Anyone Know of Discount Grocery Stores??

Updated on August 19, 2008
A.F. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
6 answers

Hi. I am in the Virginia Beach area. I was wondering if anyone knows of any discount grocery stored around the area (even Cheasapeke/Norfolk areas). I mostly shop at walmart and sams. Buying in bulk helps alot. I'm tired of wal-mart. I know I go there about once a week for those everyday items that you can't by in bulk. Just trying to save more money. I looked online, but can't seem to find anything. Any suggestions would be greatly apperciated.

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answers from Norfolk on

Yes, Wal-Mart is certainly cheaper than Farm Fresh, but I get tired of it sometimes, and I'm from Arkansas (where Wal-Mart started)!

Try Bottom Dollar. They have other locations, but the one I use is on the corner of Newtown and Virginia Beach Blvd. Just keep your brain can find everyday items (canned foods, bread, fruit, meat, etc.) much cheaper there, but other "non-necessities" are more expensive there unless you get their brand.

Another thing I did, is I registered my e-mail address on Harris Teeter's website. They are generally expensive, but come out with a weekly deals e-mail. Many times, I have purchased some things much cheaper using the sale paper.

I also found an Angel Foods distributer in Norfolk. Anyone can participate. Check out

You get a lot of food for cheaply (and it is worth a lot more).

The other bulk stores I know of are BJ's and Costco. They are the same idea as Sams.



answers from Norfolk on

Well, the commissary has good prices on a few things, but not on everything. In fact, we do only a small portion of our shopping at the commissary. Rarely do I buy produce from there. It's like they get the bottom of the barrel leftovers.

Harris Teeter, although a litte pricey at times, offers double and triple coupons at least once a month. They also have a ton of buy one, get ones (bogos) on produce, meat, frozen, etc. I lurves their produce selection since the items tend to be fresher and last longer.

I would also suggest watching the weekly grocery ads. You can sign up on many of the websites to have them emailed to you. We get them in the mail once a week. So you will see me shopping at 2, sometimes, 3 stores a week, depending on what we need and what's on sale. Farm Fresh, Bloom, & Food Lion all have good sales. There isn't a Save-a-Lot close to me, although have been there before. A friend of mine loves BJ's. Also, I prefer Costco over Sam's. (We let our Sam's membership expire.) The prices are good, most items can be purchased in bulk (meat, produce, dairy, frozen, you name it). Costco is in VA Beach not too far from Military Hwy and VA Beach Blvd.



answers from Norfolk on

There's a store called BE-LO on Princesse Anne in Norfolk.
Be-Lo Food Stores
4630 E Princess Anne Rd Ste A,
Norfolk, VA 23502-1660
I looked it up in
There are other locations but this is the only one I've been inside.



answers from Norfolk on

I found this neat little store over off little creek called save-a-lot. I go there for all my can and dry goods then I go to bottom dollar for our meat. Normaly I only have to go out for the perishables.Hope that this helps.



answers from Norfolk on

I have been shopping at Save-A-Lot for almost a year now and we have saved a tremendous amount of money. Granted they don't always have everything and sometimes I need to go somewhere else but they have quite a bit. I used to shop at the Save-A-Lot on E. Little Creek up by the Botanical Gardens but have found I like the Portsmouth location a little better when it comes to meat. They offer boneless skinless chicken breasts as well as chicken tenders, where the other store does not.

Hope this helps.

L. S.



answers from Norfolk on

I THINK at one time I saw can and box goods at Big Lots off of corner of Holland Rd and Rosemont? Not def but this was awhile ago. I ran in there for batteries on the way home and I noticed that some items were really cheap. I never shoppped there before. I would double check the expiration dates on items. Not the cleanest store but if you are looking for cheaper prices. I go to Walmart also for cheaper can get sooo expensive once it all adds up(especially if you go every week for here and there items). I wish I or spouse was in the military b/c I heard commissary prices are good...good luck.

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