Anyone Leave Career to Be SAHM

Updated on July 24, 2008
J.A. asks from Overland Park, KS
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I quit my high paying, high stress, crazy work hours job today to be a full time SAHM (temporarily). I plan to take several months off and then start looking for a part-time job. It's was an easy choice, but such a difficult one to execute. I know I'll never regret it and my husband and children will be happier. Anyone else leave their careers behind to be better moms and a better wife?

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answers from Kansas City on

I did leave my job well they closed their doors but I decided to not get another job after working with them for 5 years and stay home with my two kids one 5 and one 19 months. I do watch my 9 month old niece so I have so income coming in but not what I was making. Good luck and enjoy it.



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I worked right up to the day that I had my first daughter and then stayed home with her. I will never regret being at home. Sometimes it is hard and just as stressful as a full time job but the benefits and reward can not be compared. One word of advice, Mom's need breaks sometimes too so be sure to schedule some time just for you occationally. We used to do a Mom's night out every once in a while. The dad's would all team up to watch the kids while the Mom's went somewhere fun to eat or something. Just a couple hours to be a women and not just a mom can make a HUGE difference in the way the household opperates.


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I left my job to be a SAHM. I'll admit in the beginning it was a difficult transition for me. I missed working, the people, and having a set schedule and structure, sure things popped up, but my job was always fairly predictable, that's definitely NOT how motherhood is. After a few months though, I started to get the hang of it. I absolutely love being a SAHM now, and hope I don't have to go back until our kids are in school.

I highly recommend getting out of the house every day, just to do something. Whether it's for a walk, to the grocery store, playdate, whatever... just get out. It will help stimulate your kids and help you keep your sanity. I also second getting time to yourself, it's really important.

Also you said, "Anyone else leave their careers behind to be better moms and a better wife?" Don't think that you're a bad mom or wife if staying at home doesn't work for you. It's not for everyone. So, if it doesn't work, it just doesn't work. Simple as that. Don't feel bad or get down on yourself if you want to go back to work. Working mothers are fantastic and loving mothers too.



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I left the corporate world right before my first son was born. I have never regreted it! I now work from home about fifteen hours a week, just to help with the finances. It is wonderful to be there for my kids, but have a little something for me still. And by the way, you are a brave woman! First time mother of twins!!! I am your biggest fan. :-)


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