet that offers a sensible selection of a variety of foods. I know you are wanting to lose only about 15 pounds, and you might be able to do that quickly with Atkins, but a sensible plan like Weight Watchers would be much better.

I am considering the Weight Watchers on-line plan. I'd love the support, but I don't have the time (or really the desire) to attend the meetings.




answers from Roanoke on

My husband and I did Atkins many years ago, and we both lost weight. He loves meat so for him it was no big deal - to me it was torture and I never lasted very long. A few years later we did South Beach which was similar, but I thought much healthier. I probably lost weight a little more slowly, but I was able to stay on it much longer so I lost more total pounds. I also felt great with I was on South Beach. (To me, South Beach was Atkins with more veggies and less fat.) Now Paleo is popular, and to me it is very similar to South Beach. I haven't done it myself but I've read some about it and it sounds like South Beach with no beans and more fruit. (But then they say if you want to lose weight, to limit your fruit.) They are all low carb and you will probably lose weight on any of them, but I thought Atkins was tough to stick with.


answers from Norfolk on

Hi, A.:

Join the Y or Planet Fitness.
Put yourself on a schedule and
a 1200 cal plan.

Good luck.


answers from Chicago on

Do not do Atkins. South Beach is a much better diet, and it is maintainable.

Basically, focus on veggies, lean meats, and whole grains. Try to eat as little processed food as possible. Minimize use of dairy and sweeteners.


answers from San Francisco on

My husband and I tried it several years ago. We followed the diet to the letter, and were very strict with ourselves. Neither one of us is overweight, really, but my husband wanted to lose that last couple of pounds. I could stand to lose 10 pounds myself. My husband lost 20+ pounds on the induction, and I lost NO WEIGHT AT ALL. It just absolutely didn't work for me, and I felt pissed off and cranky the entire time I was on the diet. As soon as we went back to eating our usual, healthy, well-balanced meals, my husband immediately gained the weight back (honestly, I think it was water weight, not fat, that he lost). Personally, I think you're better off making good food choices (balanced diet, plenty of veggies, no processed foods) and exercising than going on an extreme diet.



answers from Washington DC on

Diet has nothing to do with calories-in-calories-out, nor low-fat only (think about it, everyone has been pushing that for years and not only is it not making a thinner, we're getting heavier). Atkins had it right - low processed carbs (maybe none in the beginning - really depends on your body). I lost 40 lbs 10 years ago and keep it off when I keep in low carb (High fructose corn syrup is really bad for me).
For an intro into why going low-carb works read Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat" or an intro to his work on my blog
The key to staying on it is to have easy high protein snacks like cheese sticks and nuts around.
(Just read all the other responses - please - for those of you who think you understand "healthy" and "balanced" diets go read Gary Taubes - an impeccable science writer or at least read an intro to his work on my blog - REALLY. Or link to the 60 Minutes clips on my 3rd blog post. We humans need protein, need salt, need fat. We're causing untold misery and disease by sticking to out-dated notions about diet not supported by facts! You will be shocked!)



answers from San Francisco on

I hear ya! I was in the same situation you are after having my kids. Eat Paleo, lift weights and do Crossfit style workouts. :-) Weights will help you lose the fat faster, the more muscle tone you build the faster your metabolism gets and the faster the fat burns off. Eating Paleo is just an extremely healthy way of eating. And Crossfit is short intense workouts that are extremely effective.
Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

weight loss is purely about calories in vs. calories out.

If you want to lose weight, you don't need to go on a diet or any sort. they don't work and you will put it all back on once you stop it.
Just eat less.

Track everything that goes in your mouth...even drinks (lattes, anyone?). 3500 calories = 1lb. Once you know what you're eating every day, you can start to do the math on where you can cut down.

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