Anyone Out There Have a Pilonidal Cyst? I Need Advice?

Updated on November 15, 2010
J.S. asks from Orangevale, CA
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Hi moms! I've had a Pilonidal Cyst for about 5 years & although it has caused me discomfort from time to time, I've never had a bad flare up....until this past week. I'm in excrutiating pain. I can't sit, stand, walk, or lay down without practically throwing up from the pain. The cyst has abcessed and is the size of a tennis ball, literally. I'm struggling to care for my 20 month old through all this. I cant get into the doctor until Wednesday and although I am on antibiotics, they don't seem to be doing anything. Any suggestions for some relief? Also, I was wondering if any of you had the cyst surgically removed & if so, how did that go & how was recovery? Thanks mamas!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the responses! I got it lanced a week ago which hurt more than childbirth! I could not get numb because the abscess was so widespread. Wow...what an experience. Anyway, it feels better now and after the holidays I will look into surgery. If anyone who had the surgery reads this follow up, would you please let me know which surgery you had...cleft lift, pit picking, excision, etc... Thanks!

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My daughter has one. She has had it lanced 3 times now. She is waiting for surgery to get it removed, recovery will be about six weeks. Although the dr. did tell her it may return. She is in lots pain when a flare up then goes to dr and gets it lanced. Good luck!!



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Oh my, yes, they do make you want to throw up from pain! I actually put off getting mine checked and it ruptured.... I was standing in the waiting room of my dr just cryyyying from pain until they could see me. I had to have it drained twice- I didn't have it removed because thus all happened TWO weeks before my wedding. Once it's lanced it will feel a million times better. So, just I guess you just have to wait it out :( don't skip on the pain killers and try to take it easy. I feel for you :(



answers from Dallas on

Oh my goodness, you poor thing! I had a pilonidal cyst when I was about 7 1/2 to 8 months pregnant with my first. It was horrible...I couldn't sleep or turn over because my cyst hurt and I had a huge belly. I had to miss class and work because I couldn't drive. I was so miserable. Because I was pregnant, the doctor said he wouldn't remove it unless he had to. He gave me some antibiotics and some strong pain killers that were okay as long as I didn't take too many. The pain killers really helped and after a week or week and a half the cyst opened and finally started draining. It was messy but I had never felt more relief in my life!

So, I haven't had the surgery but I've had the cyst and just wanted to let you know I hope you feel better soon. Please let us know what the doc says.



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The only real cure is for to open it up surgically and allow it to heal inside out. Yes it will be very uncomfortable for a little but it is worth it.



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I had one, my brother had one, and my mom. We have all had the surgery and no pun intended it is a pain in the a$$ it did work. They will remove the cyst but they will not stitch it up so I had to take a few baths a day to keep it draining. It has to heal from the inside out. In the meantime take baths with epsom salt. U could go to the ER to have it lanced and that may give temp relief.



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Oh, I feel for you! I haven't had them, but I have drained them on several patients and they just seem SO painful. The problem with them is that they tend to create "tracts" upwards...and then the areas block themselves off, almost like a if they lance it, they have to press on the entire area to be sure the walls break up. It's not fun...for the patient or the provider. The surgery is what will give you lasting relief. Go for it!



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My wife asked me to respond as I have had a pilonidal cyst. My advice is surgery,surgery,surgery. It was super quick and I have not had any issues since. There was a minor infection that was expected but it cleared in a few days. Mind you, mine was about the size of a small finger and had not abscessed. It will only get worse without the surgery.



answers from San Francisco on

I had my pilondial cyst removed a month before my wedding, 6 yrs ago. They were concerned because it was a golf ball size and were afraid it would rupture and cause me to become septic. The surgery was 1 - 1 1/2 hours long. It is an outpatient surgery, so make sure whoever takes you can pick up your medications when you leave because you will need them. The first 2 days were pretty painful and it was difficult to move. Mine was stiched up and I had never had any infections after. The next week or so it was tender, but I went back to work (as a nurse) and was able to do my job. I did have to buy one of those donuts to sit on to relieve pressure on my tail bone/incision site and use it for . I highly recommend the surgery. I have been pain free since the surgery. You should definitely get someone to help you the first 2 days or so though. Good luck!




answers from Orlando on

I understand your pain! It is awful! When this happened to me, my mother-in-law who is a nurse told me to treat it like this: Dissolve Epsom salt in hot water. Get the water as hot as you can stand it, the hotter the better. Soak a washcloth in the solution and apply to the cyst. The salts will help to draw out the infection and hopefully it will start draining on its own. After soaking the area for awhile, try to squeeze the area to help it drain more. If someone can help you with this, its much easier. (Gross, I know!) It will hurt a lot to squeeze the area but it really does help a lot with the pain in the long-run. Repeat this every couple hours. I also had to wait a couple days to see my doctor and this treatment helped so much that I didn't have to have the cyst lanced. I only had to take antibiotics. Hope this helps and you feel better soon!!
p.s. I only had it flare up that one time and it hasn't happened since so I've never had to have surgery.


answers from Modesto on

I have one. So I totally feel your pain.
Have you ever had it lanced before? I have, and a tiny little hole is still there from the lancing. I soak in a really warm tub and then just massage around it and put enough pressure on it so it will begin to ooze. If you have a heating pad try putting it on the area as well and just keep manipulating it to get it to ooze .... the more you empty it the less pain you will be in..
Make sure to put on some cotton granny underwear, once it begins to ooze you will probably want to toss the panties... it's such a gross thing!
I get small flares now and then, and the hot tub on the onset always fixes it for me. The largest mine got was about the size of a golf ball and I was pregnant.... that's when I got it lanced the first time. It sure hurt too!
If it feels hard like a rock rather than squishy you might have to have a shot right into it to liquify it..... try the hot bath tho and then the next thing you need to do is buy a Tush Cush and use it .... it keeps all the pressure off of your tailbone.
If you have any other questions PM me.
I feel sorry for ya Chickie.