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Updated on September 25, 2009
M.B. asks from Auburn, GA
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heres my situation. i have 3 boys only one is school age. their fathers arent helping me. im already on food stamps and medicaid. at the moment im living with family and dont really like it. i cant seem to find anyone thats hiring or if they are they wont hire me bc i havent worked since 2003. i need to deserately find a job. money is getting even tighter now. i would like to help out we can barely afford our bills much less the extra cleaning and hygiene items we use. i would prefer something from home since i cant afford child care or even gas to start out. we are also without a car so if it wasnt at home id have to walk to the job so it would have to be close by also.

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So What Happened?

i have the birth control thing handled. i had my tubes tied cut n burnt. i wouldnt mind waitressing. no i live in barrow county not near any public transit. no im not receiving child support bc hes evading them plus hes not working so he dont have to pay

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The first thing you need to spend money on is adequate birth control. Actually, you can get a variety of it free at your county health office. You need to suck up living with family until you've found stable full-time employment and child care. I'm very glad you're looking for a job, and I hope you're using all of the welfare-to-work programs and everything offered to help you find stuff. Go to the library and use their computers if you don't have one in home, but I just heard of a program that offers FREE childcare for parents who are below poverty level so those parents can work. In fact, there's a center next door to my son's preschool called the Alfred T. Mills(I think) center that is FREE for poverty level families. I also know a number of preschools/day care centers that take money on a sliding scale. Are you intown Atlanta? Close to Marta, CCT, or Gwinnett transit?

Check out the Dress For Success program if you are finding it hard to find clothes for an interview.

Why haven't you worked in 6 years? That's a HUGE gap! If you were a stay-at-home mom supported by your now ex-husband, you should be getting child support at least. I don't know what your education level is, but be willing to work retail, waitress positions, etc. in order to get a lot of hours and put some job experience on your resume. I've always found that waiting tables, especially in bar and grill type places is a FANTASTIC way to earn good money -AND you earn the most at night and on the weekend when hopefully your family could help watch your kids. Remember, you can't afford to be picky right now!

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Also try avon or tupperware.

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M., first of all I would look at the positive things you have going for you. You do have your kids and a place to stay. Always try to be positive. I have a friend that works for live ops from home and make very good money. She does put in a lot of hours and works a lot when her son is sleep.



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Maybe you could watch some neighborhood children during the day? Try to get Tanf/welfare/unemployement? Sounds rough! Good Luck, I will pray for you.

PS- If he is not working, and collecting unemployment and you register for child support (a $25 fee for application, which I am also waiting to hear about), they should be able to deduct the support from his unemployment checks....but if he's not getting any govt. money then I guess you cant get him that way. Also, maybe try to get creative with trying to get money, I sold some of my childs old baby stuff on craigslist and made a few $....



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There are some websites that hire folks to work from home on their computer doing customer service. To name a few also check out a website that might be of help women for hire it's by Tori Johnson who is an author, she has great tips on working at home and website starting info..I will also send some info about possible vehicles for families and work at home info.



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Get in touch with a local church -- they are wonderful resources, not only for help, but for finding help. Perhaps one near you can put you in touch with a childcare situation that would be free or affordable so your availability to work would be there. They can also help you in the transportation department -- either giving you rides or helping you to find a car.

Sounds like you've hit an all-time low -- so there's nowhere to go but up, right? Unfortunately, you're just going to have to get through it. But you can do it! I know when you have so much to worry about, it's easy to get depressed and to think, "I can't possibly overcome this!" but you can. It won't happen overnight -- but just take the steps necessary to get through it and some day this will just be a nasty memory.

Check with temp work -- maybe if it's a bunch of envelope stuffing you can do it from home...

Good luck!



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Try your church community. If they have a preschool/daycare look for employment there. You may be able to have your children with you. If there are no openings, volunteer whenever least that will be some experience and may get your foot in the door.
Don't forget to pray and ask God to help guide you with your life.
God Bless!



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First off, I want to say that I'm sorry some one told you to get on birth control! That was extremely rude and non of their business!!

As far as at home jobs my opinion, don't do an at home job that requires you to put money into it like Avon, Mary Kay, etc. While yes, they can provide you with income, it takes some time to build up to that point and with the economy the way it is, a lot of people have cut back on spending money on those things. I should know, I've played around with selling candles. Like someone else suggested, you can be a call person for a company at home but you might have to do it at night when your home is quite. You don't call companies and here their children in the background right? Babysitting would bring you fast cash. Check with your family and see if they mind you doing it at home or if you do it at someone else's house, that you can bring your children with you. Or possibly an evening job waitressing while the kids are at home with your family. Get them on track to help you help yourself.

As far as babies daddies, you should be getting some form of child support. Since the boys are on medicaid, you should be able to file for free unless the state has already done it for you. It is a paper trail and a slow process. I've been though it in Indiana with my daughter's father and in SC when she was on medicaid here. SC went after him (even though I had proof of support) and it took about 6 months for him to get served. If they aren't working, or getting cash under the table, there isn't much you can do. Back support will add up and will catch up to them one day!!

Good luck and keep you head up! Self confidence is a great thing to have when walking into a job interview!!




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See if you can get student loans to go to college. You should also qualify for Hope and Pell grants. The financial aid office at a nearby college can help you figure out what you qualify for. You should be able to get enough to help you live and pay for tuition and books. Work really hard in school since keeping financial aid depends on good grades. In a few years when you are ready to graduate the economy should be better and with a good education you should be able to get a decent job. Just make sure that you don't borrow more than absolutely necessary since you will have to pay back the student loans and probably will have some that carry interest.

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