Anyone Tried Huggies Slip On's

Updated on February 27, 2012
J.☯. asks from Sherman, IL
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My Spring Break is coming up, so I'm planning to potty train our almost 3 year old. I'm thinking of getting Huggie's Slip On's instead of pull-ups for naptime/bedtime. He has worn a pull-ups to bed a couple of times and always ended up soaking wet part way through the night. I'm hoping the Slip-On's are more absorbent. He wears Huggies diapers right now, but he wears a size 5. I've heard the Slip-On's run smaller and that a size 5 is the biggest size, so I'm not actually sure these are a good option.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience?

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answers from Dallas on

I've used them on my son and they worked fine. I believe they are more absorbant than pullups so I would give it a try. Get a small package and give it a shot. I no longer get them because my son wears a size 6 now. Good luck with the potty training!

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answers from Dallas on

My DD is 4 and wets the bed so this is what I use. They're great! She's 43inches tall, and 42lbs and the size 5 fit her well. They don't leak and are way better than pull-ups at bedtime. I've tried the nighttime pull-ups and they aren't as absorbent as the slip ons.

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answers from Dayton on

I tried them. Or rather got paid to try them.
Now that they're out on the market, surely I can divulge my research. Lol.
They worked better than I expected them to-Huggies don't work so great on my kids.
They held pee just fine.
Poop...was somewhat disastrous. The last one we used resulted in my son coming home from an evening out w/ daddy wearing his jacket and his shoes (it was fall).

Anyhoo...size wise I found them to fit just fine. And my guy has been about to grow out of a 4 for ages.

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answers from Chicago on

I used them prior to our potty training weekend with our son, and they seemed to work great. I wanted him to get used to the idea of pulling something on and off like you do with underwear. Though he knew they were diapers, i just wanted him to get used to that idea. Never had any problems with leaks, but didn't used them overnight, still used the huggies overnight diapers at that time. Not sure how you are planning to potty train, but we used the e-book. my little guy is 2.5 yrs old and we did it with him, and he is in underwear and doing really well with it. good luck.

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answers from Chicago on

Not a good idea to potty train with the slip on or pull up because the child will not be able to tell if they are wet. Rubber pants worked within the week.

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