Anyone Subscribe to Grocery Game

Updated on January 04, 2009
E.T. asks from Carrollton, TX
5 answers

I saw an article on yahoo about and was wondering if anyone subscribes to this and if they see a lot of savings.


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answers from Dallas on

I do not know about the grocery game or other games out there to save money BUT.....consider YOUR TIME.

YOUR TIME is valuable. If this takes up much of YOUR TIME then you are not saving when you could be doing something else productive for your family.

I used to clip coupons but instead, I just shop wisely. I am spending no more money and I am not wasting precious MY family time.

Just a thought.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi E.,

I've been shopping with the grocery game for 8 weeks now & it is very worth it!! I did my shopping today...spent $79.48 total out of my pocket on $172.26 worth of groceries. (That even included 8 boxes of my favorite hair color!)

For the first several weeks, I continued to spend about what I had been spending before the grocery game. However, I was bringing home twice the amount of food! My large freezer is now almost full, my pantry is just about overflowing, and I've got more body wash/shampoo/toothbrushes/toothpaste/deodorant that what I know what to do with!! I'm actually putting together a box of hair & body stuff for a single mom friend of's full of shampoo, body wash, deodorant, etc....none of which I've paid more than .50 for.

My suggestions: if you are going to do the trial (it's so worth spending the $1 on!), save up a couple weeks worth of the sunday coupons from the newspaper. (I buy 1 double paper every week). Then, start your trial. From now until you start, go on the "message boards" section on the grocery game website & read, read, read! Reading everyone else's questions & advice will give you a super headstart.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

We subscribe and save a ton of money. It is definitely worth the $15. We only do two stores because once I start committing to more stores I get a bit overwhelmed. You get a free trial when you subscribe so you can always try before committing to buy it.

I highly, highly recommend it.



answers from Dallas on

I just saw your posting and I did grocery game for 9 months and "saved" approximately 1500 bucks! I found I did get alot of stuff with coupons that we never would have tried but on average I save close to 50% of my bill. If you feel weird paying for a service to help you save money, try because it is totally free. Keep an eye out for the specials because you can snag some awesome deals!

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