Anyone's Else's Child(ren( Been Sick Alot Lately with Vomiting And\or Diarrhea?

Updated on December 17, 2007
C.M. asks from Des Plaines, IL
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Hi, about a month ago, my daughter came down with a really bad case of diarrhea that lasted for almost a week. She had no other symptoms, no fever, vomiting, etc. About 1/2 of the kids in her day care class were sick at the same time, most with vomiting, also, although my daughter only had diarrhea. A few of the other moms and myself think they all had either that rotovirus or noro virus. Anyway, she was fine for about 3 weeks and then this past Tuesday night she started vomiting about midnight until 4:00 am. She did not vomit at all the next day and had diarrhea once that day. She ate very little but drank alot of Pedialyte and was definitely hydrated. Well, the few days since then, she has not had much of an appetite. She has eaten and I have kept her diet bland still and drinks water but I have given her very little juice or milk. Today, she started with diarhhea again. She hasn't eaten much today and she is drinking Pedialyte. I am just wondering if there is some sort of bug going around that she keeps catching or if I need to ask the doctor to look at her but would do they look for with sporadic vomiting and diarrhea? I should also mention that she had a very bad oral fixation and absolutely everything goes in her mouth. I am constantly chasing her around and telling her to stop putting things in her mouth. I know this is an easy way for her to pick up germs. By the way, she is almost 3 years old.

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So What Happened?

Thank you, everyone for your responses. I took her to day care Monday thinking that we would just see what hapenned since I wasn't sure if the diarrhea on Sunday was from something she ate or a virus. Well, she was fine. No more diarrhea and when she came home last night, her appetite had returned to normal. I am still keeping her off milk because I think that is what caused the diarrhea on Sunday...that I put her back on milk too sooon after being sick. There is definitely some sort of bug going around though. This may be a long winter!

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Hey there-

My daughter who is just 10 months has been sick on/off the past 2 1/2 months too. It started with two ear infections which were treated with an antibiotic but then she had cold symptoms that seemed to last for about 6 weeks. Then, all of a sudden, she had very loose and acidic stools to the point where she got a diaper rash. I finally got that cleared up and then she threw me a curve ball by throwing up but that too was weird because it was just one time. A few days passed and then guess what? She developed another diaper rash, only this wasn't pre-empted by loose stools and this started bleeding right away and then she developed two circles near her rectum that were about the size of a dime that were red, sore and infected. And while this is getting better, she threw up again today and had two bouts of loose stools.

I am beside myself. I too feel like I should probably have her looked at but what do you say to the Doc? She has no fever, her appetite isn't great but she is drinking her bottles just fine. I too have taken her to a bland diet and mostly give her just her bottle. And none of this affects her play-time.

Just weird. Although my daughter puts everything in her mouth too. And then again, it could be a February birthday thing? :) Anyway, if you get some ideas on what this could be or what to do, I would love to know.

Hope she is better soon.



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My daughter had a stomach bug (vomit) that seemed to linger a long time... 3 other kids at her daycare got it too. I had to keep her off milk for 2 full weeks!!! (if I gave her any, it came back up immediately, otherwise she seemed pretty energetic) My husband got it (before AND after her, thus twice, tho it could have been 2 separate things) and now over 2 months later I have yet a different bug that is giving me only watery diarrhea! This is a family that almost never gets sick. I just think there is a lot of stuff floating around out there! Hang in there!



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have you talked to your ped? My daughter has a food allergies called Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis (FPIES). FPIES looks like the a GI infection/stomach bug. The profuse, non stop vomiting starts about 2 hours (up to 8) after ingesting the food. Common causes are dairy, soy, rice, oat, but any food can do it.

Start keeping a food log, times eaten and then the symptom times. If FPIES, The diarrhea could be from continually eating the food. If it's eliminated for a period of time, then reintroduced, the delayed vomiting almost always occurs, then diarrhea. It's a serious condition and needs to be seen in the ER for iv fluids and steroids if dehydration occurs. Nothing stops the vomiting, just time. Some kids may go into shock, to we always go to the ER if she starts vomiting with accidental exposure.

If you find it's FPIES or another typical food allergy is a fantastic site

Here's some websites on FPIES

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Hi. Two of my 3 kids came down with something this weekend, both with vomiting and diahrrea. My youngest (turning 1 - 12/28) started with it on Saturday, slight fever, and vomitting, and then my oldest (turning 5 - 1/1) started last night, complaining his stomach hurt and then the vomitting and diahhrea began. No fever, though, and today,he just seems tired out. Anyway, I called my ped. Sat. morning, because I have never had one of my children vomitting like that at that young of an age. They told me that there is a "stomach virus" going around and that they were getting tons of calls. She told me to keep them hydrated with the Pedialyte and not offer any solids until the vommitting had stopped for 24 hours. Not sure if I helped any, but that's what they told me....



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My Son (15mos) and I went to Colorado for a wedding and while there he started vomiting off and on for about 5 days, as well as diarrhea that lasted about 12-14 days. It went away for about five days and then returned. Due to the Diarrhea he also ended up with a bad diaper rash for which we had to switch to Lotromin to clear up as Desitin, A+D ointment etc. werent working.
I did take him in to see the Dr. just to be safe, and they did a stool sample to check for allergies. Turns out it was the basic run of the mill flu, and that sometimes when we change their diet for the flu they can develop a lactose intolerance for a time while their bodies heal. Apparently this was his problem. I have cut all dairy (yogurt) from his diet for about 10 days(he's been really mad about this, but oh well) and am slowly re-introducing it right now. The Dr. also told me that the prolonged and repeat diarrhea could also be attributed to his teething, as we are currently working on a couple of molars. He is now getting a piece of cheese in the afternoon for a snack, and tomorrow I am going to try a cup of milk at breakfast. So far he's been fine, and this routine has seemed to work.

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