Anyone Know Anything About Hr/contracts?

Updated on August 22, 2009
K.H. asks from West Lafayette, IN
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I am going back to work full time :( and was recently hired by an organization who pomised me a signing bonus of about $2000, to be paid over 1 year. HR refuses to indicate that money on the contract, promising that it will be paid. Am I crazy to want it in writing? Thanks moms!

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answers from Denver on

My husband had a similar situation with GE and everything was in writing. Seems any honest company would do it. With GE, not only were all those details in writing (moving expenses, bonus, etc.), but also all his obligations (one year with the company in that position without looking for a transfer, etc.). I'd be very wary of any company who isn't honest enough to put it into writing. If they hire you dishonestly, are they going to ask you to do dishonest things, too?



answers from Great Falls on

The bonus doesn't need to be in the contract - but should be in writing somewhere - is it on the offer letter you received?

I can promise you two grand, too - but without something in writing, no one can/will make me pay it to you!

And employers who give any kind of compensation like that usually want you to sign agreement to work for a set amount of time or a non compete clause. Protect yourself - tell them you are uncomfortable with this not being in writing.



answers from Denver on

You are not crazy. It should be in writing, end of story. Any honest company when putting together an offer letter will indicate all the compensation and how it is to be paid, EG, moving allowances, signing bonuses, salary, benefits package, uniforms, etc. If it's not spelled out then how can you hold each other accountable?



answers from Casper on

It should be in writing, before you begin work.

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