Anyone Tried Both Mainstream and Alternative Allergy Testing?

Updated on January 30, 2008
J.M. asks from Parker, CO
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My 16 mo old is definitely allergic or at least intollerant to dairy, soy and eggs which we have found out through elimination diets. My doctor and I are concerend he is allergic to more things and have a haunch that this may be what is causing his low weight gain. He is in the less than 3 percentile for weight (18.75 lbs). Plus he has deep creases under his eyes. Not bags or dark circles but a crease in the under eye skin. Neither me or my husband have this.

My friend just went to a holistic health practice that does the muscle testing for allergies and I'm curious as to other people's experiences with this or with a traditional allergist, especially if you have gone to both. We have an appt with Dr. Ebati, a recommended allergest in Lowry, next month but I'm torn on if I should try the holistic practicioner instead. What can they tell me that maybe a regular allergist can not and vice versa? Any information is greatly appreciated!

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So What Happened?

We went to Alternative Chiropractic Center on Colorado Blvd. with a recommended chiropractor who does alternative allergy testing by way of the Avatar machine which tests energy in your accupressure points (EDS). He also does muscle testing and on occasion blood testing when needed, but as many people informed me, the blood tests do not show sensitivities which I feel is important to know. Plus, he is into clinical nutrition which is key to this whole challenge. Logan tested with sensativities to Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Soy and Tomatos and he is currently taking a prescribed homeopathic remedy to help heal his gut plus a remedy for his liver becuase those numbers were off (not surprising since we fell into the trap of several antibiotics for ear infections which I now know is the wrong course of action). We have a follow-up appt in a month and if his gut is healed but his sensativities don't go away, then the doctor will do allergy elimination treatments. It might all sound crazy to some people, but for small children especially, this is the way to go. It's been super easy and as soon as I removed the offenders, his diaper rashes went away completely as I expected. It's not easy, but I'm glad to know what he can't currently eat rather than continuing to guess and put him sore bottom missery. I highly recommend Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) for allergies.
I actually just went to the doctor to get myself tested with EDS to see what is off in my body and it seems that we have uncovered some obvious imbalances creating my poor immune system and lethargy. Not to mention my own food and environmental issues which I've been in denial about my whole life. Yeah! Now, on the road to true health!

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I've not ever gone to a doctor that does muscle testing alone, but my chiropractor has done it and it has always really seemed effective and helpful. I say it's worth a try before seeing a traditional allergist for your baby. It's far less invasive and painful. If it doesn't work, then you can always still go see the allergist. But that way you've tried the least invasive thing first. And if it works, you've saved your son the pain of the traditional allergist!

Also, a person doing muscle testing is more likely to prescribe natural rememdes instead of chemicals & drugs. I think our society is far too medicated, and a natural alternative is often more effective anyway!

Good luck!

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I can't help answer your question... however, i wanted to share with you a wonderful support group for parents of children with allergies. Go to You can sign up for their email distribution at [email protected] will have loads of information on testing, doctors, and more.



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I have a four year old daughter with many allergies (peanut/tree nuts, has asthma, eczema, etc.) so I know how frustrating it is to see your baby suffer and not know how to fix it. My daughter has been treated at National Jewish for many years and I highly recommend having your son tested there. I haven't gone the holistic route but definitely prefer to keep everything as natural as possible and don't like to have my girls on medication if at all possible. I don't even like to take meds for a headache. I did find that testing for allergies was very helpful and although elimination diets do work, I think it's helpful to have the right info about the allergy and then you can decide what the treatment would be, holistic or other forms. At least that way you know what foods you won't be feeding to your son. By chance have you eliminated wheat/gluten products from his diet to see if he is gluten intolerant? Just an idea since you are going through a process of elimination and this seems to be a highly undetected allergy. I hope this info helps and good luck. MM



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Hi J.--

I've lived your situation and can tell you all sorts about it. We've been the western medical route and the alternative route--I wouldn't go back to western medicine unless forced. My son was so allergic that he was covered in rashes and his digestive track so swollen that he couldn't poop for 14 months of his life without the help of a suppository. He's now 3 1/2, and other then dairy and peanuts he's allergy clear--when we started the list had 40 things on it!! No more rashes and he poops great!

His original pediatrician told me he had sensitive red head skin and would probably just have rashes and could develop asthma--Basically, live with it. When Joshua started waking up every 1 1/2 hrs. screaming in pain he finally referred me to children's hospital--they couldn't see him for 6 weeks. National Jewish wanted to poke and prod and this certainly isn't fun with a baby!! At my wits end, I finally found a chiropractor that uses a diagnostic tool called Electral Dermal Screening (EDS). It is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that, among other things, does allergy testing. After months of problems and lots of doctors, I found this doc who was able to tell me in about 15 minutes what was wrong and how to fix it. He also does something called allergy elimination--works great!! I have used muscle testing--it works but is not as reliable as this machine because it is prone to human error. Still, I think it is more worthwhile than the blood tests an allergist will do. You see, the blood test does not always catch the allergy. And sometimes it is not an allergic reaction (when the body releases histamine), it is sometimes a sensitivity (causes gastric distress or other stress to the body). The blood tests cannot tell you the sensitivities, whereas muscle testing or EDS can. Also, we've been able to use natural medicine (vitamins, minerals, homeopathics) to get our son back in balance rather then something like claritin or benadryl that has unwanted side effects.

I believe this doc saved my son's health and highly recommend him. If you're interested please email me and I'll get you his information. There are other doctors who do EDS in the Denver area. My doc is off of I-25 and Colorado Blvd.

Hope this helps!



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I would do both. It's nice to have both opinions to choose from and decide which one you want to start with.

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