Anyone That Had a Preemie Go on to Have a Second, Full Term Baby?

Updated on July 19, 2011
A.D. asks from New York, NY
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Hi mamas,
I am not pregnant, but was very much scarred by having a premature baby. Thank God he is completely healthy now, and is soon to be 3 years old!
Since the cause was never determined, I find myself second guessing many things – from work stress during pregnancy, to the things I ate, etc, etc. I would love to hear from women that had a premature baby, and went on to have a full term second. Or, if you had a second premature birth, what was your experience?
Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences mamas!

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So What Happened?

ETA: my son was born @ 31 weeks.

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answers from Cleveland on

My son was 5 weeks, I considered that preemie, he was 5 lbs. I had preeclampsia. I actually got pregnant accidentally so my kids are only 18 mo apart. My second was full term and actually late by 2 weeks so we induced. she was 7.5 lbs no preeclampsia with her . each is different.

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Washington DC on

My son was 6 weeks premature. He was in the NICU for 5 days - we knew he was coming early - no matter what we did to stop him...I was due May 10, I went into labor 27 January....bed rest and drugs to keep my uterus from contracting....he had jaundice...that was it...he was given steriods to help develop his lungs...he was born March 26th...

My second son? 4 weeks early - pneumonia and stops breathing (flat lined) in front of me....he was given a 50/50 chance to live..spent 9 days in the NICU...called our pastor and our church started a prayer chain for him...within 48 hours he was off the ventilator and at 72 hours he began gaining weight!! The power of prayer!! And God's power! Thank you!! Lord!

after that? lost Alexis at 22 weeks...lost the next one at 14 weeks and was done - done - done...wouldn't let my husband touch me for almost a year..

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answers from Peoria on


I understand where you are coming from. I was hospitalized on bed rest from 23 weeks to 30 weeks with my first when they could not stop the labor any longer. We spent 6.5 weeks in the NICU and the next 3 years after that with different issues. He is not 5 and very healthy.

With my second, who is almost 2, came at 37 weeks with a planned c-section. I did have a cerclage, was on bed rest from 16 weeks to the 37th week.

It is worth it as long as you have a doctor you trust and who has a plan of action if things take a turn for the worse. My doctor with my second was great and really listened and took seriously what I had to say.

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answers from Topeka on

I did not myself but my cousin had her baby at 35 weeks which they considered it to be premie and her second she carried to term....Actually went over. Not sure how far along you were when you had your son but talk to your doc to see their opinion. Best of luck! I am sorry it scarred you. I hope your next experience is better!

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answers from Detroit on

My first was 5 weeks early, so barely a preemie. My water broke for some reason. I went into labor with my second on my due date and the third was also full term. My second seem to take FOREVER to get here because I just kept thinking, every day for the last few weeks of the pregnancy, "is it going to be today? It might be today!"

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answers from Lansing on

I work with someone whose daughter in law had her baby 2 1/2 months early due to preclampsia. She just had her very healthy full term 3rd child in July, a little early but definitely full term.

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answers from Dover on

My husband's cousin had premature twins. When his wife was pregnant the next 3 times, she carried full term for all.

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answers from San Diego on

I have a friend whose first two children were born premature. I can't remember how premature, but they both weighed less than 6 lbs. I don't think the cause was really ever determined with either.

Her third one was born full-term at a very healthy 9 pounds.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Our first daughter was born at 32 weeks and spent a few weeks in the nicu. She had a colapsed left lung and pnuemonia with premature lungs. Our second daughter was born at 34 weeks (our 2nd child) and spent about a month in the nicu, she also had premature lungs and her O2 levels just wouldn't stay up on their own and we had to really work with her on eating. Then, our son was born at 36 weeks (our 3rd child) and was completely healthy! I was on bed rest with him bc I was high risk to begin with, but also lost his twin @ 14 weeks. My placenta was seperating from the uterus so the best thing was bed rest until week 30 and horomone replacement therapy. I went back to work at 30 weeks and worked up through my contractions and 6cm dilated! :D I wish you the BEST of luck! Just remember each pregnancy is different! :)

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answers from Boston on

yes i had my 1st at 34 weeks and he stayed a nice 2 weeks in the nicu. my daughter was born a year later at 39 weeks, but i was given a weekly shot of alphhydroxyprogesterone (actually i have no clue if thats what it was now, something like that)... :) good luck!

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answers from Kokomo on

My first was almost 32 weeks. I was having blood pressure issues and I know now that I was having gall stones. I feel like the Dr.'s didn't handle my health care well with him. My second was totally different. My new Dr. treated my hypertension more aggressively and was more attentive. She was full term and perfectly healthy.

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answers from Chattanooga on

My best friend had her son at 26 weeks, he spent 5 months in the NICU and is now almost 4 years old. They are not sure exactly what happened, the pregnancy was normal up until her 24 week check up and her blood pressure was off the charts so they sent her to the hospital immediately. The found that the baby had Interuterine growth restriction and suspected the placenta was not working properly, so he was actually the size of a 22 week old baby. They went though a lot of testing but no one can say for sure what caused all this to happen. I am pleased to tell you that her 2nd pregnancy was totally fine, their baby girl was delievered via c-section at 36 weeks, totally normal, no issues. She was only delevered that early because due to the type of emergency c-section she had previously (both vertical & horizontal cuts) it would have been extremley dangerous for her to go into natural labor. I know it is scary. My friend was also scared about having #2, and worried every single day of her pregnancy, but in the end decided that the most important thing to her was having another baby, so they gave it a try and thank god it all worked out! Good luck to you.

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answers from Youngstown on

My cousin had her first baby at 26 weeks via emergency c-section due to severe pre-eclampsia. He is now a fine healthy 6 year old. Her second baby came on time via scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. He is now a healthy 4 year old boy. They did watch her second pregnancy very closely but she had no problems at all.

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