Anyone Move Out to Warmer Weather Place?

Updated on July 26, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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Anyone move out of midwest because it's very cold ? Where did you move to and did you find it easy to adjust with family to the new place? Did you ever regret your decision to move? We live in twin cities and like it here. But want to move out just because of the winters. Any advise for me? Staying back might not be an option now - I really wanted to move out and now looks like we finally are and I am having second thoughts. I like the lifestyle here , but weather is a bummer. TIA!

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answers from Des Moines on

I LOVE Phoenix, Az, but the economy is not very good. Va is beautiful and the eomony is better there. My sister lives in Va and she loves it. It mostly comes down to jobs. If I had my preference, I would live in Payson, Arizona. They do get winter but average temp is 50. Good Luck.

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answers from Spartanburg on

I heard Charlotte and Raleigh NC are wonderful towns to live in. I lived in Greenville (Upstate SC) and LOVED it. Classy, modern, lots os enternatinment and cultural activities. It's got all four the seasons, which for M., it's a huge plus, as you feel Halloween coming when the leaves turn yellow, Xmas come when the air gets chilly and Spring just overwhelms you with colors and smells...Summer is hot but not humid as towards coastal SC. I miss Greenville, SC.

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answers from Dallas on

I have lived in many different cities...... some hot, some cold. There are plus and minuses everywhere. BUT, any decent size city has opportunities for you to make a social life, especially when you have young children. Schools, volunteering, churches...... everyone is in the same boat. So I am saying..... if you put yourself out there you will make a new life wherever you go. I doubt you will miss the winters, but you may miss the people. Goes with the territory, but you will make new relationships, and with any luck, retain some of the old ones.

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answers from Redding on

As soon as my son graduates high school in two more years, I am moving from where I live specifically because of the weather.
I live in a very cold part of California and I've never liked it.
My parents moved here when I was in high school and I couldn't wait to get out, which I did. Several times. We were living in Sacramento when my husband got transferred back here. I had my son, we got divorced.
My son loves the hot weather too, so he'd move right now if we could.
It's very beautiful where I live, but the weather is just too cool for M.. I don't mind cold winters. It's supposed to be cold then. But, it's fricking ridiculous in the middle of July for it to be 50 and drizzly and you have to turn the heater on. People are fainting in the streets thinking we're having a heat wave if it hits 70. I live south of the town I work in and it gets a little warmer here, but it's just been a crappy summer. I'm lucky if I get home after work before fog rolls in.
I have family in Minnesota and I'm telling you, I don't know how you all do it. I like visiting snow, but I wouldn't want to live in it as much as you have to.
We don't really get seasons where I live. It's cold and wet or cold and wetter. That's pretty much it year round.
It gets old.

The sun is actually out here today so I am going to enjoy it outside.

There's good and bad everywhere, but I have known for many, many years that I would move when my son graduates. That time is approaching.
I hope you find a spot that makes you happy.

Best wishes.



answers from Omaha on

I actually moved the opposite way after I had kids. I had been living in Texas for 14 years and moved to Nebraska to be close to family. Although it's great to have dinner with mom whenever I want, I truly hate the weather here- all year round. Texas winters got cold and icy from time to time, but it never lasted long, and the summers were hot and dry. Which beats the heck outta hot and humid. The tradeoff being green grass and tall trees. I missed the color of the midwest the most. So, do I regret moving back north? yes, some days. but still thankful to be near my family.


answers from Minneapolis on

We actually have that goal too... My husband and I really dislike the cold and we aren't big into winter activities. Last year my brother moved to a suburb of Orlando, FL from here (MN) partly because of the cold, now our mother is going to put her house back on the market partly so she can move down there (our Dad also died 3 yrs ago so she doesn't want to have that much of a house to keep up with). We have decided that we would also like to move down there as well, but of course we have a house to sell and finances to figure out (which is harder with 4 young kids). So our first choice is near my brother in Orlando.. though we would also entertain North Carolina if my bro and Mom want to go there as well.
One big reason we want to move as well is that everyone else that is close in relation has died (parents/grandparents) so we feel like it is something we can do vs. when we first talked about it 9 yrs ago.
Just know that any move can be temporary and if you have worries make sure your significant other knows that. It may be a fun adventure!


answers from Norfolk on

My husband and I grew up in Western NY (Buffalo area) and the winters are long and cold there.
We had enough with the shoveling while growing up.
We moved to northern VA (DC area) after college and the weather is not bad.
You definitely get 4 seasons (some cold (occasionally a little snow), some summer heat).
It's a crowded area and the traffic is a nightmare.
After 17 years husbands job gave him a chance to transfer (my job is portable) and we moved to southern VA (VA Beach area).
It's a little warmer, but the traffic moves and we're happy here.
There's a bit more risk of hurricane fallout.
I wouldn't want to move much farther south (that would be too warm - I think a nice freeze once in awhile helps keep the insects in check).
You always miss some things the old place offered when you move, but you have to be open to the new things available in the new location.
We're 30 min from the beach now and we love how we can go any time of the year.



answers from Norfolk on

We moved from Wisconsin to Virginia Beach, VA. The weather is amazing. We still get snow, so the kids go out and build snowmen and throw snow balls, but then it is gone in a few days instead of a few months. Living near the ocean is fabulous. The beaches are beautiful. You can watch dolphins playing off shore while you swim. And if you like gardening, that is great here also. I have flowers booming from April to November. We have made friends, found a church that we like and the kids are doing great in school. Virginia Beach has some of the best rated schools in the state. We still miss our home town sometimes, but we do like it here.



answers from New York on

I woul leave NY in a heartbeat. Hate the long winters too. However, all my
kids and grandbabies are within 7 miles of my home. So I won't be going
anywhere. NC is nice. A friend just moved there and loves it! Even Virginia
is nice. The most southern part of Va. You might get some snow and some
cold b ut not like Mn. or NY. I guess it depends on your finances too.
I say move and get out of the cold! Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

Where is your extended family and your husband's extended family? If that's a factor that would be more important to M. than the weather. I am from the Twin Cities. I lived in Chicago for five years and ultimately regretted being farther away from family even though Chicago isn't that far. I was spending most of my work vacation time to visit family and wasn't getting any "real" vacations. I also got tired of the crowds, traffic and general congestion. I lived in downtown Chicago the entire time. I eventually came home to marry and raise a family. My kids have grandparents at their concerts, hockey and baseball games and get to spend some summer weekends at the family cabin. I don't like winter either (even though I grew up here), but I've learned to embrace it and/or make the best of it. I know this puts M. in the minority with my answer, but it can be very helpful and important to have family nearby to help with your kids. If you don't have family here then I guess my answer is irrelevant! Or, maybe you could choose a location closer to family. Good luck.



answers from Denver on

You are not going to believe this but you really should consider Denver, Colorado. When people say it is cold here they are talking about the mountains. Denver does not have very harsh winters, we have a few weeks in the early part of the year where we may get below zero but not often. Denver actually has the sun come out almost every day of the year, it is deemed to have the most sunny days in the world. Bright and beautiful.

My cousin was just visiting from the Twin Cities and she just never gets over how wonderful it is here. No humidity, intensely hot days do not feel near as hot as other places, freezing days are minimal, snow days are usually a dump in the morning and melted by the afternoon, you can ski in a t-shirt in the spring and gold year round in the metro-area. It is wonderful.

All that being said, if I were to move, I would select something very tropical with an ocean near by. I noticed a lot of people mentioned NC and SC and I am in agreement, very beautiful.


answers from Chicago on

My in-laws moved from Illinois to California 3 years ago. They moved to an area about 1.5 hrs NE of San Fancisco (Antioch/Pittsburgh/Brentwood). They are older, but have made many friends through their church and from work. They LOVE the weather there! Their winters are in the 50s and rainy, but nothing compared to MN winters. It is not nearly as metropolitan as the Twin Cities (my hometown), but it is big enough to not feel isolated, and then San Francisco is not too far away.

Downsides to that area of California - the state is broke and is definitely going to be raising taxes
- area is prone to minor earthquakes, but has the potential for a more major one

The housing market is still unstable, but the property values have sharply declined in that area, so you can get a pretty nice newer construction home there for around $300-350k (not bad for Cali prices.)

Their biggest regret is banking on the idea that WE'D want to come to Cali too--they thought they could lure us there, but I have no intention of moving even further away from my own family than I already have.

If WE ever move to a warm weather destination, it'll be the Jacksonville, FL area. We have some family there, the housing is cheap, and the area is poised for some major growth, thanks to the construction of a new port that will be bringing thousands of jobs to the area.

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