Anyone Recommend a Facial Moisturizer to Wear with Makeup???

Updated on February 19, 2012
T.S. asks from Littleton, CO
24 answers

My face is so dry, it is driving me crazy!!! Anyone recommend a facial moisturizer that works well with dry, fare skin, and that is nice to wear as a base under makeup? Maybe I have the wrong lotion/makeup combo...Please no sales responses, I am not looking to purchase through private venders. Thanks!

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answers from Denver on

I am the dryest and most pale thing going and all I can use that works is through a private vendor. I have not had success in the retail venue. Sorry I cannot be more helpful.



answers from New York on

Neutrogena!!!! It is light and greaseless and gets the job done. ROC is also nice but a tad more expensive. (I use it for anti-wrinkles..heehee)

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answers from Dallas on

I use the timewise by Mary Kay. It's light, but moisturizing and doesn't make me break out.

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answers from Washington DC on

MaryKay TimeWise Moisturizer - you can get it with SPF too.

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answers from San Diego on

I love the Mary Kay time wise moisturizer

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answers from Erie on

i use the timewise line by mary kay. their moisturizer is very light and lasts forever cause you only use a little bit. i also use their "primer" before i put on foundation and its awesome. i use much less foundation cause of this primer. you can buy on ebay if you dont want to do through a consultant.

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answers from Columbia on

I used to use Neutrogena for sensitive skin...but I found that it clogged up my pores and made me break out.

So I asked a friend of mine, who has beautiful skin, what she uses. Turned out that she has similar skin to mine...combination skin that dries out in the Summer.

So I switched to her regimen...Oil of Olay Regenerist. I bought this set at Walmart a month ago and my skin looks and feels AMAZING. Plus, makeup looks gorgeous on it!!

I also exfoliate every few days with smells and feels incredible (keep in mind that the link is for a 3-pack):



answers from Seattle on

Currently I am using St. Ives Ultra Healing because it's cheap, and it works just fine but if I had my choice, and a little bit of money I would use Philosophy's Hope in a Jar. It's so light and it really keeps my skin soft and doesnt irritate it either.



answers from Minneapolis on

I use a daily hydrating moisturizer by Bobbi Brown and then their tinted moisturizer over it. I absolutely love both It's a little pricey but I've tried changing and keep going back!


answers from Chicago on

Try Aveeno's Tinted Moisturizer and supplement with foundation as needed in spots OR you can go to my favorite store Lush (find one near you at to find the right products for you - I have dry and oily combination skin and their products have served me the best. However, before I used Aveeno's Tinted Moisturizer and enjoyed the results.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I HATE heavy moisturizers, and require that they feel like they've disappeared from the surface of my skin, and while I know I shouldn't leave the house without sunscreen, I'm not likely to slather on any extra, so I need it included. When I'm flush with cash, I'll splurge on Lancome's Bienfait Totale. When I need to economize, I go with Mary Kay's Timewise with SPF15.



answers from Denver on

Green tea moisturizer by proactiv. It gets absorbed nicely and it smoothes out even dry, flaky skin and my make-up goes on nicely. I have always avoided moisturizers b/c everything oil free or not, makes me break out. This works and seems to help heal if I have a breakout.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Mary Kay Timewise....and I don't sell it, I just use it because it works. I use no spf at night and one w/ spf during the day. Also, drink tons of water esp since you are from CO.



answers from San Francisco on

I use Olay moisturizer with foundation so it kills two birds with one stone.

My GD also suffers in the winter with exceptionally dry skin. If she goes out in the wind on a winter day, the next day she looks like she got ran over by a mack truck because of the windburn and chapping on her face. She uses Dove moisturizer but she doesn't wear make-up so I don't know how it will mix with make-up.



answers from Albuquerque on

Loreal has a new make up primer that's really nice. You may just need to use it between your moisturizer and foundation.



answers from Denver on

I'm having good results with the moisturizer from Bare Minerals. It's so dry here lately that I got the stuff for dry skin & it's been great!



answers from St. Louis on

Oil of Olay or the Walmart generic.

I also like Aveeno products.


answers from Spartanburg on

I started using Smashbox sheer focus tinted luminous
I LOVE it! I have light skin in the winter...and it's dry too..ugh..awful! But this is so perfect. I use their Photo Finish foundation primer over the moisturizer & I love the combo :) I got the foundation primer as a sample and fell in love. It gives you that dewy look and goes on "dry" if that makes sence. :-)


answers from Portland on

I like Aveeno skin brightening lotion. I have fair combination skin & it works great under makeup!



answers from Indianapolis on

I use Merle Norman, I know a lot of people think it's an "old ladies" kind of make-up cause it's been around forever, but I love their day and night moisturizer and foundation. I use it every day with or without makeup, they have different ones for different types of skin.

To me, skin care is something that, "you get what you pay for" so I'm willing to pay a little more for this product because #1 it doesn't take much and last a while and also you're only young for so long and I'm not willing to have plastic surgery so I'm gonna take care of my skin.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I use the Cetaphil facial moisturizer under my makeup. It's SPF 15 but completely non-greasy or oily. It's not really pricey but it works great!



answers from Billings on

I have very fair skin as well! I have been using L'oreal. I use their makeup too so I just thought I would try their facial lotions. I was using their Daily Moisture lotion. But I decided to try a night creme. I got the Youth Code Day and Night creme. It says to put it on either at night or both morning and night. I started using it and the first time I put it on I LOVED it! It isn't greasy or shiney!! The Daily Moisture made my skin shiny.This one I would wear without makeup! It also seems like it makes my skin all one tone and color lol! I know it sounds crazy. But it does something that makes my face look good without makeup lol! The longer I have been using it the more I love it! A little goes a long way too!! I just got it at Walmart


answers from New York on

I love clinique products. Very good stuff.


answers from Dover on

I use Neutrogena for sensitive, acne prone skin. It's just been within the last couple of years that I've noticed my skin getting dry in the winter & this has helped tremendously as well as helping the skin around my eyes look a lot younger. Being 100% honest, a couple of weeks ago the receptionist at a company where I was interviewing asked me if I just graduated from college because I look so young. I laughed right out loud & told her I turned 35 last month. She said I must not have any kids, & I've got 2.

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